CAFE FLEUR: Avant-Garde Kapampangan Dishes by Chef Sau del Rosario!

Untitled Café Fleur by Chef Sau Del Rosario pays homage to traditional Kapampangan cooking with an international twist. Many of the recipes at the cafe are time-honored family dishes we grew up eating. Some creations not only wish to capture the comfort of the Filipino home, but also the distinct flavors of other lands CAFÉ FLEUR BY CHEF SAU L-463B Miranda St. Brgy Sto. Rosario, 2000 Angeles City Operating Hours: Tuesdays to Sundays: 11:00 am to 10:00 pm Telephone: 045-304-1301 Mobile: 093-5761-6550 Facebook: Instagram: Read on to find out how Café Fleur cooks its way to our hearts (and stomachs)… Brainchild of Café Fleur, Chef Sau del Rosario, cooks his way to our hearts through his travels with his Avant-Garde Kapampangan cuisine.   Untitled Nestled in a spacious lot in Angeles City, Pampanga is Café Fleur with its unassuming heritage facade.   Untitled The café has plans of creating two more restaurants the building—Jasmine by Café Fleur (Thai cuisine) and Vanille by Café Fleur (pastry).   Untitled The interiors are cozy, well designed, and flooded by natural light—definitely an Instagrammer’s haven. (Tip: The café’s busiest hours are during dinner time.)   Untitled Tamales Pampangueña (appetizer—P175)Coconut cream, ground rice flour, annatto, quail egg, and peanuts Traditionally, Kampampangan Tamales are wrapped in banana leaves and steamed. The dish gets its rich, buttery texture from the fresh coco cream and quality rice flour.   Untitled Pinoy Caesar (P195)Salted egg, tinapa, firesticks, and fried noodle The salad gets its uniquely Filipino twist from the bold flavors of the Bangus Tinapa in the dressing and hints of Salted Egg mixed with the greens.   Untitled Kalabasa et Corn (soup – P175)Pumpkin, coconut cream, red curry The pumpkin and red curry worked beautifully together, creating a filling and flavorful soup reminiscent of Thailand.   Untitled Croque Madame (P275)Ham, cheese, béchamel, and fried egg  This croquet sandwich is generous on the béchamel filling, making the French-inspired dish quite sumptuous. As it’s heavy, we recommend you eat it when you’re really famished.   Untitled Crispy Pork Belly Macadamia Kare-Kare (P285)Eggplant, sitaw, rice The Macadamia Kare-Kare sauce tastes sweeter and richer than the traditional peanut. Its uniqueness is brought out by the fattiness of the meat and salted shrimp paste.   Untitled Chef See’s Seafood Laksa (P295)Mussel, fish cakes, tofu, egg, and coconut cream The vermicelli in this dish provides a great body for the flavorful, mild Thai red curry soup base—make sure to eat it before the noodles expand!   Untitled You can enjoy delicious Tsokolate Batirol drinks that use Davao Cocoa Beans. The chocolate flavor in each drink is strong and just the right sweetness. (Note: All of the chocolate beverages can be served hot or cold.)   Untitled Tsokoron (P125) and Pandan Sans Rival (P125/slice). We recommend you try the delicate and chewy Pandan Sans Rival with a refreshing beverage like the Tsokoron (Davao chocolate with Polvoron).   Untitled Salted Egg Bibingka Cheesecake (P125/slice) and Tsokoteacap (Chocolate with Green Tea—P125). The Bibingka Cheesecake may catch you by surprise—the tart sweetness of the cheesecake does not clash with the salted egg; in fact, the salt from egg brings out the nuances of the cheese even more.   Cafe Fleur by Chef Sau Jackfruit Sans Rival (P125/slice). As the cafe’s bestseller, the delicious Jackfruit Sans Rival is best enjoyed after reaching room temperature. In its chilled form, the buttery frosting can be a little stiff.     Chef Sau Congratulations to Café Fleur by Chef Sau for the delightful and unique take on Kapampangan cuisine. Although each dish was uniquely Filipino, one simple change or addition to the recipe added a new, surprising dimension to the dishes we grew up eating.   Untitled At Café Fleur, it almost felt like we were tasting Filipino food for the first time again!   CAFÉ FLEUR BY CHEF SAU L-463B Miranda St. Brgy Sto. Rosario, 2000 Angeles City Operating Hours:  Tuesdays to Sundays: 11:00 am to 10:00 pm Telephone: 045-304-1301 Mobile: 093-5761-6550 Facebook: Instagram: Related PostAwesome Guide: 15 Places to Try in Angeles City: Filipino Cuisine (4) | Awesome Places (3)| International Cuisine (8)   Live an Awesome Life,   Team Our Awesome Planet Disclosure: Our meal is courtesy of Chef Sau. We wrote this article with our biases, opinions, and insights. Read Our Awesome Planet Complete Disclosure Policy here. P.S. Café Fleur will be having a Valentine’s Day Special where Chef Sau himself prepares your meals! Untitled Café Fleur Valentine’s Day Special Salad Bar: Cafe Fleur Soup of the Day Main Course (choice of): -Sous Vide Salmon Steak w/ Salsa Rossa -Chicken Saltimbocca with Linguini Ragout -Beef Tenderloin in Red Wine Sauce Drinks: -Chocolate Batirol / Tarragon Tea Dates available: (P575/ head). -Feb 13 (dinner only) -Feb 14 –1st seating 6pm; 2nd seating 8pm; 3rd seating 9:30pm For reservations call: +63 935 761-6550 or email Make a molecular drink included. P214 for craft cocktails  

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