EARTH KITCHEN: Our Favorite ‘Relatively Healthy’ Social Dining Resto, now in BGC!

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is a farm-to-table restaurant concept from Got Heart Foundation by Melissa Yeung, in partnership with Hizon’s Catering by Chef David Hizon and Chef JR Trani. It serves relatively healthier, yummy comfort food, with ingredients coming from Got Heart Farms in Tarlac and marginalized communities from Luzon to Mindanao.

They decided to transfer their Kitchen 56 Makati branch in Sunshine Place to BHS Centrale (where Tampopo used to be). This is the second branch after their flagship store along Katipunan Avenue, White Plains in QC.

Here’s what we think about Earth Kitchen and our favorites there… 

Earth Kitchen BGC 
Upper Ground Floor, BGC Highstreet Central, Taguig City
Mobile: +63 927 543-7035
FacebookEarth Kitchen

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I love the indoor picnic vibe with grass carpet, live hanging plants, and wooden furniture. 

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Products produced by Got Heart Foundation communities are featured in the restaurant.

(Note: Got Heart Foundation is different from Gawad Kalinga)

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Earth Kitchen Menu: Soup, Risotto | Salad | Fresh Home-Made Pasta | Soft Tacos | Mains | Desserts | Drinks | Tea

The menu is well-curated, with most of the ingredients made from scratch like the pasta, ice cream, tortilla, and soups.

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 Fresh Mushroom Soup (P200). Organic/naturally-produced shiitake, buttong, milky, and abalone mushrooms. 

This is one of our favorite mushroom soups in Manila. You can really taste the blended mushrooms bits and the hint of truffle oil. 

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★ Shrimp Spring Rolls (Regular – P220). Shrimp, organic/naturally-produced herbs, greens and peanuts, lime hoisin sauce.

One of the bestselling appetizers because it’s healthy and clean-tasting. It’s like eating fresh salad on a roll with bits of shrimps. You can dip it in the lime hoisin sauce for a bit of sweet-tangy flavor.

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★ Pitcher of Fresh Dalandan Juice (P260)

Nothing beats freshly squeezed Dalandan juice. This reminds me of the Antonio’s version. 

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(From left to right)
Got Heart Mix (P200). Beets, carrots, cucumber, apple, honey (optional)
Got Heart Mix 2 (P200). Pineapple, orange, carrots, ginger, honey (optional)
Got Heart Mix 3 (P210). Chia Seeds, Kale, Apple, Pineapple, Cucumber, Honey 

We tried all the healthy vegetable juices and the Got Heart Mix 2 is our favorite because of the citrusy-ginger taste. The Got Heart Mix 3 is also good with the small pearl sized chia seeds and superfood Kale.

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★ Watermelon and Rocket Salad (P300). Organic/naturally-produced arugula, edible flowers, pili nuts, home-made kesong puti, balsamic vinaigrette.

This salad is refreshing with an interesting combination of pili, kesong puti, and sweet balsamic flavors.

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★ Scallops and Aligue (P480). Local scallops, squid ink pasta, aligue, anise liquor and mild chillies. 

The pasta itself is good but mix the aligue with the squid ink and you get a much better flavor profile. The small bits of scallop add excitement to every bite.

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★ Beef Kebab (P410). Boneless beef ribs, tzatziki, grilled vegetables, choice of organic Ifugao rice pillaf or 3pcs flour tortilla and organic mixed greens.

You’ll love this grilled and well-marinated boneless beef rib skewer with organic Ifugao rice. Served with grilled vegetables on the side, cucumber salad with bits of yogurt, and homemade mayo.

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Chicken Kebab (P390). Organic chicken, tzatziki, grilled vegetables, choice of organic Ifugao rice pillaf or 3pcs. flour tortilla and organic mixed greens.

The chicken meat was still juicy when served. Just a bit expensive considering the portion size. 

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★ Milanese (P640). Saffron, parmesan, butter, organic beef short rib, gremolata. 

My personal favorite because of the super tender Kitayama beef short rib with big, meaty portion on a bed of parmesan, butter, and saffron. Best eaten with the organic Ifugao rice. 

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Everybody was happy because all the food we ordered was yummy and light that you don’t feel bloated afterwards. 🙂 

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★ Goat’s Cheese (P270). Goat’s cheese ice cream, wild honey, dried figs, cashew nuts.

We always crave for their signature homemade goat’s cheese ice cream, sweetened by wild honey and dried figs, and balanced with the cashew nut.

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★ Pastillas Ice Cream (P110/scoop)

The pastillas ice cream was also a hit especially with the boys. 

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It’s always fun fighting over the desserts. 🙂  

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Finally, we now have a relatively healthier comfort food place in BGC with a nice indoor ambiance that also supports local farmers and marginalized communities at the same time. 

We recommend ordering the Fresh Mushroom Soup, Shrimp Spring Rolls, Dalandan Juice and Watermelon and Rocket Salad to start your meal. You won’t go wrong with their homemade pasta, beef kebab, and Milanese for your mains. Then order the Goat’s Cheese and Pastillas ice cream for dessert.

Pricing is relatively more expensive than their other branches. Budget about P700/head.

Congrats to Got Heart Foundation and Hizon’s Catering for a much improved Earth Kitchen restaurant in BGC!

Earth Kitchen BGC 
Upper Ground Floor, BGC Highstreet Central, Taguig City
Mobile: +63 927 543-7035
Facebook: Earth Kitchen

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Disclosure: Our meal was courtesy of Chef JR Trani…thank you! I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights. Read Our Awesome Planet Complete Disclosure Policy here.  

P.S. You can ask to reserve this room for your private functions or group meetings.

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