TAPENADE: Dinner with a Heightened Sense of Celebration! @PrimeaMakati

Update 4/10/2019: TAPENADE: The Best of TAPENADE Restaurant

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RESTAURANT TAPENADE is a homegrown Mediterranean restaurant serving exciting flavors from Spain, Italy, France, Greece, Turkey, and Morocco, with an ambiance that inspires a heightened sense of celebration. It’s named after a traditional Provençal condiment made of finely chopped or pureed olives, capers, anchovies, and olive oil.

This is one of the best places to celebrate reunions, parties, and get togethers this holiday season in Manila.

Here are some tips on planning your Tapenade dinner and a sneak peek of their special holiday dishes…

Ground Floor, Discovery Primea
6749 Ayala Avenue, Makati City 1226, Philippines
Telephone: +632 955-8888
Website: www.discoveryhotels-resorts.com
Facebook: Discovery Primea Makati
Twitter: @PrimeaMakati

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TAPENADE MENU: Get Started and Share | Soups, Mediterranean Salad and Handcrafted Sandwiches | Stone Baked Pizzas | Pasta | Main Plates | The Mediterranean Grill | Water, Coffee, Tea, Dairy | Juice & Sodas, Beers, Liqueurs | Desserts

You can order a 3-course meal of starters, main dish, and dessert. The serving size of the dishes is big enough to share.


Tapenade Dinner-20.jpg★ Tapenade Salad Room (P790 +10% service charge). Makati’s most comprehensive selection of local and imported salad greens, composed of salads and homemade dressings.

The salad room is a great way to start your dinner with something light, healthy, and refreshing.

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Tapenade is known for its impressive selection of fresh vegetables…

Tapenade Dinner-12.jpg
…good quality salmon and mussels…

Tapenade Dinner-13.jpg
…unique salad combinations like Barley & Vegetable Salad, Summer Melon, Basil & Cucumber Salad, Fennel & Apple Salad…

Tapenade Dinner-19.jpg
…homemade salad dressing combinations…

Tapenade Dinner-17.jpg

…and cheeses from Davao, cold cuts, nuts, and preserved fruit.


Tapenade Dinner-45.jpg
★ Stone – Baked Feta Cheese (P460 +10% service charge). Tomatoes, Capers, Greek Metaxa Brandy, Honey.

I recommend getting this slice of bread, topped with baked feta cheese soaked in a sweet Greek brandy mixture.

Tapenade Dinner-47.jpg
Tunisian Lamb Flatbread (P390 +10% service charge). Lemon-Tahini Spread, Garlic-Yogurt Drizzle.

You can order this flatbread from the well-curated selection of stone-baked pizza.

Tapenade Dinner-31.jpg

The restaurant ensures that the food is served hot and given the proper attention, like using heated plates and a heated staging area.

Tapenade Dinner-30.jpg
Spaghetti alla Gricia (P420 +10% service charge). Italian Guanciale, Red Onion, Chili Flakes.

The pasta is cooked al dente with just the right amount of sauce and the tastiest ingredients.


Tapenade Dinner-35.jpg
★ Australian Lamb Chops “Charmoula” 200g (P1,200 +10% service charge). Spiced Cilantro & Cumin “Pesto”, Cucumber Yogurt.

Make sure to order this medium to get the right tenderness and flavor. So good that you’ll have to use your hands to eat every piece of meat off the bone.

Tapenade Dinner-32.jpg
Mediterranean Beef Kebab (P590 +10% service charge). Aromatic Basmatic Rice with Cashew, Raisins, Eggplant & Cilantro (Served with Baby Greens and Cool Cucumber Raita).

I love the herbed spice flavor of the kebab mixed with cilantro and cashew nuts. It’s already a complete meal by itself with a side dish of salad greens.

Tapenade Dinner-34.jpg
Pan-Roasted Snapper Fillet (P590 +10% service charge). Sicilian Sundried Tomato Pesto, Spinach, Crispy Chick Peas.

The fish was cooked just right but had to be eaten together with the tomato pesto.

Tapenade Dinner-37.jpg
“Romescada” (P720 +10% service charge). Catalan Seafood Stew in a Roasted Pepper, Tomato & Hazelnut Sauce (Served with Arroz Blanco).

A good saucy dish with big chunks of fresh seafood including prawns, mussels, clams, and fish fillet.

Tapenade Dinner-42.jpg
Chicken “Alla Diavola” (P590 +10% service charge). Spicy Mediterranan Marinade, Cherry Tomato Salad, Micro Arugula.

I like the spiced herb flavor of the chicken, grilled perfectly with crispy skin and juicy meat.

Tapenade Dinner-41.jpg

The boys were fighting over the lamb and the rice.


Tapenade Dinner-49.jpg
★ Gianduja Cake (P360 +10% service charge). Chocolate-Hazelnut Mousse, Crunchy Praline & Salted Caramel Banana.

A chocolate cake that reminds you of the Ferrero Rocher, with the crunch and consistency enhanced by salted caramel banana. It’s not too sweet with just the right chocolatey balance.

Tapenade Dinner-50.jpg
Homemade Gelato and Sorbet (P180 +10% service charge)

Gelato for the boys!

Tapenade Dinner-52.jpg
★ Manchego Cheesecake (P390 +10% service charge). Fresh imported Berries and Coulis.

It has a crumbly soft consistency with a distinct manchego cheese flavor.

Tapenade Dinner-55.jpg

The desserts are best paired with their coffee.

Tapenade Dinner-2.jpg

Don’t forget to take a souvenir group photo at the Discovery Primea’s Christmas Tree.

Tapenade Holiday Dinner Preview-14.jpg

I got to taste a sampler of the special dishes for the restaurant’s first holiday celebration.

Tapenade Holiday Dinner Preview-2.jpg
Feast of the Seven Fishes (Christmas Eve Dinner) Sampler: Octopus (Mint, scallions, lemon, chili, EVOO), Red Snapper (Lemon, EVOO, Sea Salt, pumpkin seeds), Shrimps (Orange, sea salt, fennel, EVOO).

Their Christmas Eve dinner menu is inspired by the Feast of the Seven Fishes in Italy where they only eat fish and seafood on the evening of the 24th.

Tapenade Holiday Dinner Preview-8.jpg
★ Pan-Roasted Black Cod. (Feast of the Seven Fishes – Christmas Eve Dinner). Risotto “Al Limone”, Asparagus, Saffron Sauce.

The fish was juicy, not overcooked, on a bed of risotto with a light sauce and special saffron flavor.

Tapenade Holiday Dinner Preview-11.jpg
U.S. Beef Loin Fillet (Christmas Day Lunch). Kalamata Olive Salsa.

The holidays are a special time to eat steaks and enjoy your red meat.

Tapenade Holiday Dinner Preview-12.jpg
★ Conchinillo de Sandoval (Feliz Año Nuevo – New Year’s Day Lunch). Peaches and Mediterranean Vegetables.

You can’t miss their lechon cooked in honor of Mario Sandoval’s roasting technique, which was shared during the Madrid Fusion early this year.

Tapenade Holiday Dinner Preview-13.jpg
★ Mushroom Paella (Feliz Año Nuevo – New Year’s Day Lunch)

The cochinillo is a great pairing for the mushroom paella!

Tapenade Holiday Dinner Preview-15.jpg
★ Chocolate & Orange “Cannoli Siciliano” (Feast of the Seven Fishes – Christmas Eve Dinner). Whipped Italian Ricotta with Fresh Berries.

End your dinner like the Italians do with a good cannelloni dessert.

Tapenade Holiday Dinner Preview-17.jpg
Congrats to Chef GM David Pardo de Ayala and Chef Luis Chikiamco for a great Tapenade concept. Can’t wait for your new resto, Flame, in 2016!

TIP: Make sure to reserve now for the Feast of the Seven Fishes (Christmas Eve dinner) and the Feliz Año Nuevo (New Year’s Day Lunch) at Restaurant Tapenade.


Ground Floor, Discovery Primea
6749 Ayala Avenue, Makati City 1226, Philippines
Telephone: +632 955-8888
Website: www.discoveryhotels-resorts.com
Facebook: Discovery Primea Makati
Twitter: @PrimeaMakati

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P.S. The best table to reserve is #22, which has a semi-private corner area. The next best seats are the booth tables of #23 and #24. 

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