Mystery Manila Hotel Easter Egg Hunt #ExtraordinaryEaster (Video)

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Manila Hotel in collaboration with Mystery Manila presents an Extraordinary Easter egg hunt by completing different kinds of puzzles and mysteries under 1 hour.

Watch the  video of our Mystery Manila Hotel Easter Egg Hunt #ExtraordinaryEaster. Check out the photo essay wrap-up of our experience…


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There were three batches of Easter Egg Hunt ala Mystery Manila Style — 12.00nn, 2.00pm and 4.00pm. 


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You can form a team with a maximum of 6 people to join the Easter Egg Hunt to find a total of 9 golden eggs by completing challenges.


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There are 2 golden egg challenges in each of the 4 rooms plus one bonus golden egg in the secret location on the ground floor of Manila Hotel. (mechanics)


Mystery Manila Hotel Extraordinary Easter-12.jpg
You have to solve a puzzle, complete a challenge, or solve a mystery to earn a golden egg. 


Mystery Manila Hotel Extraordinary Easter-13.jpg
The challenges are simple and a great bonding moment for the family and the kids.


Mystery Manila Hotel Extraordinary Easter-15.jpg
You have 3 small eggs which you can exchange for a clue. We used one for this challenge to get over our mental block for this puzzle.


Mystery Manila Hotel Extraordinary Easter-18.jpg
The kids are equally excited to solve the puzzles and this is better than the usual easter egg hunt where you just get eggs as many as you can.


Mystery Manila Hotel Extraordinary Easter-17.jpg
We got stuck again with this puzzle of matching the symbols, letters, and numbers to reveal a mobile number that you can call for the password.


Mystery Manila Hotel Extraordinary Easter-20.jpg
This is a classic challenge but a lot harder doing this under pressure!  


Mystery Manila Hotel Extraordinary Easter-9.jpg
We were able to solve all the challenges under 1 hour and won the third place (because we lost one golden egg when we were running). 


Mystery Manila Hotel Extraordinary Easter-21.jpg
What a great concept! Thank you to Mystery Manila and Manila Hotel for the extraordinary Easter Egg Hunt indeed!


Mystery Manila Hotel Extraordinary Easter-23.jpg
We love staying at Manila Hotel because of its big King’s size bed, a spacious toilet with bath tub, and the classic Filipino room design. 


Mystery Manila Hotel Extraordinary Easter-25.jpg
We would order take out food to celebrate our egg hunt experience and share stories of our successful quest. 


Mystery Manila Hotel Extraordinary Easter Day 2-2.jpg

Happy Easter everyone! 

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Disclosure: Our experience is courtesy of our marketing friends from Manila Hotel.  I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights 

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