HUSH: Don’t Breathe Inspired Live Action Escape Room! @BreakoutPH

BreakoutPH: HushHUSH by Breakout PH is the new live action escape room game experience inspired by the new suspense thriller “Don’t Breathe“.

Just like the movie you and your friends break into the blind man’s house thinking you’ll get away with the perfect heist. But you are all wrong. So don’t make a sound. Don’t even breathe.

The escape room takes you to a whole new level of experience as the game flow is driven by a violent blind man and live actors. Players must carefully try to move around the rooms without getting caught.

Plus did we mention that this is the only escape room where players can die? Check out one of our favorite escape rooms HUSH….

HUSH by Breakout Philippines
Paragon Plaza Ground floor Reliance St., corner EDSA, Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila 1550
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BreakoutPH: HUSHAbout The Room:
You and your friends break into the house of a wealthy blind man, thinking you’ll get away with the perfect heist. You’re wrong.

You have 45 minutes to find the cash and escape the clutches of the roaming violent blind man. He knows you’re there. He’s lurking.

Maximum Team Size: 6 PLAYERS

Difficulty Level: 3.5 out of 5


BreakoutPH: HUSH
Arrive 15- 30 minutes before the game for the briefing.


BreakoutPH: HUSHWe start off with watching the trailer of Don’t Breathe, so we’ll get an idea of what we are getting ourselves into.

After being briefed we were given time to strategize on how will go about the room.


BreakoutPH: HUSHFirst of all, we were given the roles as robbers! How badass is that? Our objective was to break into the blind man’s house, grab the money from the safe and get out. Easy right? No. There’s a twist! The blind man is blind but he is not deaf, and just like the movies all his senses are heightened.

Get ready to solve the clues and work together while evading the violent blind man walking around.


BreakoutPH: HushWe were given a guide (actor) who’s has been scouting the blind man’s house for two weeks.


BreakoutPH: HUSHTreat him like he’s part of your team. His objective is to help and guide you in the room.

We also received a backpack where we can put anything that we find useful but most importantly store the money.


BreakoutPH: HushWe were told the blind man can kill us “the players” but we cannot kill the blind man.

Running  away and screaming your head off is not the way to go. You’re gonna get everyone killed. Some players are good at surviving by not moving, not breathing and passing off as furniture.

Note: This is the only room in Breakout where players can die.


BreakoutPH: HUSHTip: The blind man is sound sensitive, so if you’re dead it’s probably your teammate’s fault. There is a way to save each other. 😉


BreakoutPH: HUSH
Just like any regular escape room we were tasked to solve puzzles,


BreakoutPH: Hushunlock safes, doors, locks…


BreakoutPH: Hushtry to escape.


BreakoutPH: Hushand even get distracted.


BreakoutPH: HushAll while trying to be extra quiet and sneaky.

Note: When all of you die during the 45 minutes then it’s automatically game over for everyone.

However, you guys can still win if one of you survives, gets the money and breaks out!


Breakout: HUSHOverall, we loved it! Definitely, one of the best escape rooms we’ve played so far. The presence of the actors made the experience very thrilling and real! We loved the game flow and how every puzzle and clue made so much sense. It was a test of moral, where we had to use our mental and creative skills to win!

Great job Breakout PH for the new awesome room! “Don’t Breathe” is now showing in cinemas since Aug 31.

P.S. “HUSH” is only available during weekends.


HUSH by Breakout Philippines
Paragon Plaza Ground floor Reliance St., corner EDSA, Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila 1550
FacebookBreakout Philippines

Operating Hours:
Hush is only Available during weekends.
All rooms are available on Friday to Sunday: open to the general public from 10.00am to 11.30pm
Monday to Thursday: only available for private bookings and corporate team buildings.


Live an Awesome Life,

Abi and Nico of  Team Our Awesome Planet

Disclosure: Our Hush live  escape room experience is courtesy of our friends from Breakout Philippines. I wrote this article with my own biases, opinions, and insights. Read Our Awesome Planet Complete Disclosure Policy here.  



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