BAR PINTXOS BGC: Is this the Best Pintxos Tapas Bar in Manila? (Review)

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Bar Pintxos, Alabang’s Secret Spanish Tapas & Pintxos Bar by Miguel Vecin and Tinchu Gonzalez, is now in BGC–completing the Pintxos Triangle in BGC with Vask and Tomatito Manila. Pintxos are small snack tapas with flavorful meats or seafood on top of bread, and are very popular, especially in the Basque region of Spain.

Bar Pintxos provides the closest Pintxos experience in Manila, just like how one would enjoy it in San Sebastian. Its location is still hidden, which adds to its appeal as a go-to Pintxos Tapas Bar in the metro.

We tried it for lunch and dinner during our holiday reunions with friends. Here are some tips and recommendations…


5th street corner Mckinley (Forbes), Taguig, Philippines
Operating Hours: 11:00AM – 11:00PM
Telephone: +632 810-1307
Facebook: Bar Pintxos BGC
Instagram: @barpintxos 

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Bar Pintxos BGC Menu: Para Picar, Pintxos, Tapas, Charcuteria (platters) | Bebidas/Drinks, Vino/Wine

Bar Pintxos BGC’s ambiance has a laid back industrial look and feels like a neighborhood bar for people in the know.

It’s a cool place to have lunch and is one of the few establishments in BGC that has free parking. You must reserve if you are going here for dinner. 


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Aceitunas Aliñadas (P100). Marinated olives.

Start with some olives, onions, and pickles as pica-pica, just like how they do it in Spain.


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Boquerones (Seasonal) (P220)

Order this salty white anchovy specialty from Spain, cured in vinegar and served in fillets in olive oil.


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Boquerones Uni (P170). Boquerones, Uni, Caviar.

Make sure to savor every bite of this boquerones pintxos topped with all the umami flavors from the uni and caviar. Our favorite!


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Salmon (P180). Salmon, goat cheese, truffle honey, caviar.

Another favorite! A good chunk of salmon with goat cheese, sweetness from the truffle honey, and salty contrast from the caviar. 


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Gulas (P120). Gulas, shrimp, garlic, olive oil.

This eel-like shredded fish topped with fried garlic and baby shrimps is uniquely Basque and a must-try pintxos.


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Jamon-Allioli (P95). Jamon serrano, aioli.

This is one of their bestsellers packed with generous servings of Jamon serrano (white pig) in garlic mayo sauce.


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Mar I Muntanya (P200). Uni, Lardo, Lomo Iberico.

This is also one of the best combinations–overflowing uni with a layer of lard and topped with tender, meaty Jamon Iberico.


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Pulpo A La Gallega (P490)

Bar Pintxos serves one of the best octopus in Manila, sprinkled with paprika and salt and served over slices of patatas.  


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Calamares Estrellados (P280). Egg, baby squid.

A different kind of fried squid served with two sunny side up eggs.


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The egg yolk becomes its sauce! A good dish for sharing.


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Paella Mixta (P300). Chicken, shrimp, chorizo.

I love both the lamb and the mixta paella but cooked Manila style with lots of rice. It’s already served on a portion and not a paellera.


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Gambas Al Ajillo (P420). Prawns, garlic, chili.

The shrimps in garlic chili sauce is good for pica-pica or as ulam with the paella.


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Salpicao (P420). Kitayama tenderloin, garlic, olive oil.

The beef cubes are made with Kitayama tenderloin served in a classic garlic and olive oil sauce. Best paired with the paella.


 Bar Pintxos BGC-47.jpg

Their desserts are just OK. Here’s hoping they provide better sweet ending options moving forward.


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Risa Dark Chocolate Big (P200)

Instead of ordering dessert, we recommend ordering the 71% Dark Chocolate big bar to share. It pairs really well with Spanish red wine. 


Bar Pintxos BGC-31.jpg

Bar Pintxos already has a cult following in the foodie community. Thanks for bringing this Alabang Pintxos Bar to BGC!


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Overall, I love how they were able to bring the high quality pintxos that made them famous in Alabang to BGC, with an upgraded look and ambiance at that!

I recommend ordering our favorites: Boquerones Uni, Salmon, Gulas, and Mar I Muntanya for Pintxos, and a sharing plate of Pulpo A La Gallega and Calamares Estrellados. For your mains, order the Lamb or Mixta Paella and the Salpicao. You can skip dessert. Budget about P1,000/head including drinks.

Congratulations to Bar Pintxos BGC, sure to be one of the Pintxos Bar success stories in Manila this 2017! 

5th street corner Mckinley (Forbes), Taguig, Philippines
Operating Hours: 11:00AM – 11:00PM
Telephone: +632 810-1307
Facebook: Bar Pintxos BGC
Instagram: @barpintxos


Live an Awesome Life,



Disclosure: We paid for our meal. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights. 

P.S. You’ll find Bar Pintxos hidden behind Malcolm’s Deli.

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The entrance is on 5th Avenue corner McKinley.


Bar Pintxos BGC-2.jpg

This is the only establishment left in BGC with free parking slots! 

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