OUTBREAK APOCALYPSE: Surviving an Infested Zombie Fun Run! @OutbreakManila

By Abigail Javellana

Outbreak Apocalypse by Outbreak Manila is the longest-running zombie fun run in Manila. Now on it’s the seventh installment runners were given a surprise of not only outrunning the zombies but also conquering their inflatable obstacle course. Here’s how we ran for our lives and maybe screamed like kids…   Zombie Apocalypse OUTBREAK MANILA Emailsupport@outbreakmanila.com FacebookOutbreak Manila Websitehttp://outbreakmanila.com/ Outbreak Apocalypse This year’s 5k run was held at Arca South, Taguig   Zombie Apocalypse We recommend you arrive at least 1 hour before your respective wave times to allow time for parking and registration. Registration is held outside the tent before entering the premises. You can leave your belonging in the car or on their baggage counter.   Zombie Apocalypse You can come in wearing your favorite costume and win prizes. 🙂   Outbreak Apocalypse Participants were given a wristband with their wave number and a belt with three stapled red flags that represent their life. To be an Outbreak survivor, upon crossing the finish line, you need at least have one flag intact in order to be eligible for prizes.   Outbreak Apocalypse There is no time limit, all you need is to survive. 🙂 If you lose all your flags, your objective is still to finish the race, but you’re already considered to be “dead or a zombie”.   Zombie Apocalypse Wait for your wave number to be called and choose your poison of running as zombie appetizer, main course or dessert. Appetizer: The first batch of runners who will face the zombies head on. You have one objective and that is to outrun your teammate. Main course: The easiest, as you have the appetizer and dessert team distracting the zombies. Dessert: The last batch and probably the hardest one as there’s no other team to distract the zombies.   Outbreak Apocalypse There are walkers and super fast zombie runners. It’s time to rely on your childhood skill of playing “patintero” and some flag football. Dodging and out-running are an essential skill. Zombie Apocalypse My best advice is to travel in a pack for a bigger chance of survival. There are specific zombie infested zones and areas where you can just walk and rest when you’re tired.   Zombie Apocalypse Don’t be shock if  some of the zombies will chase you in superhuman speed! I’m just surprised that one of my flag’s already gone. 🙁 Play fair and don’t hide or tuck your flags. Also don’t be a meanie and steal other flags from the runners. 🙂   Zombie Apocalypse Scared? Don’t be. Zombies and runners are not allowed to have any physical contact between each other (punching, kicking, scratching, tackling, spitting, etc ).   Zombie Apocalypse Like any fun run, they have water stations that serve as a zombie-free zone.   Zombie Apocalypse I liked the addition of the inflatable obstacle course. Our fellow runners were really kind enough to help us up on the hard parts of the obstacle. 🙂   Outbreak Apocalypse There was climbing, sliding, swinging and even getting out through a maze.   Outbreak Apocalypse So did we survive? Let’s just say only one of us did. 🙂 Those who still have a flag intact gets an Outbreak Apocalypse Dog Tag. Everyone is still a winner and gets to take home a finisher shirt. 🙂 We registered ourselves for the first wave, and it’s probably the most challenging wave with the zombies still very energetic and excited. I suggest the first wave for the super competitive types. The waves that start on the evening are easier because of the big crowd. 🙂   Overall, we loved it! I like how they brought the fun run to a whole new level. It’s an awesome activity to share with your friends and family, even kids as young as eight survived the run. I bet Walking Dead fans would love this. 🙂 Congratulations Outbreak Manila for a successful event with this year’s turn out of five thousand participants joining the run. Next time we’ll surely be the zombies instead, so watch out future runners. 🙂   OUTBREAK MANILA Emailsupport@outbreakmanila.com FacebookOutbreak Manila Websitehttp://outbreakmanila.com/ EARLY BIRD RATE – Registration fee is only P800 per person REGULAR RATE – Registration fee is only P900 per person   Live an Awesome Life, Abi, Sheila and Nico of Our Awesome Planet Team Disclosure: We are media guests of Project Wheelchair Charity Dinner. We wrote this article with our biases, opinions, and insights. Read Our Awesome Planet Complete Disclosure Policy here.  

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