Top 10 Favorites @MadridFusionMNL’s “Panlasa” Theme Regional Lunch (Day 1)

Madrid Fusion Regional Lunch
With the theme “The Manila Galleon: East meets West,” focuses on the influences made by the two parts of the world, particularly on the global gourmet scene is the highlight of the second edition of Madrid Fusion Manila on April 7-9 2016 at the SMX Convention Center Manila.

One of Madrid Fusion Manila’s highlights is the sumptuous themed Regional Lunches prepared by the best and creative Filipino Chefs to show off their dishes using the best local produce.

The first day tackles the theme “Panlasa” (Tastes) concentrating on the flavor profiles that are distinctly Filipino: maalat (salty), matamis (sweet), mapait (bitter), maasim (sour) and malinamnam (savoury). The lunch is curated by Chef Angelo Comsti and Nina Daza-Puyat.

Here are our Top 10 favorites on the Day 1 Lunch at Madrid Fusion Manila …


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The Regional Lunch was held at the SMX Convention Center along with the Expo and Congress last April 7, 2016.


Madrid Fusion Regional Lunch
1. Truffle and Sisig stuffed Lechon by Dedet dela Fuente Santos of Pepita’s Kitchen

We loved the truffled rice with the freshly pugon-baked lechon with gold leaves on crispy skin and pork meat infused with the flavors of truffle and foie gras.


2. Guinumis Shake with Panucha Cotton Candy by Happy Ongpauco of Pamana Restaurant and Tsokolateria Artisinal Cafe

Pamana played with their all-time favorite dessert drink called Guinumis. They made it in a smoothie and instead of using the regular Panucha ice cream they made Panucha cotton candy.

Besides the lovely presentation, I was surprised that the dish had just the right amount of sweetness, with the milky coconut dessert and panucha cotton candy complimenting each other.


Madrid Fusion Regional Lunch
3. Bringhe with Taba ng Talangka and grilled Suahe in Chili Coconut sauce by Chef Him Uy de Baron
(Malinamnam: Taba ng Talangka or Aligue) aka. crab fats

From Region 3, the cold dish plays with the texture and the seafood. The Ice cream is made with aligue, coconut and lemongrass perfectly paired with a cold salad of blue swimmer crab, suahe (shrimp) and chili calamansi (Philippine Lemon) dressing.


Madrid Fusion Regional Lunch 
4. Monggo Guisado sa Baka at Batwan by Chef Mikko Reyes of Hungry Hound and The Palace

Like a Kansi the beef stock is soured by the Batwan Fruit, a fruit that is indigenous to Negros. Then cooked with monggo, beef shanks, ox tripe and topped with Kitayama wagyu and Kitayama bacon chili.


Madrid Fusion Regional Lunch
5. Sinuglaw na Talaba with Pulverized Lechon Meat by Chef Patrick and Pia Roa of Patricio’s Cevicheria
(Malinamnam: Oysters)

A playful version of oyster kinilaw/sinuglaw. The oysters are very fresh brought from Zamboanga, Kalibo and Capiz.

They made the kinilaw sauce using dungon seed from the mangroves of Dumaguete and local gulaman (agar agar), then topped with lechon polvoron for added flavor and texture.

The sour taste from the dungon seeds goes well with the addicting sweet oysters.


Madrid Fusion Regional Lunch 
6. Itlog na Maalat by Chef Kalel Chan of Raintree
(Maalat: Salted Egg)

The first layer is composed of salted egg tofu, the second layer is salted egg calamansi (Philippine Lemon) cream with Palawan honey and the third one is salted egg polvoron with crispy rice.

All salted Egg! It’s surprisingly light and delicate and would be a perfect starter for the meal.


Madrid Fusion Regional Lunch
7. Bruleed Carabao’s Milk-Soaked Honey Cake with Salted Butter by Chefs Nikki Misa and Kristine Lotilla of Raffles and Scout’s Honor

Carabao milk and honey chiffon cake pan-seared, topped with burnt butter, whipped honey, honey comb and pili nuts. 


Madrid Fusion Regional Lunch
8. Pata Negros, Macaron, Smoked Kesong Puti Mousse by Chef Margarita Fores of Grace Park, Lusso, Cibo, and Alta
(Maalat: Pata Negros)

Pata Negros is Bacolod’s take on the famous Iberico Ham of Spain. The cured pork is first wrapped around Bago sea salt, stitched inside a cloth and left to hang for 50 days. The result is a lean leg of ham with intense flavored dark meat marbled with deep golden fat.

The Pata Negros is prosciutto inspired, to balance the flavor they made candied kamias (Bilimbi fruit), smoked quesong puti gel and place it in a plain macaroon.

We love Margarita’s way of balancing all the components together.


Madrid Fusion Regional Lunch
9. Pinakbet sa Bangka by Chef Jessie Sincioco of Chef Jessie’s

The dish originates from the North Ilocos, which is a staple food of the Ilocano. Pinakbet is composed of ampalaya, eggplant, string beans, okra, tomato, roast ginger, chili fingers and squash. But the distinct ingredient in the dish is the shrimp paste the “Bagoong”

The vegetables are all sauteed with pork fat and then added with garlic, onion and shrimp paste then stewed it until all the veges are cooked.

We loved how they creatively used the ampalaya as the container.


Madrid Fusion Regional Lunch
10. Manila V.S. Acapulco Pops by Ian Carandang Sebastian of Sebastian’s

The Pops are made of layers of fruits from the Manila that influences Mexico like mango, coconut and balimbing and vice versa Mexico to Manila the pineapple, guava and chico.


Congratulations to Chef Angelo Comsti and Nina Puyat Daza and team for a very successful Day 1 lunch at Madrid Fusion Manila! 

Madrid Fusion Manila
April 7-9, 2016
SMX Convention Center, Pasay City

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Madrid Fusion Manila 2016 Series:


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