Mister Donut and 7 Eleven are at it again – Energy Shots, Decker Cake, and Dossant Bites only @711philippines

Mister Donut: Cake Donuts


Mister Donut has come up with a delightful treat for busy customers on-the-go, available at your nearest 7-Eleven convenience store.

The donut franchise likes to stay ahead by adding more varieties–like cake, coffee, croissant-inspired donuts, and much more!

Here are our some of our favorite sweet cravings…

Mister Donut: Cake Donuts

These exciting new donuts are exclusively available in 7-Eleven convenience stores.

With four 7-Eleven stores near my area, I was bound to get these donuts! You can easily spot them in-store in their own Mister Donut display.


Mister Donut: Cake Donuts

Energy Shots (P13). Coffee and donuts are just made for each other! How about combining coffee and donut into one awesome treat?

This donut might be plain looking on the outside but this is my favorite among all the selections. Soft bittersweet goodness with an extra jolt of flavor from the sweet espresso filling!

Perfect for those who need energizing before heading back to the office or for those late nights.


Mister Donut: Cake Donuts

Do-ssant Bites (P8). What’s yummier than their flaky croissant? How about a combination of donut and croissant made into a single bite!

I prefer the one with chocolate glaze on top. They are surprisingly not that sweet, each filled with a creamy Bavarian filling.

(NOTE: Dossant Bites are only available in Luzon.)


Mister Donut: Cake Donuts

Decker Donut (P22). Find comfort with this donut sandwich made with flavorful cake donut filled with fluffy icing.

The cake doughnut is moist, crumbly, and dense like a muffin.

The tender ube cake donut is the best! The other flavors were just OK for me.


Mister Donut: Cake Donuts

Tip: The cake donuts are perfect for dunking in coffee.


Mister Donut: Cake Donuts

MD Classic Long John (P20). The bar-shaped treat is yeast risen, Bavarian filled, and coated with chocolate glaze on top.

It’s puffy and light and a little chewy.


Mister Donut: Cake Donuts

Overall, we liked Mister Donut’s new line of donuts specially made for 7-Eleven Philippines. Get the energy shots, ube decker cake, and choco glazed do-ssant bites.

Each treat is sure to satisfy different cravings, whether you want something flaky, dense, moist, soft or sweet.

They are affordable and accessible at almost any 7-Eleven store for the people on the go.


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Disclosure: The taste test of new products is in collaboration with Mister Donuts. I paid for the donuts we tried. We wrote this article with our biases, opinions, and insights. 

P.S. We asked our friends from A-Space about their opinion and they loved the E-shots and the Vanilla Decker Cake.

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  1. donuts in the morning in manila, good combination, then I used to job 6 miles every Saturday night , on Monday start again

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