PAD THAI: How this 100-year-old Recipe from Tha Yang Ruined the Pad Thai Experience Anywhere Else

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As a foodie traveler, you always look forward to visiting regions where you can taste authentic local fare. It’s always a treat understanding the culture of a place through its food and dining destinations, like pintxos from the different bars in San Sebastian, sashimi at Tsukiji Market in Tokyo, or …


…  a 100-year old Pad Thai recipe in Tha Yang district, Petchaburi province in Thailand.   Watch: BEST PAD THAI in Tha Yang, Thailand! in 360

Here’s my experience eating authentic Pad Thai at Tha Yang… 

About Pad Thai

Tourism Authority of Thailand released a video about the origins of this beloved Pad Thai dish. Watch: Discover Amazing Stories : PADTHAI 2Mins


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We ate at a neighborhood pad Thai place in the Tha Yang district of Petchaburi province known for its 100-year-old recipe, on our way back to Bangkok from Hua Hin.


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Like any typical Thai store, they sell ingredients, sauces, and different delicacies you can take home.


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Check out the wok used to cook the pad Thai in high heat and the tamarind sauce on the bottom left, which is the secret to the flavor of this dish.


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Pad Thai is made from Chanthaburi rice noodles with bean sprouts, dry shrimps, and eggs.


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It’s topped with palm sugar, chives, cabbage ,and Thai lime on the side.


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Eating literally on the streets completed the authentic pad Thai experience.


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I love the Pad Thai Kung, which is served with shrimps and lime on the side. It costs about 50 Bhat.


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I like the balance of sweetness and sourness. You can also add chili to spice it up. The noodles are chewy but strong and do not clump together.


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The portion is just enough for one, but we ordered a second serving of the seafood version to satisfy our craving.


20160617_125332 (1)
For dessert, grab a glass of this chendol rice noodle dessert soaked in coconut milk and palm sugar from the chiller to end the meal. This is my new Thai dessert favorite! 🙂


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Once you’ve tasted authentic Pad Thai like this, there’s no going back to the commercialized ones. Now I wish I was back in Thailand to enjoy its many flavors.


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Disclosure: Our meal was courtesy of the Tourism Authority of Thailand. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights

P.S. Make sure to explore the neighboring stores for more authentic Thai treats.

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Across the road is a home store of Thai desserts.


Pad Thai Tha Yang-8.jpg
They sell freshly made sweet tamarind preserve, Thai green mango…


Pad Thai Tha Yang-7.jpg
…Tapioca, and Yam.


Pad Thai Tha Yang-6.jpg
Those are not flies. Upon closer inspection they are actually…


Pad Thai Tha Yang-5.jpg
…honey bees attracted to the sweets!

3 thoughts on “PAD THAI: How this 100-year-old Recipe from Tha Yang Ruined the Pad Thai Experience Anywhere Else

  1. Wait, where’s the 100-year old recipe and the ruined part? Is it in the video (it’s blocked from where I am so I couldn’t watch)?

  2. Love Pad Thai! Personally had our best experience on Phi Phi Island. Its just such a simple but great dish. Now I’m hungry…

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