BOOKY: Online Restaurant Reservations Habits in Manila (2016)!

About Booky

BOOKY emerged as the winner of the Battle of the Best Restaurant Reservation Systems in Manila in 2014. It continues to be the leading food app and restaurant reservation system in Manila this 2016 (despite other startup competitors like Globe’s Seats and Zeatrr).

Our Awesome Planet has partnered with Booky to champion online restaurant reservations in Manila. Filipinos deserve a reliable booking service to eliminate the frustration of disappearing reservations because of people not paying attention or doing their jobs properly. 

Best of all, you get P500 off deals when you book a table at over 400+ restaurants in the Metro! 

Online Restaurant Reservation Habits in Manila (2016) 

Reservation Trends
Trivia #1: There is an average of 4 new restaurants opening per day and a total of 15,420 restaurants as of July 8, 2016.


Edited - Booky Infographic
Trivia #2: Izakaya Kikufuji is the #1 restaurant based on user favorites on the Booky app.


Edited - Booky Infographic
Trivia #3: Booky is a home-grown food app proudly made in the Philippines!


About Booky

The Booky app lets you search restaurant information offline and book tables with discounts. It’s currently the #1 food app in the Philippines, and it’s downloadable for free on iOS and Android. Booky can also be accessed via web at

Press - Iza Ben

What’s the story behind it?

Booky started in early 2014 from a personal problem: Ben Wintle and girlfriend, Iza Calzado, love to eat out but found it difficult to Google restaurant information because 3G in the Philippines is so slow.

Ben and his team prototyped the first version of Booky that focused on enabling people to search restaurant information without internet. Through listening to friends and heavy users, the app continuously improved over the past 2 years to what it is today–the most used food app in the Philippines.



What are the app’s features?


●  Booky lists updated information for about 15,500 restaurants and over 10,000 menus. Users can search locations, menus, and more. They may also be directed to the restaurant via Waze integration.

●  Booky features a feed of New Restaurant Alerts and monthly Top 10 restaurants per location (based on user votes via ‘Favorites’).

Book with Discounts

● Booky enables people to book a table at over 400 restaurants via SMS with an added discounted of up to P500 off. By October 2016, it aims to have over 600 restaurant partners.

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An everyday utility for foodies in cities across the world with poor connectivity.
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Disclosure: All the links to the Booky site is an affiliate link. I may receive a (very) small commission if you click on the link and book your restaurant reservations via Booky. Thank you for considering to reserve via that link if this post was helpful in your online restaurant reservation.

P.S. Booky uses an SMS-based restaurant reservation system that is easily integrated into the restaurant operations so that it is more sustainable than its competitors, who sell a third-party restaurant reservation software.

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