Mt. Pulag Climb: Day before the Summit Climb (Part 1) #NaPulagsaGanda

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Mt. Pulag is the third highest mountain in the Philippines, standing at 2,922 masl (meters above sea level), after Mt. Apo in Davao (2,954 masl) and Mt. Dulang Dulang in Bukidnon (2,938 masl). 

The government no longer allows camping during weekends in the mountain and promotes homestay instead for those who want to climb to the summit. There are plans to close the Ambangeg trail next year to let the mountain recover.

Here’s a photo essay of our Climb Mt. Pulag adventure with Jeron Travel and Trail Adventours last March 4-6, 2016…

En route to Mt. Pulag 

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We took the Victory Liner bus that leaves at 10.00pm on a Friday night from Victory Pasay bus station.


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Arrived in Baguio around 4 am to meet up with our fellow hikers.


Breakfast at Banao’s Stopover

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We stopped for breakfast at Banao Stopover & Eatery, which serves freshly prepared home-cooked turo-turo dishes.


The Day before the Hike-18.jpg
My breakfast: red hotdog, egg, rice, nilagang baka, and Benguet coffee.


Sightseeing Tours 

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After 45 minutes, we made another stop at Ambuklao Dam, which supplies electricity in the region.


The Day before the Hike-28.jpg
A closer look at the dam. It was closed when we visited in the morning.


The Day before the Hike-42.jpg
Next stop was Jang-Jang Hanging bridge, 30 minutes away from Dmbuklao dam. Other tour groups would stop here for breakfast.


The Day before the Hike-29.jpg
Jang-Jang is the longest hanging bridge in the Philippines made from steel.


The Day before the Hike-39.jpg
It can only accommodate 10 people at a time, so make sure to arrive early for a good selfie or group photo.


The Day before the Hike-45.jpg
Next was the Daclan Sulfur springs, another 30 minutes away from Jang-Jang.


The Day before the Hike-47.jpg
You can see the sulfur water furiously boiling while emitting a fart-like smell.


DENR Station

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We arrived at the DENR Station at around 9 am for the registration and a mandatory hiker’s orientation.


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A fit-to-climb medical certificate is required because there have been casualties before, with hikers experiencing asthma and hypertension.


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Those who survive the Mt. Pulag climb can leave a memento after logging out of the DENR Station.


The Day before the Hike-61.jpg
The orientation can only accommodate 90 people at a time and lasts for an hour. We waited for 2 hours for our session.


The Day before the Hike-64.jpg
The most popular trail is the Ambangeg trail, which is a 4-hour hike to the summit.


Lunch at Country Road

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After the DENR orientation, we stopped for lunch at Country Road by Ate Gina.


The Day before the Hike-77.jpg
Lunch was good–chopsuey with sweet, fresh vegetables and Cordillera’s signature dish, Pinikpikan.


The Day before the Hike-83.jpg
After lunch, we made our way to our homestay while seated on top of the jeep to enjoy nature. 


Baban’s Homestay

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We stayed at Baban’s, which is one of the best homestays in Mt. Pulag. 

(For reservations, call or text Baban’s Homestay: +63 936 653-4008, +63 948 357-7154, +63 930 363-1218)


The Day before the Hike-86.jpg
It has an eco-friendly water refilling station and…

The Day before the Hike-85.jpg
…its own farm where you can buy watercress, carrots, and other vegetables in season.


The Day before the Hike-92.jpg
The best thing about homestay is you have time to chill before your climb.


The Day before the Hike-91.jpg
This is my room for the night, with two pillows and one blanket (make sure to bring your own towel).


The Day before the Hike-96.jpg
We had dinner in the main house at around 5.30 pm so we could sleep as early as 7.00 pm.


The Day before the Hike-94.jpg
Dinner was freshly harvested watercress and…


The Day before the Hike-95.jpg
…sinigang na baboy.


The Day before the Hike-99.jpg
Meet our Trail Adventour guides Eugune, Justine, Jasper, and JP, who prepared us well for the early morning Mt. Pulag jump off. 

To be continued… Part 2: Mt. Pulag Climb: 11-Hour Mt. Pulag Summit Hike! (Part 2) #NaPulagsaGanda


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Disclosure: We paid for our Mt. Pulag Experience. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights

P.S. This is the Climb Mount Pulag package we availed from Jeron Travel.

Climb Mount Pulag
March 04-06, 2016
P 4,800/pax

Package Inclusions:
– Round trip transportation Manila-Baguio
– Chartered Jeep Baguio-Mt. Pulag
– Registration fee, Environmental and Cultural fee
– Full board meals
– Expert Mountaineer guides
– Jeron Travel Coordinator
– Stay at Baban Homestay

Contact: Jeron Travel at +632 854-1813 / 

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