BAD BIRD: More Than Just Umami Fried Chicken! @SMMegamall

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BAD BIRD by the Low Brow Casual Restaurant group is the bestselling outlet at Hole in the Wall, Century Mall because of its Umami Fried Chicken. Now, here’s some good news for fans: they have finally opened a standalone Japanese-Korean inspired restaurant at SM Mega Fashion Hall, serving an extended menu of small plates, grilled items, and a new favorite–Prawn Dog.

Check out our experience and recommendations aside from their signature umami fried chicken…

3/F SM Megamall, Mega Fashion Hall, Ortigas, Mandaluyong
Operating Hours: Monday-Sunday: 11am-9pm
Telephone: +632 753-9729
Facebook: Bad Bird
Instagram: @bitebadbird

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BAD BIRD Menu: Small Plates, Fried Chicken, From the Grill, Prawn Dog | Desserts and Drinks

Bad Bird’s ambiance resembles an old government office, with unfinished ceilings and concrete, brutalist architecture designed by Denise Yuson. 



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Small Plates (3 for P180)

Start with banchan-inspired small plates, which are often overlooked in the menu. Here’s what we liked…


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Eggplant Agedashi

Even if you don’t like vegetables, this sweet salty eggplant dish with bonito flakes is guaranteed to satisfy you.


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Dashi Watercress

Our healthy favorite salad of watercress with dashi and bonito flakes.


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Mashed Sweet Potato

A healthier mashed kamote to serve as your replacement carbs. 


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Popcorn with Crispy Fish

The touch of salty crispy fish makes this popcorn addicting. 


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Scallion Pancake

Order these flat pancakes with scallions and dipping sauce for something Korean to start with. 


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Grilled Sesame Caesar

This is a popular small salad dish to start with but the vegetables look tired.


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Pan-fried Fish Cakes

A bit ordinary but this is for those who likes fish ball type starters.


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Order this if you like adding some heat to your meat dishes and fried chicken.




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Mac Salad

Something for the kids. Small tubular macaroni topped with seaweed.


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Melon Popsicle (P260). Vodka, Midori, Melon Puree, Vanilla Foam | Gin Apple Soju Fizz (P230). Gin, Muddled Apple, Soju, Club Soda .

They offer a curated selection of cocktails, but we find them too sweet. 


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You’ll love this Mika Bacani painting of two giant fighting cocks battling it out on top of SM Megamall.



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Corn & Coleslaw Plate (P390). Corn on a stick with Kewpie, Cheese, Bonito, Togarashi/Kimchi Coleslaw.

Their famous double fried umami fried chicken, served with fried corn muffins, kimchi coleslaw, and corn smothered with kewpie mayo and cheese topped with bonito flakes.


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It’s good to eat while its hot and still juicy inside–no need for gravy sauce.


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Sweet Potato Waffles (P110) with Miso Butter, Maple Syrup

These sweet thin kamote waffles are also a good pairing to the umami fried chicken. Add miso butter and maple syrup for that extra creamy sweetness.


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4 pcs. Fried Chicken (P690) + Hush Puppies 

If you eat as a group, order the 4-piece chicken and mix and match the different small plates. 



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Prawn Dog (1 stick – P260). Deep-fried Battered Prawn with Bonito, Katsuoboshi, Nori, and Japanese Mayo.

Another bad bird hit! The prawn is shaped into a hotdog, battered, and then deep fried.


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It is coated with seaweed, bonito flakes, togarashi spice, Japanese mayo, and finished with a sweet black sauce. 



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Bacon-Cut Short Rib (P420) with Mustard BBQ and Hot Steak Sauce

The short rib is cut into thin bacon slices that are sweet and full of flavor. I like the mustard BBQ sauce, which adds a different dimension to this dish. 


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This is the type of dish that you’ll ask extra rice for.  


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Spiced Lamb (P350)

The spiced lamb is served on two skewers. Its so flavorful, no sauce is needed. 

Most of the grilled items are served with sliced Korean pear, scallions, and sayote tops for presentation.


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Pepper Steak (P480) with Chimichurri and Ginger sauce

For something meaty, order the pepper steak, also served on two skewers. The taste of pepper can be too strong for some so it’s good to balance it with the chimichurri or the ginger sauce.  


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Congratulations to the Charles Paw, Dwight Co, and the Low Brow group for a successful Bad Bird restaurant concept!


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Overall, we love this spin-off Bad Bird Japanese-Korean restaurant concept that serves more than just their famed Umami Fried Chicken.

We like that you can mix and match their small plate options with the chicken. I recommend the Agedashi EggplantDashi Watercress, and the Mashed Sweet Potato.

Also, if you don’t like fried, you at least have grilled meat options. Our favorite is the Bacon-Cut Short Rib, followed by the Spiced Lamb skewer. We hope they can add other seafood options besides the squid.

Lastly, don’t leave without trying the Prawn Dog. Skip the cocktails and the dessert. Budget about P600/head.

Definitely a must-try concept in SM Mega Fashion Hall this 2017!


3/F SM Megamall, Mega Fashion Hall, Ortigas, Mandaluyong
Operating Hours: Monday-Sunday: 11am-9pm
Telephone: +632 753-9729
Facebook: Bad Bird
Instagram: @bitebadbird

Live an Awesome Life,



Disclosure: Our meal was courtesy of our friend, Charles Paw. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights. 

P.S. Avoid the long waiting time during the peak dinner and lunch hours. 

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  1. Sorry but the Prawndog is a rip-off. Its too expensive at 260 pesos a piece considering its batter on the first bite (remember Angel’s Burger commercial).

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