Awesome Guide: 15 Places to Try in Angeles City (Part 1- Filipino Cuisine)

Awesome Guide: 15 Places to Try in Angeles City: Filipino Cuisine (4) | Awesome Places (3)| International Cuisine (8)

Update 07/27/2016: PAMPANGA: Top 10 Most Awesome Restaurants in Pampanga! (2016)

Angeles City Culinary Capital PH

Angeles City, with its reputation famous for the red light district, you’d be surprised that Angeles City is far from that. Famed for being recognized as the “Culinary Capital of the Philippines”, it’s no wonder you’ll find some of the best Filipino cuisines. The city once served as U.S. Military base that brought together many nationalities, bringing with them are a number of authentic international dishes.

Here’s a 24-Hour guide to Angeles city complete with a food trip guide, heritage tours and fun adventurous activities everyone to enjoy…

 Awesome Guide: 15 Places to Try in Angeles City: Filipino Cuisine (4) | Awesome Places (3)| International Cuisine (8)



Many of the Kampangans are known for being good cooks. Their secret lies on their generous serving of ingredients and simply not taking any shortcuts in preparing their dishes.

Angeles Culinary Capital Ph
Museo Ning Angeles houses memorabilia and exhibits showcasing Angeles city’s rich heritage. Located at the heart of Sto. Rosario District across Holy Rosary Cathedral.


Angeles Culinary Capital Ph
We were treated to this simple and delicious local breakfast tradition.


Angeles City Culinary Capital PHPuto Babi, Pan de Sal topped with mashed kamote and bagoong and then fried in pork oil. It’s served with a freshly whipped mug of Tsokolateng Batirol, a traditional hot cocoa renowned in the region.


Angeles Culinary Capital Ph
The second floor is purely dedicated to all the rich culinary history of Angeles, there are old Kapampangan cooking utensils donated by famed chefs such as Claude Tayag.

If you have enough time on your hand. Book a cooking lesson at the Museum and prepare exotic dishes like the adobo style Camaru (cricket), and the Tugak Betute (Stuffed Frog).


Angeles City Culinary Capital PH
If you’re brave enough, volunteer to prepare (skin, butcher, stuff and cook) the live frog yourself.


Angeles City Culinary Capital PH
Caught early this morning from a nearby rice patty. These frogs have a slightly sweet flavor that is balanced with a savory stuffing of minced pork, onions, and tomatoes. Served fried, this dish is considered a delicacy.


Angeles City Culinary Capital PH
I liked the Kamaru, the adobo style crickets were sauteed with tomatoes, onions, garlic and some herbs. You wouldn’t mind the crispy legs and bursting flavors.

I recommend trying the Betute and Camaru as a must when in the region.

Museo Ning Angeles
Heritage District, Santo Rosario St, Angeles, Pampanga

Contact number: (+63 45) 887 4703




Angeles City Culinary Capital PH
Pampanga is home to the famous Sizzling Sisig. No respectable Filipino eatery will be without serving a savory fatty Kapampangan pulutan. Typically it’s a concoction of pork ears, jowl, and cheeks first boiled then grilled until almost charred, chopped and mix with chicken liver, onions, kalamansi (Philippine Lemon) and chili served on a sizzling plate.

The sinful sisig can be found all over the city from Aling Lucing’s, Mila’s Sisig, Sisig Benedict and etc.


Angeles City Culinary Capital PH
Mila’s Sisig, the sisig is prepared using deep fried pork cheeks, served on a sizzling plate. We like that it’s much more crunchy than the typical sisig. Best paired with rice or eaten as is with beer. 🙂

Locals at Angeles City would also agree that Mila’s Sisig is the best sisig as a pulutan (Filipino bar food).


Angeles City Culinary Capital PH
Though their signature dish is Mila’s tokwa’t baboy. The old-style sisig is boiled sisig, steeped in soy-vinegar sauce, mixed with chopped onions, celery stalks and topped with crispy fried tokwa (tofu) cubes.

Order: Sisig, Tocino Barbecue, Crispy Pata, Lechon Kawali, Beef Caldereta and grilled pork and chicken parts.


Angeles Culinary Capital Ph

Mila’s Tokwa’t Baboy
Andres St., Barangay San Angelo, Angles City
Operating Hours: 6 am – 10 pm daily
Mobile: +63 4588-86727,+63 92121 -7831




If you’re on a budget the 19 Copung-Copung serves a buffet of traditional Filipino dishes. They offer an array of liempo, bopis, adobong balut, ginataang kuhol, pinakbet, beef kare-kare, crablets and etc.

The buffet was okay for me but we loved the cooking demo of their version of Camaru (cricket) and Balut (fertilized duck egg) Sisig. (Buffet price: P220/head)

Note: Cooking demo has an extra charge and is good for tours and corporate bookings. 

Angeles City Culinary Capital PH
We like the milky and tasty Balut sisig.


Angeles City Culinary Capital PH
And the camaru sisig was really savory, you wouldn’t mind having a spoon full.


Angeles Culinary Capital Ph

19 Copung-Copung
222 McArthur hi-way, Balibago, Angeles, Pampanga
Contact Number: (045) 892 1922
Facebook: 19-Copung-Copung-Grill



Angeles Culinary Capital Ph
For a Filipino dessert, Susie’s Cuisine prides itself for being the “Queen on Kakanin“. We tried their Assorted Kakanin serves in a huge bilao.


Angeles Culinary Capital Ph
Assorted Kakanin: Ube Lakatan, Halaya Ube, Kalamay Ube, Duan Pinipig, Biko Kalabasa, Tibok-tibok, Tibok with corn, Rice cakes and Sapin-sapin.

I liked their tibok-tibok. Tibok-tibok is a pudding traditionally made with carabao’s milk. I like how milky dessert simply melts in your mouth. 🙂


Angeles Culinary Capital Ph
Also, order the Mochi. I love the sticky texture of the dessert, plus it’s really good with the coconut milk sauce.


Angeles Culinary Capital Ph
Order their famous pancit luglug. Squeeze in a few drops of calamansi. 🙂

Susie’s Cuisine
#36 Hilda Street Nepo Mart, 2009 Angeles City, Ph
Contact number: (045) 888-0034
Facebook: Susies-Cuisine



Angeles City: Culinary Ph

Overall, we love Angeles City there’s more to it than it’s neon lights and busy streets, get yourself acquainted with the rich culture and history of it’s people. Treat yourself with the celebrated dishes from the Culinary Capital of the Philippines or satisfy your cravings with authentic international cuisines.

Being a few hours from Manila, it’s not bad to have a quick Kapampangan food trip complete with a short history lesson and some little fun. Thank you Angeles City, Mayor’s Office for having us! Cheers! 


How to get to Angeles City:

Infographic Angeles JPG

A Pampanga food trip is always good for a full day without the need to go on overnight because it is now one hour away and very accessible via the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX).

Most people would go on a convoy or meet up at the last Caltex along Edsa before turning into NLEX. Others prefer to meet at the Total Gasoline Station, which is the last station before the San Fernando Exit.

Awesome Guide: 15 Places to Try in Angeles City: Filipino Cuisine (4) | Awesome Places (3)| International Cuisine (8)


Live an Awesome Life,


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Disclosure: Our 24-Hour Angeles City experience was courtesy of the Angeles City, Mayors Office. Read Our Awesome Planet Complete Disclosure Policy here.  

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