JUMP YARD: Mixing Fun & Fitness in the First Trampoline Park in Manila!

Read More: Here are… 10 Most Fun Activities in Manila (2016 Edition)! @TourismPHL https://youtu.be/hb7qE8gGlfw Jump Yard is one of the first and largest trampoline parks in the Philippines. Boasting 2,000 sqm of space, its high-flying, adrenaline-rushing attractions offer us a one-of-a-kind experience in Manila. You can play a game of Dodgeball, jump into foam pits, slam dunk basketballs, enjoy the obstacle course, have a go at cage ball, wall climb, free run, and more! Check out what to expect and some tips to plan your awesome experience at Jump Yard… JUMP YARD INDOOR TRAMPOLINE PARK Frontera Verde Complex, Ortigas Avenue Corner C5, Pasig City Operating Hours: Monday to Thursdays: 12:00 noon to 9:00 pm Fridays 12:00 noon to 10:00 pm Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays: 10:00 am – 10:00 pm Telephone: +632 544 – 0703 Mobile: +63 908 – 472 – 0031 / +63 915 – 618 – 2183 Facebook: JumpyardPH Instagram: @JumpyardPH Website: http://www.jumpyard.ph/ Untitled Jump Yard’s façade, located along the C5, takes the shape of an old lighthouse full of fun and vibrant colors.   Untitled Register at the front desk and sign the waiver. You’ll be prompted to purchase some trampoline socks and be given a color-coded wristband. REGISTRATION PROCESS 1–Allot at least 20 minutes for pre-jumping requirements 2–For first time jumpers: -Proceed to the counter and sign the waiver for yourself and/or for your children. -Present a valid ID for signature verification. -Waivers will be valid for one year. -If you are below 18 years old, you must submit a waiver signed by your parent/guardian, together with a photocopy of his/her ID for signature verification. For Repeat Jumpers or Those with Previously-Filed Valid Waivers: Proceed to counter and give your name for waiver validity confirmation. 3–Log into your account to check in for your jumping session. 4–Pay your total amount due to the cashier. -Make sure you purchase your jump yard grip socks if you don’t already have them. -Pay for locker rental if applicable. 5–Claim your wristband. 6–Empty your pockets and remove any dangly jewellery and accessories. -Keep all valuables.Jump Yard will not be responsible for any lost items. 7–Watch the safety video in the briefing area. 8–Put on your grip socks and store your shoes in the lockers or cubbyholes. 9–Now you’re ready to jump!   Untitled A waiver is a primary requirement for every first-time jumpers, especially for those 18 years and below.   Untitled Trampoline socks come at P100 a pair—you can always re-wear them the next time you come back.   Untitled These special socks come with a rubber grip to prevent slipping on the trampoline. Try wearing regular socks to see the difference.   Untitled The park comes with exciting amenities including a viewing deck (for non-jumpers or parents), 2 Foam Pits, Slam Dunk areas, Free-Roam Area, Climbing Wall, Balance Beams, Monkey Bars, Dodgeball Cage, and Cage Ball Area!   JUMP YARD SAFETY & RULES 1–Make sure you have watched the safety video before jumping. 2–We recommend that you do basic stretching before jumping on the trampoline. 3–Do not attempt any activity beyond your skill level. 4–Stay in the center of trampoline when jumping to avoid hitting the frame and injuring yourself. 5–Never attempt to land on your head or neck. 6–No flips allowed. 7–No jumping, sitting, or laying on the paddings. 8–Always watch out for other jumpers. Jump with people that are of similar size. 9–Do not interfere with the jumping or concentration of another participant.  10No double bouncing. This means jumping on a trampoline right before another jumper leaves it.  11No rough play, pushing, or running.  12Do not lie or sit on the trampolines.  13Do not jump if a marshal is not present.  14Follow the marshal’s instructions.  15Anyone with back problems or injuries should not jump on the trampolines.   Untitled The first Foam Pit comes with 4 individual Olympic trampolines that give the best height.   Untitled The purpose of these Olympic Trampolines is to give jumpers enough height to time their jumps into the foam pits!   Untitled Some jumpers aren’t as successful as others — timing is everything.   Untitled Falling into the nearly 1.5-meter deep pit is quite fun and painless, but getting out without losing your socks can be a challenge. 🙂 (Tip: We encourage you to not wear any earrings, watches, necklaces, or anything that can get caught. You might never find them in the pit!)   Untitled No matter what age you are, trained marshals will always be watching you for your safety and convenience. (Note: Did you know that the park always has a nurse on site?)   Untitled The Slam Dunk Area is one of the most popular attractions among teens.   Untitled The park is home to 5 basketball hoops of differing heights—perfect for basketball fans of all ages and skill levels!   Untitled The Free Jump area is perfect for Parkour enthusiasts. However, free run at your own risk. (Note: Just because the entire place is padded, it doesn’t mean you can’t get hurt!)   Untitled The Free Jump area is ideal for first-time jumpers, making it a perfect area for small children.   Untitled The second foam pit, located at the Free Jump area is home to a mini obstacle course, Monkey Bars, and climbing wall!   Untitled The objective of the Monkey Bars is to get across to the Climbing Wall or Mini Obstacle Course without falling into the pit!   Untitled Parents of children 6 years old and below are required watch their kids at all times and should schedule reservations at the earliest operating hours.   IMPORTANT THINGS TO REMEMBER Weight Limit Maximum of 150KG (330lbs) Height Requirements Jumpers below 48” are not allowed on the Olympic trampolines. Recommended Age -6 years old and above. -Jumpers below 6 years old who still wish to try jumping may do so on the first opening hour of operations daily. -An adult companion will be required for children below 10 years old. -A minimal entrance fee will be charged for companions who will just watch from inside the arena. -Jumping companions must pay full price.   Untitled The Dodgeball Pit is a great team building opportunity for your friends or colleagues. Take note that aiming is more difficult while airborne!   Untitled Jump Yard has 2 designated areas to play Cage Ball.   Untitled The game is simple: shoot as many balls into the opponent’s net in under 2 minutes.   Untitled According to NASA, 10 minutes of trampoline jumping is almost equivalent to a 30-minute run!   Untitled Jumping is a great way to shed pounds since there is 80% less stress on your knees. By the first 10 minutes, you’ll already work out a major sweat!   Untitled Should you get tired, Jump Yard also has a complimentary restaurant where you can buy refreshing drinks and have a meal.   Untitled Jump Yard is a one of kind experience for kids, teens, and kids at heart! We really loved the interactivity of the place and how it mixed fun and exercise so seamlessly. Be sure to bring extra clothes when you swing by—you’ll definitely be working up a sweat like no other!   JUMP YARD INDOOR TRAMPOLINE PARK Frontera Verde Complex, Ortigas Avenue Corner C5, Pasig City Operating Hours: Monday to Thursdays: 12:00 noon to 9:00 pm Fridays 12:00 noon to 10:00 pm Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays: 10:00 am – 10:00 pm Telephone: +632 544 – 0703 Mobile: +63 908 – 472 – 0031 / +63 915 – 618 – 2183 Facebook: JumpyardPH Instagram: @JumpyardPH Website: http://www.jumpyard.ph/ RATES Regular Jump Rate – P350 per hour Opening Promo Jump Rate – P250 per hour Platform Rate – P100 per hour Jump Yard Grip Socks – P100 per pair Regular Socks – P50 per pair    Live an Awesome Life,   Sheila, Nico, and JC Team Our Awesome Planet Disclosure: Our coverage was courtesy of Jump Yard. Read Our Awesome Planet Complete Disclosure Policy here. P.S. Make sure to wear comfortable and flexible clothing before jumping! Restrooms are available at the Jump Yard restaurant.

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