PASALUBONG: What to Bring Back Home from Bacolod? @TourismPHL

By Abigail Javellana

Bacolod City

Your Bacolod trip wouldn’t be complete without bringing a piece of Bacolod. From freshly baked pies and desserts, local delicacies and famous colorful MassKara Mask.

Our Awesome Guide to Bacolod City and the Masskara Festival

Here’s our top picks to bring back home…


HOW TO MAKE PIAYA VLOG! (Piaya Workshop at Bong Bong’s Factory)

Bong Bong's Piyaya

Piaya is Bacolod’s #1 pasalubong treat!

Join @Abi.golucky as she goes on a factory tour at Bong Bong’s -one of the oldest piaya bakers in Bacolod!

Being the Sugar Capital of the Philippines, trying out the local sweet delicacies are a must! This is one activity the kids would love to experience when visiting Bacolod, since affordable and mouthwatering sugary desserts is what the city is known for!

(Watch Video)

You can book the piaya workshop via Bong Bong’s Official Facebook, or call and message their office (034) 704 1275 | 09228606767.

Rate: 60php/head only.
Min of 15 pax max of 50pax
(The Factory is closed on Sundays)

*Please book in advance for availability

Bongbong Villan Building
Corner Pauline Street Alijis Road,
Bacolod City, Negros Occidental
Landline: (034) 704 1275
Mobile: +639228606767




Bacolod City

It’s been called the applepie of the Philippines by the citizens of Silay a neighboring city to Bacolod, Negros Occidental PH.
During the 1980s “sugar crisis” some local sugarcane farmers switched to growing Guapple Fruit which is a Vietnamese variant of Guava that has a texture very similar to an actual apple. Alice Locsin Villanueva of El Ideal Bake Shop used Guapple in a pie recipe as a substitute for Apple and the rest is history.

Order: Guapple Pie (P45/slice P310/whole pie), Buko Pie (P45/slice P310/whole pie), Halo-halo (P85), Batchoy (P85), ubod (P25).

Pasalubong: Bani -da (69), masapudrida, gallietas (P30/piece P360/pack), brojas (P69) and piyaya (P60-P100).


Bacolod City

Guapple Pie (P45/slice P310/whole pie) is to Silay as Apple Pie to America. Baked with butter sugar and cinnamon Guapple Pie has a taste and texture similar to Apple but a very distinct hint of tropical fruit.

A must-try if you’re ever in the Negros as these pies can only be found here and no other place in the world.


Bacolod City

Buko Pie (P45/slice P310/whole pie). But the winner for us is the buko pie made from young coconut flesh. Layers of soft coconut flesh stacked together and baked between a thin layer of crust.


Bacolod City

Check out the different cookies and snacks of El Ideal.

Bacolod City

118 Rizal Street, 6116 Silay City
Operating Hours: Mon-Sun 6:30 am-6:00 pm
Phone: +63 34 495 4430
Facebook: EL-IDEAL-Bakery



Bacolod City

Established in 1987, Pendy’s is home to a wide selection of best selling pasalubong goodies (Virgie’s, Bailons and etc) with some being freshly baked pastries to acquired yummy treats from supplier but the Half Moons are what they are most known for.


Bacolod City

Half Moons (P40/piece) at Pendy’s are light and fluffy sponge cakes that are topped with a creamy bright yellow egg custard, the cakes get their names from being cut into crescent shapped—hand sized snacks.


Bacolod City

Don’t forget to buy a box of their famous napoleones also (P15/piece, P180/box).


Bacolod City

25th Lacson St, Bacolod, Negros Occidental
Phone: +63 34 434-0269
Operating Hours: 7:30am- 8:00pm



Bacolod City

Piyaya (P80/pack). Your Bacolod Trip won’t be complete without bringing home a box of piyaya. Piyaya is a local delicacy made of flour and sugar.

My favorite piyaya would be from Bailons, it’s perfectly toasted and wafer thin with a chewy texture. It has a thin layer of muscovado, and we liked how it wasn’t as sweet and stuffed like the usual piyayas.

Best to consume 3 days after buying. You can also refrigerate it for 1 month and toast it before eating.


Bacolod City

#17 San Sebastian St. Bacolod City
also available at Pendy’s in Lacson Street (Php 80++)
Phone: +63 34 434-7997



Bacolod City

Napaleones are layered puff pastries filled with custard cream glazed with white sugar on top. They come in square and recangle shape sold in a box.

Locals would argue the best selling napaleones would either be from Roli’s or Pendy’s. Both napaleones  have crunchy layered puffs and a soft sweet creamy custard on the inside.

For us, we liked Roli’s because the creamy custard and texture was better for us. 🙂


Bacolod City

La Salle Ave., Bacolod City
Facebook: Rolis-Napoleones

Lopues East, Bacolod City
Operating Hours: Mon- Sun: 10am – 10pm
Phone: +63 34 709-3161, +63 34 433-3257
Facebook: Rolis-Napoleones



Bacolod City

Mango tart or Pastillas de manga is one of Virgie’s most popular product. It has a flaky crust with a chewy inside, you can also taste the natural sweetness from their fresh mango jam. (P200/25 pieces)


Bacolod City

You can also buy their other best seller called the Boat Tart because of its boat-like shape. It’s butter caramel laced with meringue on top. (P200/25 pieces)


Bacolod City

59 San Sebastian Street Bacolod City, Neg. Occ.
Phone: +63 34 434-1788, +63 34 434-1588




Bacolod City

Bring a piece back from Bacolod with the islands popular sweets and pasalubong goodies that Negros is known for at the The Negros Showroom. Get a mask from famed mask designer Jojo Vito. Buy hand-crafted and distinctive lamps, paintings and other home accessories, furniture, fashion accessories, bags for all lifestyles, and natural and organic products, among others.


Bacolod City

Fashion! Find great finds with native inspired bags, accessories, and clothes. Beautiful furniture made from natural and eco-friendly local materials such as buri, firewoods, tiger-grass, and leather.


Bacolod City

Local favorite pasalubong and even preserved kadios, batwan, sinamak and mascubado.

Kadios: pidgeon peas

Batwan: Negrenses and Ilonggos used this fruit as a souring agent, instead to tamarind or kamias.

Sinamak: Local Vinegar made from coconut sap, crushed garlic, onions, hot pepper, salt & sugar and langkawas. 

Mascubado: Natural unrefined can sugar, a healthier option to brown sugar.


Mandalagan, Bacolod, Negros Occidental
Facebook: TheNegrosShowroom
Phone: +63 34 441-0142

9th Lacson Street, Bacolod, Negros Occidental
Facebook: TheNegrosShowroom
Phone: +63 34 441-0142



Bacolod City

Jojo Vito is the most famous mask designer in Bacolod City, with his works being the highlight of showrooms and galleries in Bacolod. The award winning mask designer has been the official mask maker for the Masskara Queen of Bacolod City. Jojo Vito Designs Gallery is a pioneering brand to home furnishing, decors, novelty items and the famous colorful MassKara Masks.

His masks are travel-friendly using versatile material made out of reinforced plastic and glass fiber, mold, clay, and fiberglass. You can also find his masks at the Negros showroom and galleries around Bacolod.

(Price range from half masks -P150-P700, full masks P600-P900, wall masks P900-P1,500 and giant mask displays ranging from P7000-P8000 all depending on the designs and materials used.)


Bacolod City

119 alunan ave, Bacolod City (Near Metrodome)
Operating Hours: 8:00am-7:00pm
Phone: +63 34 435-1256
Mobile: +63 92285-16729


Bacolod City

Other go to pasalubong stores are Bong-Bong’s, Merczi, and Sugarlandia.


Bacolod City

You can buy Bong-Bong’s Piaya from the airport.


MassKara Festival 2015

Overall, we loved Bacolod City’s MassKara Festival! From Bacolod Food trips, heritage tours, colorful parades, vibrant costumes to endless street parties that last until the morning. Our experience wouldn’t be as fun without the smiling faces of the people of Bacolod.

Our Awesome Guide to Bacolod City

Facebook: Bacolod-City-Public-Information-Office
Phone: +63 34 434-6751, +63 34 432-1997


Live an Awesome Life,

ABI of Team Our Awesome Planet

Disclosure: Our #BoomingBacolod experience was courtesy of the Bacolod City Toursim office. Read Our Awesome Planet Complete Disclosure Policy here.

P.S. We do believe in the saying after your visit in  Bacolod, you’re sure to gain 5 pounds and a smile!

MassKara Festival

Thank you Bacolod City Mayor’s Office and the Bacolod Tourism Office for a wonderful #BoomingBacolod exerience. Especially to Mayor Monico Puentevella and Mr. Rocky Puentevella for showing us what Bacolod City has to offer. Cheers to a successful Masskara Festival!

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  1. Some of these bacolod pasalubong goodies like the Bongbong’s piaya and tarts are now available nationwide in supermarkets, at the airport, and at Market Market in Taguig. Virgie’s Homemade joins the Negros Trade Fair annually at Glorietta, Makati. And PasalubongTreats also delivers them nationwide, always fresh from Bacolod City!

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