MOE’S Southwest Grill: Homewrecker Burrito, Stacks, & Famous Queso now in Manila!

Update (May 10, 2017): MOE’S New Rice Meals, Mexican Pizza & All-Day Cocktails?! @UptownMall_

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MOE’s Southwest Grill, a fast-casual dining restaurant, bears the prestige of Most Popular Mexican Chain in the US–unseating its rival, Chipotle (according to Harris Poll). With over 600 locations worldwide, MOE’s brings some of the best value-for-money burritos and tacos for the first time in Asia and the Philippines via The Bistro Group.

Mexican-inspired cuisine is a growing comfort food trend in the Philippines ever since Ristras opened in 2009, giving birth to local favorites such as Orale and Chihuahua in 2011, and El Chupacabra in 2013, the latter being awarded The Choice 2015 Favorite Mexican Restaurant in Manila. This 2016, we can finally add MOE’s to that list, and they’re here to offer affordable and signature Tex-Mex favorites from America’s most popular Mexican chain.

Check out what to expect at MOE’s Philippines…

Level 4, Uptown Mall, Bonifacio Global City (near Texas Roadhouse)
Operating Hours: Daily 11AM – 11PM (until 12mn on weekends)
Telephone: (+632) 777-2924
Facebook: MOE’s Philippines

Located on the 4th floor of Uptown Mall in BGC, MOE’s has a family-friendly and upbeat vibe to it.


One of the things MOE’s employees get asked at lot is: “Who’s MOE?” Jimmy Furst, International Training Manager, explains that MOE is actually an acronym for Musicians, Outlaws, and Entertainers.

Much like their food, MOE’s isn’t the kind of establishment that takes itself too seriously. Their casual dining experience not only guarantees simple, yet satisfying comfort food, but also a rockin’ playlist that pays homage to late musicians!


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Each customer will be greeted with an emphatic “Welcome to MOE’s!” to set the mood, so don’t be startled!


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Moe’s Menu: Burrito’s, Quesadillas, Nachos, Stacks, Tacos, Salads, Burrito Bowls, Build Your Own | Dessert, Kids Menu, Drinks

All burritos come in Regular or Junior Sizes and ranges from P200-P300 depending on the meat option.


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You line up to order. First, decide on the form–burrito, quesadillas, nachos, tacos, burrito bowls, or stacks–and then customize it.


The restaurant has more than twenty “honestly awesome” ingredients made fresh daily  that you can customize your burritos and nachos with.


The grass-fed sirloin & rib eye steak is the best as far as meat options go. It’s cooked medium-well and made fresh in small batches every hour.


Vegetarian options–with tofu–are available in every food category, be it a burrito, taco, a serving of nachos, or quesadilla.


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You also get free chips, but you must upsize with Moe’s famous queso for additional P60 with either Moejito juice or Tamarind iced tea.


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You can have unlimited salsa with every order! My favorites are Mango Salsa (unique in Manila) and Tomato & Jalapeno Salsa.

Trivia: What movie inspired the name Kaiser Salsa? (see answer below)



Homewrecker (P295). MOE’s world famous steak burrito that uses Australian grass-fed sirloin and rib-eye steak.

Their signature big burrito is 10-11 inches and weighs about 20 oz. I recommend ordering an add-on of steak for +P95.


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Stacks (Steak – P325 good for sharing). All time favorite! Served with beans, queso sauce, cilantro, pico de gallo and shredded cheese, stacked in two crunchy corn shells wrapped and grilled in a flour tortilla.

This is unique to Moe’s. It’s like a marriage of tacos and quesadillas.


Moe's SouthWest Grill-28
It’s cooked in high heat a la plancha before serving.


Moe's SouthWest Grill-34
We like the crunchiness of the corn tortilla with the softness of the flour tortilla. This is served without rice.


Salad Bowl (P195)Crisp romaine lettuce, beans, shredded cheese, cilantro, pico de gallo, and cucumber served in a fried tortilla bowl.

Crush the entire salad bowl so the fried tortilla is evenly mixed with the greens. Go for the Chipotle Ranch dressing.


Ground Beef Nachos (P245)Crunchy corn tortilla loaded with queso sauce, beans, pico de gallo, cilantro, and pickled jalapeños.

The nachos come with generous toppings. Always ask for extra homemade queso (made fresh every day).


Ground Beef Taco (P135)Crispy corn or soft flour tortilla with beans, shredded cheese, cilantro, pico de gallo, and lettuce.

MOE’s tortillas are delightfully crunchy and well-seasoned.


Chicken Quesadilla (P245)Grilled flour tortilla filled with shredded cheese, a side of pico de gallo, sour cream, and cilantro.

The best part about the Quesadilla is how tender and juicy the cubed chicken is.


Burrito Bowl (P245)A healthy bowl of southwest rice, beans, queso sauce, cilantro, pico de gallo, chipotle ranch, and your choice of protein!

This was the Team OAP favorite! It’s like a rice bowl and a good alternative if you don’t want to eat the extra calories from the tortilla.


They have decent selection of drinks–Bundaberg, Brew Kettle, Mule, Arizona, and Roar.


Banoffee Tart (P85). Banana & coffee tart with cream, chocolate sauce, and chocolate shavings.  

Top off your dining experience at MOE’s with this decadent Banoffee Tart that is generous with the caramel.


Moe's SouthWest Grill-35

MOE’s is a good place to get your Tex-Mex fix whenever you’re in the BGC area. Their food is best enjoyed with friends as the servings are big enough to share. It’s also a great take out option for the office or when watching a movie at Uptown Mall.

As for what to order, decide first if you like to have rice or not. If with rice, I recommend the Homewrecker or the Burrito Rice Bowl. For no rice, order their signature Stacks or the Salad Bowl. Their steak option is the best but has a little bit more premium to it.

We also love Moe’s Famous Queso, which is very addicting, and their eat-all-you-can salsa! Don’t forget to order the Banoffee Tart by Pasty Chef Anna Uy-Ruivivar for dessert.

Budget about P500/head.

Congratulations to The Bistro Group for opening the first Moe’s Southwest Grill in Asia!

Level 4, Uptown Mall, Bonifacio Global City (near Texas Roadhouse)
Operating Hours: Daily 11AM – 11PM (until 12mn on weekends)
Telephone: (+632)777-2924
Facebook: MOE’s Philippines


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Disclosure: Our Moe’s preview experience was courtesy of The Bistro Group. We wrote this article with our biases, opinions, and insights

P.S. MOE’s will be selling junior-sized burritos for only P10 on June 14 and 15, 2016 on its first two days of opening!

(Trivia Answer: The Usual Suspects)

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