JIRO ASIA: The Best of Two Culinary Worlds

As featured in PAMPANGA: Top 10 Most Awesome Restaurants in Pampanga! (2016)



JIRO ASIA is an offshoot restaurant of the famed Jiro Izakaya Sushi Ramen (now closed) in Angeles City Pampanga. We featured Jiro last year in our 15 Places to try in Angeles City and loved their selection of authentic Ramen and Sushi Rolls. 

With Jiro Asia, owner Vincent Roque brings his love for both Chinese and Japanese food under one roof.  

Check out our experience…

Don Juico corner California Street,
Perimeter Road, Anunas, Angeles City
+63 917 820 6322

MENUSoup | Beef | Chicken | Pork | Seafood and Rice

When we visited, the spacious interior was still under renovation as the restaurant had only been open for a little over a month.



West Lake Soup (P245, small). Minced beef, cilantro, scallions, and egg.

This famous soup is a staple of Zhejiang Cuisine and has a complex flavor profile from the house made special stock. A must try for anyone who appreciates Chinese soups.



Alaska Roll (P270). Smoked Salmon, Tobiko, Cream Cheese, and Crab Roll with Cucumber and Mayo. 

The smoked salmon and cream cheese were a great combination.


Volcano Roll (P280)Tempura fried Salmon and Cream Cheese sushi with Masago, Leeks, and Special Sauce.  

The cream cheese adds a layer of richness that goes well with the special sauce. And the crispy tempura batter gives the rolls a pleasing crunch. 



Salmon Aburi Sushi. Salmon sushi, flamed broiled with mayo, and topped with tobiko.

This was excellent! The sushi is topped with mayo and special house sauce and then broiled using a hand torch. This gives the sushi a sweet-smokey flavor that’s light on the palate.   



Omelet Fried Rice (P330, small). Shrimp fried rice wrapped in a thin omelet with house brown gravy.

A fantastic dish–everything worked well together! The balance of the salty fried rice with the savory brown gravy was perfect. Highly recommended. 



Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet (P275, small). Battered and friend Cream Dory then tossed with sweet and sour sauce.

Good but our least favorite. Nothing really stood out about the dish. 


Prawn with Thai Sauce (P455, small). Battered and fried prawns tossed in Sweet Thai Chili Sauce.

Also a very good dish. The prawns were cooked perfectly and stayed crispy.



Salt and Pepper Spare Ribs (P260, small). Pork Spare Ribs coated in a special house blend of salt and Szechuan pepper with chili. 

The pork was cooked perfectly and not oily, but it seemed to lack flavor. Worth another try next time, we suppose.



Jiro Asia is a fantastic restaurant that has a great selection of both Chinese and Japanese cuisine. The food here is best shared so bring friends or visit with your family. Expect to pay around P1,000 for 4 persons. Order the West Lake Soup, Aburi Sushi, Omelet Rice, and Chili Prawns

Congratulations to Vincent Roque for pulling off another delicious restaurant in Angeles!  

Don Juico corner California Street,
Perimeter Road, Anunas, Angeles City
+63 917 820 6322


Live an Awesome Life,

Team Our Awesome Planet

Disclosure: Our experience was courtesy of Vincent Roque, owner of Jiro Asia. We wrote this article with our biases, opinions, and insights

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P.S. Vincent loves Japanese and Chinese food and only serves the dishes that are his favorites. 

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