FLAME Restaurant: A Burning Passion for Modern European Food with an Asian Twist! @DiscoveryPrimea

4/10/2019: FLAME Restaurant: The Best of Modern Asian Dining (As featured in 10 Most Awesome New Homegrown Restaurants That Matter in Manila 2016!) Untitled FLAME Restaurant is a fine-casual, modern Eurasian concept by award-winning Chef turned General Manager of Discovery Primea, David Pardo de Ayala, and Executive Chef Luis Chikiamco–the winning duo behind Tapenade. The restaurant gets its fiery moniker from the team’s burning passion for creating unforgettable experiences through cuisine. At FLAME, celebrated European food concepts are tweaked and given an Asian flare. Here’s what to expect at FLAME Restaurant… FLAME RESTAURANT 6749 Ayala Avenue, Makati City 1226 Philippines Operating Hours (Dinner Only): Mondays to Saturdays–6PM to 10PM Website: www.discoveryprimea.com E-mail: dp.rsvn@discovery.com.ph Telephone: +63 955 8888 | +63 2 988 2988 Facebook: Discovery Primea Makati Instagram: @discoveryprimea Twitter: @discoveryprimea Untitled FLAME is located on the 16th floor of Discovery Primea with a view of the sprawling Makati skyline. (Tip: it looks so much better at night!) Untitled One of the first things you’ll notice is the elegant, contemporary design of the restaurant. The objective was to make FLAME fine-casual and inviting to its diners. Developed by DWP (Design World Partnership), an architectural firm based in Hong Kong and Thailand, Mr. Pardo de Ayala wanted a world-class look for a world-class restaurant. Untitled FLAME Menu: Appetizers, Hot Dishes, Main Courses, Grilled or Roasted Food, Sides, Sauces, Wines | Desserts & Beverages Prices are inclusive of VAT and subject to 10% service charge and applicable local government taxes. Not all ingredients are listed on the menu. Please inform your waiter of any dietary restrictions. Untitled “The Hub” area, much like the bar, facilitates conversation and is a great place for diners who don’t mind making new friends. Untitled However, for the best experience, try sitting next to the windows for that dramatic view of the city! Untitled As soon as night falls, the restaurant centerpiece called “The Living Chandelier” illuminates the room and makes for an interesting pre-dinner conversation-starter.

TO START Untitled Quezo de Bola & Hamon (P420). Texture of Cheese, Glazed Ham, Gelee, and Asparagus. The gelee is made from a ham consommé while the cheese foam is meticulously whisked with soy lecithin to keep its fluffy structure. You’d think the foam would taste like nothing, but its subtle quezo de bola aftertaste actually stays in your mouth. Just like Christmas on a plate, this appetizer is a unique textural start to your evening! Untitled Pan-Seared U.S. Scallops (P790). Porcini Mushroom Marmalade, Endive, Madeira-Mirin Glaze. The Portuguese Madeira wine and Japanese Mirin glaze adds a tangy note to the scallops, while the naturally bitter notes of the French endive and Brussels sprouts add a new dimension to the porcini marmalade. Untitled This dish is an example of how FLAME plays with different flavor associations and Eurasian tastes. Untitled Pan-Seared Foie Gras (P790). Teriyaki eggplant, pickled pears, nori-tempura crunch. The creamy foie gras comes from the French Rougie duck, one of the best species for duck liver in the world. Untitled The pickled pear removes any residual gaminess from the foie gras, while the savory teriyaki eggplant absorbes the richness of the fat.

TO FOLLOW Untitled Pan-Roasted Duck Breast (P1,200). Pumpkin puree, charred leeks, radishes, and spiced honey glaze. The Rougie Duck is also used in this dish for its fat content and large breasts developed in the process of making Foie Gras. The slices of meat are best enjoyed medium-rare to medium-well and pair wonderfully with the bed of pumpkin puree and micro greens. (Note: the imported micro greens arrive on a bed of soil and are cut during the preparation process–ensuring freshness and flavor for every dish.) Untitled Braised U.S. Short Ribs (P890). Certified Angus Beef short ribs, celeriac puree, mustard seeds, ginger tamarind sauce. Braised to perfect tenderness, the creamed celeriac (celery root) is a comforting addition to the ensemble. Untitled Enjoy this with a side of Merlot on a rainy evening!

SWEET FINALE There are currently only three main dessert types: Chocolate, Cheese, and Fruit. Untitled Flourless Chocolate Cake (P360). Comes with homemade pistachio ice cream. The dense chocolate cake’s flavors are rich and concentrated. Chocoholics will definitely love this! Untitled Talegio (P390). Homemade apricot and cherry Mostarda, homemade cracker, and micro greens. The Talegio is a semi-soft cheese with a strong smell and tartness. It pairs well with the subtle sweetness of the apricot and cherry Mostarda. Untitled Apple, Apple, Apple (P320). Caramelized apples, calvados cream, apple gelee, cinnamon puff pastry. Get this strudel-like dessert for something light. I found it to be conceptually similar to the Quezo de Bola & Hamon appetizer. Untitled The latest restaurant to eat in, be seen in, and make foodie memories in Makati. Untitled FLAME’s unique play on the Eurasian palate compels one to try each item on their menu. The favorites of the night were the Pan-Seared U.S. Scallops, Pan-Seared Fois Gras, Pan Roasted Duck Breast, and Braised U.S. Short Ribs. For dessert, we recommend the Flourless Chocolate Cake and the Talegio. Budget about P2,000/head. Untitled Congratulations to General Manager David Pardo de Ayala and Executive Chef Luis Chikiamco for another winning restaurant concept!   FLAME RESTAURANT 6749 Ayala Avenue, Makati City 1226 Philippines Operating Hours (Dinner Only): Mondays to Saturdays–6PM to 10PM Website: www.discoveryprimea.com E-mail: dp.rsvn@discovery.com.ph Telephone: +63 955 8888 | +63 2 988 2988 Facebook: Discovery Primea Makati Instagram: @discoveryprimea Twitter: @discoveryprimea Discovery Primea Series:

  Live an Awesome Life,   Sheila of Team Our Awesome Planet Disclosure: Our experience was courtesy of FLAME Restaurant. We wrote this article with our biases, opinions, and insights P.S. If you sit at The Hub, you might just get a special treat from the chef! 🙂

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