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Pigs & Pints is a Nose to Tail Gastropub in Angeles City Pampanga, a concept re-introduced into the Western culinary mainstream by Chef Henry Ferguson from the UK in 1999. Nose to Tail aficionados, believe that “If you’re going to kill the animal it seems only polite to use the whole thing.” – Henry Ferguson

It’s this Philosophy that Executive Chef Bong Sagmit bases his menu on and the results are pleasantly surprising.


Century Complex, Balibago, Angeles City, Malabanas, Angeles / Clark, Philippines
Behind Casino Filipino Angeles  


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The interior has a modern rustic aesthetic and the place is reminiscent of a 1920’s Speakeasy. 

(Note: Pigs & Pints has been in operation for a little over a month so the menu and interiors are still being refined.)



Tuna Poke (P270) – Raw Tuna loin marinated in soy sauce, ginger, and sesame oil. Topped with soy sauce tapioca pearls and served with crispy wonton chips.

Tuna Poke is the Hawaiian version of Filipino kinilaw and we highly recommend Pigs & Pints version. 
The tuna was fresh and seasoned perfectly and the soy sauce sago (tapioca pearls) allow you control the saltiness with every bite.



Liver On Toast (P160) – Lightly Sauteed Chicken Liver that has been marinated in Cognac and pink salt.  Topped with a sweet corn and radish salsa served on Nutella toast.

This Dish reads crazy on paper and sounds even crazier when you talk about it, but the end result was a pleasant surprise that can change your mind about eating organ meats.

The sweet nutty richness of the Nutella made the coppery taste and texture typical with liver barely noticeable. And the sweet corn and radish salsa cleansed the palette.

A must try for the adventurous.



Pulled Beef Shank (P280) – slow braised beef shank is served on toasted ciabatta with Asian slaw and wasabi.

Taking three days to prepare, the beef shank is brined, then slow braised for 8 hours until tender. The pull is then mixed with mozzarella cheese and bulgogi marinade.

The Pulled beef was incredibly tender and the bulgogi seasoning works surprisingly well with mozzarella. Fantastic!



Bone Marrow (P550) – Roasted Bone Marrow with Bacon Jam and Toasted Ciabatta

The braised beef scraps and bacon jam don’t drown out the richness and natural flavor of the roasted marrow. Great for meat lovers.



XO Sauce and Gizzard Confit (P310) – Bucatini Pasta tossed in House made XO sauce and Sweet Chili Sauze  with gizzard. 

The sauce was a bit sweet and the dish was heavy on the oil.  Its ok but could be improved on.



Double Pork Chops (P610) – Double Bone-in Pork Chops with Shaved Potatoes and Bacon Gravy.

The elements of this dish didn’t seem to work well together, not recommended.  



Calamansi Pie (P120) – Condensed Milk with Preserved Calamansi 

The citrus of the calamansi blended well with the richness of the Milk. This was an excellent dessert.



Pigs & Pints is a great place to hang out with your friends for a few drinks and good food in Angeles City.

The Nose To Tail Concept behind Pigs & Pints is a philosophy that more restaurants should look into.  Utilizing all parts of the animal reduces waste and is a more responsible and greener way of running a kitchen.  

Go for the Tuna Poke and the Pulled Beef Shank Sandwich. For dessert the Calamansi Pie.  Budget about P500/head.

Congratulations Chef Bong for the nice Gastropub concept in Angeles City!


Century Complex, Balibago, Angeles City, Malabanas, Angeles / Clark, Philippines
Behind Casino Filipino Angeles


Live an Awesome Life,


Sean Nolan of Team Our Awesome Planet

Disclosure: Our experience was courtesy of Pigs & Pints Executive Chef Bong Sagmit. We wrote this article with our biases, opinions, and insights

P.S. Parking is behind Casino Filipino Angeles

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