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Across the globe, Nobu Matsuhisa, or Nobu, is celebrated for his fusion cuisine characterized by his Japanese-Peruvian inspired creations. With his unique gastronomy gaining the attention of epicures in more than 30 cities worldwide, Mr. Matsuhisa’s culinary range has evolved to merge local cultures and the “Nobu Style” through food. At City of Dreams Manila, we see how Nobu coalesces his signature style with local and international dishes. Here’s a photo essay of our Nobu Breakfast Experience…   NOBU MANILA Level 1 Tower 3 Nobu Hotel Email: Telephone: +632 691-2882, 691-2885 Website Breakfast Buffet Menu: Page 1 | Page 2 | Breakfast Minis Rates: Adult: P1,232 Child (6yo – 12yo): P616 Child (5yo and below): Free Related Blog Posts:

  Untitled Scrambled Eggs, Bagel and Lox Nobu Style, Nobu Ensaymada, Brewed Coffee With more than 38 Restaurants worldwide, some of Nobu Restaurant’s menu items adapt according to a country’s local ingredients and specialties.   Untitled The breakfast buffet is open from 6AM to 10AM daily starting at P1,232 per head for adults; and much like any buffet, there are different stations.   Untitled The buffet caters to various breakfast preferences. Pastries are available—some of which have Japanese touches like Matcha (green tea flavor), Sakura (cherry blossom flower), Miso (fermented soybean paste), and Umeboshi (pickled plum).   Untitled Try out their delicious Nobu Ensaymada (pastry with sweet butter frosting and cheese) with a hint of Miso Salt.   Untitled The subtle saltiness of the Miso is balanced well with the creamy butter frosting and sweet bread.   UntitledIf you want a typically light breakfast, you can always opt for their fruit or cereal selections next to the pastries.   Untitled Fans that want “dessert for breakfast” should try the black Chia Pudding with dried fruits and nuts—it has an oatmeal-like taste and is extremely textural, a bit like soft fish eggs.   Untitled The Mango Sago is one of our favorites—it’s light, not too sweet, and addictively creamy!   Untitled Although Japanese cuisine isn’t necessarily known for their breakfast options, Nobu has some Inari Rolls (fried tofu stuffed with rice, sometimes sweet to taste)…   Untitled …and Sushi rice topped with Salmon and Green Onions.   Untitled A La Carte Menu items like “Tamago Yaki” can be ordered at the omelet station.   Untitled You can opt for additions like onions, mushrooms, tomato, spinach, cheddar, bacon, and mixed seafood.   Untitled Your Tamago Yaki is made on the spot…   Untitled …and is conveniently delivered right to your table.   Untitled The “Eggs Your Way” A La Carte item gives you the option of hard boiled, soft boiled, poached, sunny side up, over easy, or over hard eggs.   Untitled At the Teppanyaki station, you can request breakfast favorites like pancakes, French toast, or Waffles made on the spot…all with a Nobu touch.   Untitled The Nobu French Toast are dainty cubes with a hint of custard and fruit preserves. We loved these since the toast was so light and fluffy.   Untitled If you’re not a fan of Matcha, but love waffles, try not to be deterred by the Green Tea Waffles! The light Matcha flavor goes well with the Shiso Syrup and Cream’s Anise-like notes. Note: Eat immediately, since the waffles may go soggy.   Untitled One of the more unique Nobu experiences was the fusion Congee (rice porridge) at the Hot Dishes Station. Traditional Japanese toppings like Oshinko (pickled vegetables), Simmered Tofu, and Bonito Flakes are merged with Filipino-Chinese elements.   Untitled Typical “Silog” (generic name of dishes consisting of garlic fried rice & viands) meals are also at the Hot Dishes Station.   Untitled Pair your Sinangag (fried rice) with Longganiza (sweet-sour, garlicky pork sausage)…   Untitled …or the Nobu Tocino (sweet, cured pork). It tasted a little tangier than the regular Filipino Tocino—we’re guessing they used Rice Wine Vinegar instead of Cane Vinegar in the marinating process.   Untitled Other breakfast essentials like crispy bacon…   Untitled …and Truffle Eggs can be added to your Silog meals!   Untitled For a protein packed breakfast, the Okonomiyaki (Japanese seafood pancake) is a must-try.   UntitledMake sure to top off your protein sides with some Tomatoes & Bacon Furikake—the sourness of the tomato is balanced by the salty Furikake seasoning.   Untitled All your Hot Food can be enjoyed with different condiments and toppings.   Untitled Breakfast Mini | Silken Tofu Hotpot with Bonito Sauce Inaniwa Noodles, Black Cod, Simmered Tofu and Bonito sauce on the side Nobu has a selection of special Breakfast Minis that can be availed (inclusive of the buffet package)—you can only order a maximum of three items at a time. The hotpot is minimal and features some of the more essential flavors associated with Japanese cuisine.   Untitled Breakfast Mini | Egg Matsuhisa  Poached egg, spinach, toasted bao, bonito egg sauce The lightly toasted Bao (Chinese steamed bun) in place of an English Muffin adds a different textural dimension to the typical Eggs Benedict.   Untitled Breakfast Mini | Cheeksilog Miso braised Wagyu cheek, garlic rice, fried egg, papaya relish Unlike some Tapsilogs, the Cheeksilog’s braised flavorful Wagyu cheek is very tender and lean—highly recommended.   Untitled Breakfast Mini | Bagel & Lox Nobu Style Crispy rice, tofu crema, pastrami salmon, red onion There is a unique experience to be had here, from the surprising bite of the rice “bagel” stuffed with tofu (almost like sour cream) and the smoky flavor of the Pastrami Salmon.   Chef Nobu Matsuhisa We applaud Chef Nobu and his Filipino team for bringing an exclusive Breakfast Buffet menu to Manila!   NOBU MANILA Level 1 Tower 3 Nobu Hotel Email: Telephone: +632 691-2882, 691-2885 Website Breakfast Buffet Menu: Page 1 | Page 2 | Breakfast Minis Rates: Adult: P1,232 Child (6yo – 12yo): P616 Child (5yo and below): Free Related Blog Posts:

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Disclosure: Our experience was courtesy of the Nobu Hotel & Restaurant. Read Our Awesome Planet Complete Disclosure Policy here. P.S. Some food items at the Breakfast Buffet are on rotation, so they may not be available every day. You can check out the menus to see what other options have have aside from the ones we blogged! 

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