MASTERMIND: What Makes Manila’s First Theatrical Escape Room Different?

By Abigail Javellana Mastermind Skullhead Hostages by Mastermind is a Theatrical Escape Room designed to give players a different experience with an actor constantly manipulating the storyline while everyone is trapped as hostages and must escape through solving real-life puzzles within 60 minutes. Room Brief: You are held hostage by a radicalist gang leader, who resorts to extreme methods to uphold his clan’s values. Will you distract him and maneuver your way out of this hairy situation? Or will the war wage on? You must work with your friends to solve puzzles, eavesdrop telephone conversations, gather all the equipment, and disengage the enemy to succeed. Will you escape from reality? Here’s what to expect in Manila’s first theatrical escape room… Mastermind Theatrical Escape Rooms 2nd Floor, Harrison Plaza Manila (Beside DHL) Mobile: +63920 946 3925 E-mail: Website: Facebook: MastermindEscape Mastermind Mastermind is located on the 2nd floor of Harrison Plaza, Manila beside DHL. Make sure that you arrive at least 15 minutes before the booked time for the pre-game briefing. There are no lockers, but the whole office is locked to keep your bags safe while playing.   Mastermind To set the mood, each player is blindfolded, tied behind their back and split into separate groups.   Mastermind Welcome to Skullhead Hostages! The room is dark, eerie and messed up with chains hanging from the ceiling and puzzles hidden everywhere!   Mastermind If you want to win, players must constantly interact and ask the cult leader (actor) the right questions and trick him into giving you more clues. Make sure not to be fooled!   Mastermind It’s not for the faint hearted, one unlucky fellow will be trapped in a room alone.   Mastermind Constant communication with your teammates is the key if you want to escape. 😉   Mastermind There are a lot of different puzzles both testing our wit and creativity that made it very challenging. (Tip: If you’re not careful enough, you might get wet.)   Mastermind Feel like a real-life spy with decoding morse code and eavesdropping on telephone conversations.   Mastermind You might be surprised with a little furry surprise in store. 🙂   Mastermind Make sure to look for clues even in the most unlikely places.   Mastermind We escaped just in the nick of time! The gratification of escaping wasn’t the only thing we won, the storyline ends with a moral lesson for everyone. But that’s for you to find out. 🙂 Overall, we liked that Mastermind has different challenging and creative puzzles that don’t repeat. Playing with a live actor made our experience fun and different from all the Mystery Rooms we played. How we wish it was in a better location more accessible to everyone besides the students near the area. Mastermind Theatrical Escape Rooms 2nd Floor, Harrison Plaza Manila (Beside DHL) Mobile: +63920 946 3925 E-mail: Website: Facebook: MastermindEscape Mastermind Price: 2 players = P300 each 3 players = P280 each 4 players = P250 each 5 players = P220 each 6 players = P200 each   Live an Awesome Life,   Team Our Awesome Planet Disclosure: Our experience was courtesy of Mastermind. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights P.S. Tip: Best if you play along and release your inner actor! 

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