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KIWA is an authentic, fine dining Korean Grill by the Kung Bok Kung restaurant group. The name “Kiwa”–the traditional Korean roof tile–was used in Manila so that it can be easily pronounced by Filipinos while still highlighting its Korean roots. 

The restaurant is best known for its authentic charcoal-grilled seasoned beef ribs and Korean dishes cooked by world-class Korean chefs. They use an underground exhaust system so that you won’t get any smoke stains on your shirt.

For Korean food lovers, this is a must-visit restaurant at Solaire resort. 


KIWA Korean Grill Dining by Kyung Bok Kung
1 Asean Avenue, Entertainment City, Tambo, Parañaque City
Mobile: +63 099 5518-5462
Telephone: +632 883-89-62
Facebook: Kiwa Korean Grill
Instagram: @kiwakoreangrill

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Most of the interiors are imported from Korea. This hallway alone let’s you know you’re in for an authentic Korean restaurant experience. 


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Kiwa Menu: Appetizers | A La Carte_Grill | A La Carte_Meals | Lunch Specials, Courses | Side Dishes | Drinks Menu 1 | Drinks Menu 2


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When dining at night, make sure to arrive early to catch the beautiful Manila sunset.


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Lime Soda (P180)

Order the lime soda for something citrusy and bubbly to refresh yourself and your palate.


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✮ Jap Chae (P600). Pan fried glass noodles with beef & assorted vegetables.

The glass noodles are thin, light and bouncy and you’ll notice the quality of the ingredients they use. 


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✮ Yuk Hoe. Soy-based raw beef mixed with pear & vegetables.

This is Korea’s version of the beef tartare where you mix the raw beef with egg yolk and sesame.


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It has a sweet sauce and the slices of pear cuts through the richness of the beef with the cucumber providing a refreshing finish.


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✮  Kimchi Jean (P600). Kimchi Pancake.

This is so good! Kimchi served pancake style and dipped in sweet chili gochujang sauce.


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Chamisul Soju (P280)

A shot of soju is always good to aid in digestion and to keep the discussion flowing.


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Tomato Yangsangchu (P600). Seasoned seafood in a whole tomato with mixed vegetables.

Nice presentation of tomato stuffed with seasoned seafood with the salad mixed in a sweet sauce.


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Chadol Baki Salad (P1,000). Pan-fried brisket salad.

Love the fatty pieces of beef brisket topped over the salad.


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✮ Yang Nyeom Galbi (P1,300/200 g). Beef short ribs marinated with special sweet soy sauce.

 I love the way they marinated the beef. You can really taste the flavors and there’s no need for additional sauce.


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Kiwa uses Korean charcoal. You can hardly see any smoke coming out of the grill because it’s immediately sucked underneath.


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The beef is cut into pieces and…

 KIWA Korean Grill-37.jpg

…you can wrap it on a vegetable leaf with garlic and chili.

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Grilled Chicken. Non-spicy barbecue chicken.

The chicken is good as well but takes a bit more time to cook. I prefer the beef.


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Bibimbap. Rice topped with vegetables, beef, and egg.

You can order a bowl of bibimbap to get a rice component to the meal, mixed with different vegetables, beef, and mushroom. Love the seaweed soup that comes with it.


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It’s great to bring the boys with us when we eat. They get to appreciate how good Korean food really is.


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Grilled Mixed Seafood with soy-based sauce.

The grilled mixed seafood is a good alternative to the beef ribs. You’ll love the grilled shrimps and scallops, but the octopus tentacle was hard and chewy.


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Calamari. Spicy breaded squid.

It’s breaded squid in chili sauce with cold white noodles. A bit full already by the time this was served so I was not able to enjoy this.


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Patbingsu. Korean style halo-halo with red bean paste.

Korean halo-halo with red bean, cereals, watermelon, and mochi. The bingsu machine they imported from Korea will arrive soon to provide a finer ice quality.  


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Highly recommended for the Yang Nyeom Galbi (Korean Beef Ribs) without the risk of smelling like smoke after you eat.

For appetizers, order the Jap Chae, Yuk Hoe, or Kimchi Jean. You can also order the Grilled Chicken or the Mixed Grilled Seafood as an alternative to the beef.

A perfect date place for Korean food lovers or when watching a musical at Solaire. Reserve the booth tables near the window for the romantic sunset effect.

Congrats to Kiwa for bringing in the finest Korean Barbecue Grill experience in Manila!


KIWA Korean Grill Dining by Kyung Bok Kung
1 Asean Avenue, Entertainment City, Tambo, Parañaque City
Operating Hours: Open daily 10:30 am – 12:00 mn
Mobile: +63 099 5518-5462
Telephone: +632 883-89-62
Facebook: Kiwa Korean Grill
Instagram: @kiwakoreangrill


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Disclosure: Our meal was courtesy of Chef Cecille Chang who is now the general manager of Kiwa. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights

P.S. Check out their lunch specials as well for great value for your money.

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