KIDZANIA MANILA: Planning a Legendary Birthday Party for your 7-Year Old! @KidZaniaManila


After his KidZania Party, we asked our son Raphael–who just turned 7 years old–what he thought about it and he just said, “Legendary!” 

It was indeed an awesome party, and KidZania was the perfect venue for this milestone. Here, kids can assert their independence and build up their confidence for the next phase of their childhood. 


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Here are the lessons we learned from organizing a party at KidZania and some tips on how you can organize your own Legendary Zaz Party… 

KidZania Manila
Park Triangle, 3245 North 11th Avenue BGC, Taguig City, 1634
For kids age four to seventeen years old.
Telephone: +632 711-KIDZ (5439)
Instagram: @KidZaniaManila
Twitter: @KidZaniaManila

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BEST TIME. The best time to have a party is in the morning shift of 9am to 2pm on a Saturday or 9am to 5pm on a Sunday.

(Note: There are typically multiple celebrations in the Saturday afternoon 2pm shift and a lot of school field trips.)


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 30 minutes before. To maximize the play time, advise everyone to arrive 30 minutes before the opening time.

• Express Lane. There is an express counter with the signage of the birthday celebrant name at the Airport Ticket Counters.

• Additional Guests. Advise the counter if you are shouldering the guests on top of the totally booked pax. They will be charged the Admission rate, and you can settle it before the end of the shift at the Tourism office.

• Gifts. Guests can leave the gifts at the Customer Service counter at the Tourism office near the Airport Ticket Counters. But most would opt to give the gifts personally to the celebrant or the parents. 

• Merchandise. You cannot bring any customized party supplies/paraphernalia like tarp/banner, t-shirt, giveaways, balloons, or branded materials without prior approval. 

• Food and Beverage. It is strictly prohibited to bring any kind of food and beverage except for kids with special cases.

• Parking. The best place is to park is in the basement of the Park Triangle Mall. You can also park in the open parking along Lane R and Lane D. There’s also a Valet Service positioned at the drop off point of the Park Triangle Mall.

• Party Schedule. You have to advise the time and venue of the party and the snacks. Typically the first 2 hours is for play time then 1 hour for snack time, and the last two hours for play time again.

• Kidz Rule. Only kids aged 4-17 can enter the establishment. Adults can wait outside the establishment to take photos or in the Parent’s Lounge on the 2nd floor. 

• Toddlers. For kids aged 3 years and below, they may enjoy (2) establishments dedicated for them: RZ Play House and the KZ Kindergarten both on the Mezzanine floor.

• Photo/Video. You can bring (1) camera/SLR/phone per person for photos around the play city for personal use. Official photographers can take photos of your kids inside each establishment which you can buy at the exit. For the kids’ safety, Tripods, Monopods, Flash guns, Sliders, Professional, and multiple Lenses with separate lights or studio set-up are not allowed. 


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BRACELET. Each guest will be given a bracelet for tracking, activities, security, and photo tagging. The kids need to be tagged to their adult company or the host of the party. 

This gives you access to the play city. You can enjoy unlimited play for the duration of the shift, Saturdays: 9am to 2pm and 3pm to 8pm, or Sundays: 9am to 5pm.


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KIDZOS. The celebrant gets 100 Kidzos, the official currency of KidZania, while each child visitor gets 50 Kidzos.

You can earn Kidzos by working at establishments, learning a new skill, or earning a degree. It’s best to encourage your kids to earn more Kidzos. You use the Kidzos to play at establishments and buy food from McDonald’s or other merchandise from the department store.


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PAZZPORT. The celebrant gets a complimentary B-Kidzanian membership (P250), which starts from Naturalized Citizen status when you register, moves to Distinguished Citizen with 30 stamps, and Honorable Citizen with 60 stamps. 


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As a CitiZen, you earn 2 extra KidZos per activity, get 5 kidZos off at the Department Store, and 5% discount in the National Store.


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BANK. After the Pazzport Office, go to the BPI Bank to encash your Kidzos check or to withdraw Kidzos if you have an existing KidZania Manila account.


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ATTIRE. Guests are encouraged to wear comfortable clothes or come in costume for the birthday party.

Note: There are establishments like the Stadium that require participants to be in rubber shoes. 

PLAY TIMEFirst two hours  (9am to 11am) 

KidZania Raphael's 7th Birthday Party-15.jpg

The celebrant can go directly to three (3) select establishments. It’s like having a fast pass with his friends, but on a scheduled cycle. 


Cebu Pacific Pilot

It’s recommended to go to the Aviation Academy first to learn to be a pilot or a cabin crew member because this establishment usually has a long line.


KidZania Raphael's 7th Birthday Party-23.jpg

The most interactive of all is the Fire Station where kids get to wear the Fire Fighter uniform, ride a Fire Truck, and even experience extinguishing the fire in a burning hotel.


Yellow Cab Pizza

Our boys love the Yellow Cab pizza shop where they learn to make, cook, and of course, eat their own pizza.


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Finally, the kids can learn to drive at the driving school and get their license so they can drive on the driving street.


PARTY PROPEROne Hour (11am to 12nn)

KidZania Raphael's 7th Birthday Party-18.jpg

The Event Room for the party can be at the Games Room on the Mezzanine Floor or the ABS-CBN Mini-Theater if you upgrade.

Party Program includes:
• Introduction of Family
• Introduction of Celebrant
• Welcoming of Special Guest: RK Urbano (Urbano is the leader of the RightZkeepers)
• Happy Birthday Singing and Blowing of Candles
• Message of the Parents
• Gather all Kids: 3 Games
• Distribution of Loot Bags
• Proceed to Dining Area


KidZania Raphael's 7th Birthday Party-29.jpg

We love the ABS-CBN Mini-Theater setup because the program is hosted by the Celebs team on stage with Rights Keeper Urbano. There’s also a special chair for the celebrant and you can even have a video tribute played on the LED Wall.


KidZania Raphael's 7th Birthday Party-34.jpg

The kids loved the simple party games like Stop Dance, Longest Birthday Greeting, and Bring Me while going up and down the stage.


KidZania Raphael's 7th Birthday Party-39.jpg

After the games, everybody sings a happy birthday song followed by the blowing of the candles by the celebrant.


KidZania Raphael's 7th Birthday Party-57.jpg

The cake is provided by Goldilocks. You can have a fondant cake with advanced notice.


KidZania Raphael's 7th Birthday Party-45.jpg

The program ends with all the guests lining up and giving a special birthday greeting and message to the celebrant.


KidZania Raphael's 7th Birthday Party-59.jpg

Loot Bags are prepared for each guest. These typically contain merchandise from the KidZania department store.


Raphael 360

TIP: This is a great 360-degree photo opportunity with family and friends when everyone is around the birthday cake and the celebrant. 


SNACK TIME | 30 Minutes (12nn to 12.30pm)

KidZania Raphael's 7th Birthday Party-62.jpg

KidZania has three dining venues on the 2nd floor. We liked the Making Friends Cafe best, located on the 2nd floor of the Via Mare Cafeteria.


KidZania Raphael's 7th Birthday Party-63.jpg

We planned for 30 adults with a snack food buffet catered by Via Mare.


KidZania Raphael's 7th Birthday Party-75.jpg

Sotanghon, Pandesal, Barbecue, Lumpia, and Halo-Halo for dessert.


KidZania Raphael's 7th Birthday Party-68.jpg

We also planned for 30 kids, who were given a McDonald’s meal–2 piece chicken, burger, apple pie, and orange juice.


KidZania Raphael's 7th Birthday Party-69.jpg

Raphael and his classmates love every moment they play and eat together. 


KidZania Raphael's 7th Birthday Party-73.jpg

Thank you to the awesome team from KidZania for making this happen!


PLAY TIME | Remaining hours (12.30pm to 2pm, or until 5pm on Sundays)

KidZania Raphael's 7th Birthday Party-78.jpg

By this point, it’s not about which cool establishment to go to anymore, but more of experiencing activities together, like in the Police & C.S.I. establishment.


KidZania Raphael's 7th Birthday Party-83.jpg

They can even learn how to take care of a baby in the Baby Care establishment in the KidZania Hospital.


Century Tuna Marine

Make sure to also check out the Century Tuna Marine Research Lab…


KidZania Raphael's 7th Birthday Party-87.jpg

…or the KidZania Stadium (sponsored by Milo) where kids can play basketball or soccer. 


KidZania Raphael's 7th Birthday Party-86.jpg

Don’t miss the chance to participate or join the festive parade to mark the end of the morning shift at KidZania.


KidZania Raphael's 7th Birthday Party-85.jpg

Raphael was so happy to experience KidZania with his classmates and friends. It’s not everyday they get the chance to be independent.


KidZania Raphael's 7th Birthday Party-90.jpg

You can buy items from the KidZania department store or decide to save the Kidzos for a bigger item in the future.


KidZania Raphael's 7th Birthday Party-91.jpg

Don’t forget the souvenir photos of your kids from their favorite establishments.

Budget about P1,500 for all the digital downloads. Alternatively, you can buy 6 souvenir printed photos with frame for the same amount. 


KidZania Raphael's 7th Birthday Party-48.jpg

EVENT: Raphael Diaz’s 7th Birthday
DATE: February 11 (Saturday)
SHIFT: AM Shift (9am to 2pm)
VENUE: ABS-CBN Theater, KidZania Manila (Party), Making Friends Café (Meals)
GUESTS: 30 Kids | 30 Adults
MEALS: Via Mare Snack Buffet for Adults, McDo Set Meal for Kids


Kool Kals 002

Kool Kals Package – P26,000

Admission Tickets & Food/Bev for 10 kids + 2 adults

Special Play City Experience
Admission tickets for all guests
Unlimited play for the duration of the shift (AM/PM)
50 Kidzos for each child visitor
 Food and beverage (McDo, Yellow Cab or Via Mare)

VIP Treatment for Celebrator
100 Kidzos for the Celebrant
 Complimentary B-Kidzanian membership
Celebrant goes first in line in select three (3) establishments

Party Essentials 
KidZania Themed Birthday Cake (Goldilocks)
 Party Invitation Cards
 Loot Bags for child guests
 Name Tags

Additional Benefits
Express access at the Airport Ticket Counter
• Dedicated Room for meals for (1) one hour

Kid: P1,650 / kid
Adult: P950/ adult
Toddler: P1,250/ toddler

McDonald’s Menu:
 2 piece Chicken McDo with Rice
 Apple Pie
 Bottled Minute Maid

Yellow Cab Menu:
 6″ Pizza (NY Classic/ Hawaiian/ Cheese)
 Half serving of pasta
 Bottled Minute Maid

Kool kals package eDM

We would also love to be part in capturing your life’s milestone! KidZania Manila now offers a chance for you and your family to pose and wear your dream professions and dream theme.
The styling is on us! Enhance your shoot composition with over (60) exciting and thematic establishments only at KidZania Manila.

ENG (Photo & Video Shoot) Package includes:
 Admission and Food for 5pax (all adults)
 Exclusive Use of (3) Establishments of your Choice
 Use of materials, ingredients and costumes for select Estabs
 Chance for exclusive Play to (3) Estabs
 Holding Room for Meals and Shoot Preparation for (5) hours
 Dedicated Lane at our Airport counter for faster Entry
 Events Ops Supervision
 Pre-prod meeting with Suppliers

P15,000 (on a different date)
P7,000 (same date with party)


Kool Kals 001 

Optional Upgrades:
 Use of the ABS-CBN Theater with Program Handling by our Celebs Team – P30,000
 Prices for the (3) Games – P2,500
 RK Appearance: Urbano will be representing the RightZkeepers – P1,500
 Venue and Table Set-up – P1,500
 Balloon Set-up – P2,500


KidZania Raphael's 7th Birthday Party-13.jpg 

KidZania Manila
Park Triangle, 3245 North 11th Avenue BGC, Taguig City, 1634
For kids age four to seventeen years old
Telephone: +632 711-KIDZ (5439)
Instagram: @KidZaniaManila
Twitter: @KidZaniaManila


Live an Awesome Life,



Disclosure: This post was in collaboration with KidZania Manila. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights. 

P.S. It’s actually hard to find the celebrant’s friends and classmates when they are already inside the play city. It’s best if you can tell the parents to arrive before the park opens so that they can go in together as it’s important for the celebrant to enjoy KidZania with his/her friends. 

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