LUCKY PIERROT: Hakodate’s No.1 Burger Chain!

Lucky Pierott Bite into Japan’s best local burger! Food is central to any trip to Hokkaido. Hakodate in Hokkaido may be famed for their fresh seafood and rich salt-ramen, but it’s their unique burger joint serving this juicy and addictive Chinese Chicken Burger that locals and tourists rave about. Lucky Pierrot currently has 17 branches found all over the city. Each restaurant has a unique theme that sets it apart from all the other fast food stores. Did I mention it’s only found in Hakodate? Lucky Pierrot Hakodate-shi Goryokaku-cho 30-14 (Hakodate) Gakkoukoukyo 30-14 Goryokoro Tower Telephone: 0138-55-4424 Opening hours: 10am to 12:30am (1:30 am Sat only) Website: Lucky Pierott We visited Goryokaku’s shop, which was angel-themed (yes, “angel” themed). Opened in 1987, Lucky Pierrot boasts 17 outlets in the Hakodate area, with the owner having no plans of expanding outside the city.   Lucky Pierott Each store has a unique theme, ranging from old movies, Christmas, Disney ladies, Audrey Hepburn, to even Elvis Presley. Fun Fact: Lucky Pierrot has more branches in Hakodate than McDonalds!   menu Their menu is very tourist-friendly–you can just point to the pictures or ask for an English menu. In addition to the burgers, they also have pork cutlets, yogurt, ice cream, curry, and gravy fries.   Lucky Pierott It runs like a fast food joint, you go to the counter to take your order, get a number, then sit and wait for your food to arrive.   Lucky Pierott Chinese Chicken Burger (650 yen + fries and drinks). Lucky Pierott Best Seller! Addictively juicy fried chicken drizzled with sweet-and-spicy sauce with a slight hint of ginger that matches perfectly with the crunchy lettuce. A must-try! One of the reasons the food here tastes so great is that it’s prepared upon order using fresh ingredients. Pair your chicken with their gravy fries that come in a white mug. Tip: A queue is unavoidable. If you don’t want to wait, it is advised to call beforehand and then pick up your order.   Lucky Pierott Omurice (750 yen) Lucky Pierrot’s omurice is HUGE! Yummy fried rice, covered in a thick omelet, with ketchup sauce on top. We heard this is the best omurice in town. It was so tasty, we couldn’t stop scooping for more. But it was too big for us, we could barely finish the whole thing. Best for sharing. 🙂   Lucky Pierott Double Cutlet Don (880 yen) If the omurice was big, the cutlet don is even bigger! A popular Japanese rice bowl topped with deep-fried pork cutlet, egg, and vegetables.   Lucky Pierott Overall, we love Lucky Pierrot for their delicious sweet-spicy sauce, freshly prepared menu items, generous servings, and value-for-money prices. No wonder their fans keep coming back for more! You definitely should come here the next time you find yourself in Hakodate! Lucky Pierrot Hakodate-shi Goryokaku-cho 30-14 (Hakodate) Gakkoukoukyo 30-14 Goryokoro Tower Telephone: 0138-55-4424 Opening hours: 10am to 12:30am (1:30 am Sat only) Website:   Live an Awesome Life,

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Disclosure: Our experience was a project organized by the Hokkaido District Transport Bureau. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights. P.S. They also have unique Hokkaido menu offerings such as the squid burgers, scallop burgers, and a Foot-Long Burgers. If you happen to try them, let me know how they taste like. 🙂 logo

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