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CalaBoo Creamery is a Social Enterprise by GK Enchanted Farm in partnership with the Philippine Carabao Center, who aims to fulfill the Filipino dream of ending poverty for smallholder farmers, by producing proudly Filipino farm fresh milk from grass-fed carabao products that are naturally healthy and yummy!

They produce some of the best dairy products the Philippines has to offer, ranging from their fresh and aged cheese, high-quality butter and pro-biotic rich yogurts, which uses healthy sweeteners like coco sugar and pure honey.

Finally, we have world-class carabao milk dairy brand proudly made in the Philippines at Gawad Kalinga’s Enchanted Farm! ¬†These are the perfect foodie gift this Christmas ūüôā

Here’s a photo essay of Calaboo’s launch and Carabao dairy products … ¬†


Carabao milk is an underrated super drink. It’s health content, protein energy and calcium, is far richer and creamier than cow and goats milk. The milk contains a high percentage of milk fat, which is a good source of energy.

It is also lower in cholesterol and higher in calcium adding more health benefits and goodness to your body.


YOGI BOO (Yogurt)


Naturally low-fat with lower glycemic index, they come in three varieties with three main ingredients: carabao milk (low-fat and whole-fat), live bacteria cultures and mango based pectins. 



Yogi Boo Perfectly Plain (135g РP117). Delicious creamy yogurt perfect for pairing with muesli and fresh fruits for breakfast. 

Yogi Boo Coco Sweet (135g – P123). Diabetic-friendly with a full-flavored sweetness from the coco sugar.

We liked the Yogi Boo Coco Sweet because it is much smoother than the plain because it’s whipped with coco sugar.

Yogi Boo Honey Sweet (135g – P127). An even tastier and healthier super food made better with pure honey!



BOO-TTERS (Butter) 


Made from fresh carabao cream, salt plus a secret ingredient.  

They have the European-style Boo la la Boo-tter and American Style Simply Boo-tter. 



Boo la la Boo-tter (100g РP177)

Our favorite is the Boo la la Boo-tter that has this smooth and creamy texture, pleasing aroma and acidic taste.

It’s more expensive than the usual butter, but it doesn’t come close to quality and flavor of the Boo-tter.




Fresh or semi-aged cheese made from carabao milk.

Keso Cari√Īo Fresh Cheese.¬†Made from fresh carabao whole milk, vinegar, salt, and rennet. You get a cross of melt-in-your-mouth kesong puti and melt-in-the-oven mozzarella.

Baby Boo (6pcs *15g РP227). They have the Mamaboo, which looks like a ball of fresh mozzarella, and the Babyboo, a bite-size version, very light and melts in your mouth. 

Gourmet Keso (Semi-aged Cheese). They also have the full-bodied flavor semi -aged cheese enhanced with herbs and spices. 



Thank you to our friend Jen Villoria for inviting us to the Calaboo launch!


CALABOORATIONS (Chef Collaborations)


Here are some of the many CalaBoorations by Chef Mon Eugenio and Chef Miko Aspiras demonstrating the many flavors you can create with CalaBoo products. 



Panna Cotta using Boo La la Boo-ter by Chef Miko Aspiras

Sauteed pandan leaves with cream, milk, gelatin and Boo la la Boo-tter! You get that thicker texture because it has more than the usual fat you would get in a pannacotta. 

Chef Miko personally loves the Carabao milk mixed with goat milk butter. It’s butter that has a slight yogurty taste. ¬†He doesn’t just use it for his bread, but also incorporates it into his yummy dessert!



Butter cookies using Yogi Boo Honey Boo Love by Chef Miko Aspiras.

You can find Chef Mikko’s CalaBoo creations using Boo lala Boo-tter on his bread selections at all Le Petite Souffle branches and the Yogi Boos at Chef Miko’s new Bakery The Workshop by Le Petite Souffle opening this December.¬†



Champurrado with tuyo enriched with Calaboo Fresh Carabao’s Milk by Myron’s Place.



Breaded Keso Carino Baby Boo by Myron’s Place.



Browned BooLala Boo-tter Garlic Pasta topped with MamaBoo by Myron’s Place



CalaBoo YogiBoo Cucumber Raita by Myron’s Place.



Marinated Chicken Skewers drizzled with YogiBoo by Myron’s Place.

You can taste Chef Mon Eugenio’s creations at Myron’s Place at Ascott Makati with his CalaBoo Cheese Salad using the bite-size Baby Boos as an initial CalaBoo dish they’ll incorporate in the Menu.¬†





We are very proud of our Gawad Kalinga’s Enchanted Farm family for proving to the world that Filipino dairy can compete with high-quality Carabao’s Milk products!



Congratulations Marie P. Cavasora, Founder of CalaBoo and the team for giving us another reason to love carabao milk!

You can find CalaBoo Creamery’s products at Lifescience Center in BGC, the Salcedo Weekend Market and the soon to open Chef Miko’s Workshop by Le Petite Souffle at Mega Fashion Hall.


GK Enchanted Farm Angat, Bulacan
Mobile: +63 997 732-3544


Live an Awesome Life,

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ABI of Team Our Awesome Planet

Disclosure: We were guests at the launch of CalaBoo Creamery. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights. 

P.S. Awesome meeting Thomas Graham, author of the Genius of the Poor and watch out for our feature collaboration with MAD Travel!


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  1. I think you need to fact check these statements: “The milk contains a high percentage of milk fat, which is a good source of energy.It is also lower in cholesterol” Hard to believe it’s higher in fat but lower in cholesterol when the fat is an animal source.
    I wanna try the European style butter!
    The yoghurt packaging looks like it’s for cosmetics, haha.

  2. The flow of order is good. It has the information you need to know on their product line.
    I agree that the fact should be emphasized.

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