Kodanda Archery Range: Today is the day you take that shot!

Going to an Archery Range for the first time can be an overwhelming experience for anybody. It’s a new and fast-paced environment that requires you to go full-on right away, but once you get the hang of things, your body will keep on wanting more.


The name Kodanda is a Hindu Sanskrit word for “He who has a Bow”. It was inspired by Hindu mythology that tells the story of The Great Rama who has a bow named Kodanda.

Kodanda Archery Range
2F Cyber & Fashion Mall, Eastwood City, Libis
Branches: BF Homes, Makati Square, MOA
Hours/Days: 11am-9pm/Mon-Sun
Mobile: 0942 425 0298

Kondanda Archery Range is a new indoor archery range built for beginners and professionals alike who want to have some fun. Located in the heart of Eastwood City, the new Range caters to guests interested in trying out and experiencing a new sport.

At first glance, the place itself looks a bit small, but it can actually accommodate up to 7 shooters simultaneously.

Price starts at P590 per hour with instructors, equipment rental, safety gears, target paper, and unlimited arrows per session.

Every participant is issued a standard wooden Bow that varies in length and size, depending on your height and arm reach. Before you start, make sure you get the perfect sized bow and don’t hesitate to consult your instructor.

Along with the bow, you’ll also be given a Quiver. A quiver is a small belt bag used to hold your arrows next to you for easy access. A maximum of 6 arrows at a time are given to each participant per session.

A Finger Tab and Arm Guard are also issued to help prevent scratches from improper posture and/or constant shooting.

Safety is their number one priority, so everyone has to go through a short tutorial about proper shooting, posture, and handling of the bow. Don’t worry, the instructors will calibrate the bow for you every now and then to help you with your shooting.

Did I mention that all the instructors were once college varsity shooters? No pressure! 🙂


Once everyone is ready, shooters will be asked to stay in line together and fire on the instructor’s command.


Nock! (Load your bow with an arrow)


Draw! (Pull the string towards your chin and aim)


Loose! (Release the string and pray hard that you hit that target)


From this point onwards everyone will fire at their own pace until they finish all their six arrows. Soon after they finish, archers are required to place their bow back in the rack and wait till everyone has fired their last arrow.


Once everyone is done shooting, a signal will be given for shooters to retrieve their arrows from the target board.


Not bad for my first try!


Eventually, the instructors will move the targets further (5m, 7m, 10m) so you can challenge yourself and improve on your proficiency.


Archery is a sport wherein determination and patience is key. Practice makes perfect, so constant shooting will eventually make you shoot better.


Archery is the practice or skill of using a bow to shoot arrows, and at Kodanda you will be taught the basics of proper posture and smart shooting.


It was our first time shooting, and the crew at Kodanda was very nice and helpful. They offered tips and made sure that our basic posture, gears, and bow settings are always correct. Also, the equipment are very well-maintained.


Archery is one of the oldest and toughest sports, and is often a symbol of precision and strength. But in modern culture, it has gained a reputation for being an easy game. It may look easy at first, but when you actually try it, you can feel the stress building up especially in your arms and chest.


Overall, we loved our hour-long session at Kolanda, and we think that an hour is more than enough for beginners. The venue is a little bit small, but we really enjoyed the place and would definitely be back.

Kodanda Archery Range
2F Cyber & Fashion Mall, Eastwood City, Libis
Branches: BF Homes, Makati Square, MOA
Hours/Days: 11am-9pm/ Mon-Sun
Mobile: 0942 425 0298

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Disclosure: Our archery session was courtesy of Kodanda Archery Range. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights. 

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