FOOD HIVE: What to Eat at the Yummiest Food Park in Quezon City?!

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THE FOOD HIVE is hailed by foodies as one of the best food parks in Quezon City, with unique offerings from award-winning young chefs and first-time food entrepreneurs! 

I love the overall vibe of the food park. You can feel the passion of each chef and entrepreneur when you taste their dishes. It’s reminiscent of the vibe we created in Mercato.


 We tried all the stalls and met with all the purveyors. Here’s our guide to our favorites at The Food Hive…

80 Visayas Avenue, Brgy. Vasra, Diliman, Quezon City (Near QC Circle)
Telephone: +632 944-6423
Mobile: +63 977 457-4552
Operating Hours: 11.00 am – 12.00 mn.
Facebook: TheFoodHivePhilippines
instagram: @thefoodhive

Food Hive1

The 620-sqm food park is anchored by two (2) high ceiling restaurants with loft and full-length glass panel windows…

Food Hive11
…ground floor al fresco dining ambiance with eleven (11) food & drink stalls…


Food Hive9
…and a roof deck to drink the night away. 



YORDANOVI by Chef Plamen Yordanov

Yordanovi 3

★ The Baby Wolf (P449). An all meat platter consisting of 1 kyufte, 1 kebapche, 1 sausage, 1 Bulgarian BBQ, and red wine marinated pork liver, all grilled to perfection.

This is the only place you can eat authentic Bulgarian food in Manila, made from the freshest meats and cooked with a Bulgarian attitude. 


Yordanovi 1

Yordanovi is voted as the #1 stall in Food Hive. It’s worth driving all the way to Quezon City to get a taste of Chef Plamen’s food.


Yordanovi 2

🍽 Yordanovi Menu

Plamen Yordanov’s ardent and refined love for enjoying good eats fires up his passion for bringing food back to the root. Back to a time when tomatoes needed for salads, sauces, or dips meant going out back and picking the two biggest, ripest fruits from the vine, relying simply on their freshness and fine taste to bring out the most authentic flavors. Bringing the unique flavors of Bulgarian cuisine for the first time in the Philippines, Plamen’s Yordanovi Bulgarian Restaurant offers authentic, fresh, homemade, and handcrafted dishes using only fresh ingredients. For starters, Yordanovi’s Kebapche, the Bulgarian version of the world-famous Kebab is something to lust after, the three scoops of potato salad just rounds up this culinary perfection.

Visit Facebook @YordanoviBulgarian   Instagram @yordanovibulgarian



La Carnita 1

Grilled Nachos a la Bomba (P195). Nacho Chips topped with Grilled Cheddar Shavings, Mozzarella Strings, La Carnita Cheese Sauce, Mexican Beef, Refried Beans, and Cucumber Salsa.

The best nachos I’ve tasted with oozing 3-cheese toppings of cheddar, mozzarella, and secret cheese sauce, created by Aiza Mesina.


La Carnita 2

🍽 La Carnita Menu

Literally the Spanish for little meats, La Carnita lets the flavor of its dishes speak for them. Now, authenticity will never bode well with any dish within Mexican Cuisine as the flavors vary from region to region, but La Carnita delivers a flavor-packed snack in their Nachos a la Bomba, the world’s first ever grilled nachos. Imagine, a plate of premium tortilla chips oozingly covered with a mouthwatering combination of Ground Beef, cheddar shavings and signature cheese sauce grilled to bubbling perfection. This blast-in-your-mouth goodness is made even better with cucumber salsa, creamy cilantro sauce, and chili el bomba.

Visit Facebook @lacarnitaph   Instagram @lacarnitaph




★ Crabonara (P250). Pappare Bacon, Crab Claw Meat, Crab Fat with 63-degree Egg.

We love the creaminess of this reinvented carbonara with aligue, crab meat, and soft egg sauce on top of freshly made pasta served on an innovative cone take out container. 


Pappare 2

Chef Jem Tee is one of the young chefs to watch out for. We love her Manila x Little Italy x Chinatown approach to her stall.

(Trivia: Pappare {pap-pah-reh} (v) LUMAMON; to gobble up; to devour; to eat hungrily.)


Pappare 7

🍽 Pappare Ristoranti Menu

Experience a feast with Chef Jarina Gem Tee’s eclectic blend of flavors from the diverse dining scene of Manhattan. Serving pasta in a cone, Pappare Ristoranti’s CRABonara, their own rendition of the cream-based Italian classic that’s made with crab claw meat, crab fat, homemade bacon, 63-degree egg all whipped with hand-pulled noodles and served in a cone can convince anyone to literally gobble up pasta. Their Panini de Porchetta pork belly perfectly prepared Lechon-style and stuffed in a freshly baked and specially marked brioche just screams love at first bite. 

Visit Facebook @PapparePH   Instagram @pappareph



Wing Father 3

★ Aligue Wings (P230) with kesong puti aioli.

Chef Luigi Muhlach’s creation of Aligue Wings paired with Kesong Puti Aioli is perfect for those looking for in-your-face umami flavors in your wings. 


Wing Father 1

For garlic lovers, the Boy Bawang Wings are perfect if you’re looking for a garlic assault to your senses.

The Wing Father and the Fry Mafia stall is run by father and daughter duo of Erville and Justin Magtubo. Congrats!


Wing Father 5

🍽 Wing Father and the Fry Mafia Menu

Finding his piece de resistance in the flavorful world of Culinary Arts, Chef Luigi Muhlach’s renditions of familiar, homey flavors seriously redefines delicious. Characterized by Chef Luigi’s lavish use of ingredients, Wingfather and the Fry Mafia sets to take over the taste buds with Capone, Crab-Fat-Flavored Chicken wings named after the greatest mastermind in the history of organized crime. Adorned with fame and notoriety as the iconic American Gangster, the delicate but edgy flavors of Crab Fat (Aligue) covering pieces of golden brown, succulent chicken wings is dangerously delicious. It may sound overboard, but the Kesong Puti sauce is an adventurous complement that simply makes the treat comforting and splendid in every bite.

Visit Facebook @wingfather   Instagram @wingfathermnl



Goat Sisig

Goat Sisig (P285)

If you love goat, check out the goat sisig creation made from goat meat and skin mixed with mayo and chili, perfectly paired with San Miguel beer.


Goatcha 6

Congrats to startup food entrepreneur couple Sonny and Tina del Rosario for a winning goat stall concept.


Goatcha 2

🍽 Goatcha Menu

For lamb lovers out there, Goatcha is definitely a dining destination. Goatcha is the only premium gourmet restaurant in Metro Manila specializing in goat meat. While they offer the rich taste of the iconic Adobo among a myriad of dishes that include Kilawin, Sisig, and Sinampalukan, Goatcha brings a welcoming change to local comfort food using premium goat meat with a farm-to-table approach in a friendly, neighborhood concept. If not for the distinct daring taste of goat, Goatcha gives more reasons to enjoy the celebrated meat: as a potent source of Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA), a family of linoleic acids that inhibit inflammatory conditions and various forms of cancer.

Visit Facebook @goatcha1 




Oyster Motoyaki (P215) and Tuna Tofu Pocket (P255)

Hamaru is a standalone modern Japanese restaurant by Chef Niño Laus, famous for its modern Japanese food and hip (air-conditioned) environment perfect for special occasions or an intimate date.


Hamaru 2

🍽 Hamaru Yakitori & Sushi Menu 

Cross-cultural culinary mash-ups have had a long, rich history and when talking about such blending of different cooking techniques with diverse flavor profiles, Chef Niño Laus’ clever and inventive approach immediately comes to mind. Taking culinary arts in both the literal and figurative sense, Chef Niño is known for the aesthetic freedom and the creative twists he applies to basically every concept he gets his hands on. From conceptualizing appetizers, main courses, desserts, up to whipping up custom drinks, the brave and bold flavors of Chef Niño’s culinary creations simply does all the talking for him. His insanely delectable concepts for Hamaru はまる – Yakitori & Sushi accurately showcases his penchant for crafting masterpieces from different culinary traditions.

Visit Facebook @HamaruPH   Instagram @hamaruph



Smoke Shack 2

Halfslab Ribs + 2 sides (P350) with Java Rice and Macaroni & Cheese (Serves 2).

A food park isn’t complete without really good smoked meats. We recommend Bab and Boy’s Hickory BBQ and Chili smoked ribs.


Smoke Shack 3

Congrats to partners Raphael Paulino and Shella Delideli for opening your first food venture!


Smoke Shack 1

🍽 Bab & Boy’s Smoke Shack Menu 

For all the meat-lovers out there, Bab & Boy’s Smokeshack’s slew of superb, perfectly smoked ribs will just bring out the carnivore within. While there are restaurants already known or famous for ribs, the peeps at Bab & Boy’s indulges with succulent back ribs in different ways; either have it drenched in their signature barbecue sauce or the choice of garlic, hickory barbecue, chili, or beer infused flavors. They can even go with everything they’ve got with five (5) of their signature flavors in one slab. Enjoy it with flavored fries, shepherd’s pie, and good old fashioned rice, or it can be ripped apart over an ice-cold bottle of beer.

Visit Facebook @Bnbsmokeshack   Instagram @babandboys



Blaze 3

Blazing Sisig (P200)

If sisig is the next big thing according to Anthony Bourdain, then check out this Blazing Sisig by Chef Ed Bugia, perfect for that sisig food porn photo.


Blaze 1

🍽 Blaze Flaming Sizzlets Menu

Call it a very fortunate happenstance, a simple coincidence, or whatever it is people call it these days, but the day Chef Edward Bugia picked up a flyer and decided to enroll at what is now the esteemed Global Culinary & Hospitality Academy marked the beginning of his startling love affair with food. Almost a decade after that historic day, Chef Edward Bugia’s pursuit of Culinary Knowledge and his unrelenting quest to share New Flavor Palettes remains evident in Blaze Flaming Sizzlers’ Blazing Sisig with Cheese and Chicken Skin, a sumptuous celebration of harmony and diversity served ablaze.

Visit Facebook @blazeflamingsizzlers 



Po Bo 3

Bulgogi Kimchi Fries (P150) and Red Cabbage Dog (P150)

If you’re looking for gourmet fries and hot dogs, check out Po.Bo by Chef Rosebud Benitez and Gourmet Hotdogs by Chef Jonah Trinidad.


Po Bo 1

🍽 Po.Bo Menu

You may have seen her in various television programs or cooking demos but behind the glitz and glamour of the limelight is Chef Rosebud Benitez’s passion for cooking highlighted by an undying addiction to cheese. Her awesome signature concept for Potato Bomb, or Po-Bo for short, just amazes the palate with Breaded and Deep Fried Mashed Potato covered in big-hearted servings of ground beef, corn kernels, caramelized onions and enslaving cheese sauce. All that chock full of savory goodness served with her disarming smile makes for an explosive treat overflowing with deliciousness.

Whether it’s mashed, deep fried, or covered in cheese and other amazing toppings, Potato Bomb celebrates everyone’s love for potatoes with a new, mind-blowing way to enjoy the classic spuds: Take a soft, creamy, and satisfying mashed potato. Fry it. Smother it with everything you can think of: meat, veggies, spices, and addictive cheese sauce. It becomes something else: your creamy, mushy dish suddenly becomes a chock full of savory goodness exploding in your mouth. It becomes “Da Bomb!”

Venture to new, tasty exploits and let Chef Jonah Trinidad be your travel guide to the world’s most renowned culinary traditions. His keen sense of taste and charming personality turn the Gourmet Hotdog Sandwiches from Po-Bo to an instant celebration of familiar flavors from different parts of the world stuffed in a meaty treat. 

Visit Facebook @poboPH   Instagram @poboph




Bubble Wrap 4

Dessert Bubble Wrap (P155)

Bubble Wraps’ sweet and savory bubble waffle creations are as good as the ones from Hong Kong.


Bubble Wrap 5

🍽 Bubble Wraps Menu

Bringing the bubble-shaped-waffle-craze is barely a new idea, especially in a country like the Philippines. But Bubble Wraps introduces a fresh idea with a perfect mix of savory, comfort food wonderfully created with high-quality ingredients, made to be enjoyed by everyone. What makes them unique is their tireless effort of continuously working on different flavors to delight foodies with different tastes and preferences. Beyond their insanely delicious servings of sweet-tooth indulgent goodies, their Bubble Wraps Crispy breaded chicken covered in Mozzarella and Cheddar Cheese is a tasty treat to cure savory cravings.

Visit Facebook @BubbleWrapsPH Instagram @bubblewrapsph



Mozafrio 6

Regular Frappe (P125) or Freak Frappe (P175)

Mozafrió has the most magical and fun Frappes and Milk Tea for kids and adults. 


Mozafrio 3

🍽 Mozafrio Menu

The idea of cold, blended coffee whipped up upon ordering it is already sensational as it is, but Mozafrio takes it to freaky levels with awesome, locally-sourced goodies from cream-filled chocolate sandwiches, chocolate chip cookies, brownies, nata de coco, tapioca pearls, coffee jelly, mammon tostado, wafer sticks, and cotton candy, adding more dazzle to their already amazing menu of frappes, smoothies, and milk teas. Just to share how far they’re willing to go to leave frappe fanatics breathless, their Solana, a tasty combination of salty and sweet caramel with special ground coffee and cream is topped with whipped cream and caramel drizzle. If that’s not over-the-top enough, they also let customers create their own drink, however, they want it.

Visit Facebook @mozafriomanila or instagram @mozafriomanila



Cool Juan 4
Kwatro Kantos (P165). Gin Pomelo Sorbetes.

Cool Juans’ liquid nitrogen ice cream sundaes come in classic Pinoy flavors: Gin Pomelo, Ice Scramble, and more!  


Cool Juan 2

🍽 Cool Juans Menu

The former television editor turned chef, baker, and entrepreneur all rolled into one has a few tricks up his sleeve. His imaginative culinary aesthetics combined with his theatrical taste brings back a lot of childhood memories with Cool Juans’ Iskrambolan, a highly enslaving sweet treat reminiscent of the ice scramble. While not exactly made from the same ingredients, Chef Wado takes it up a notch with ice scramble flavored ice cream, polvoron on the side, and lavish toppings of chocolate sauce, candy sprinkles, milk powder, and mini mallows. This mouthwatering awesomeness can be enjoyed either on a liquid nitrogen bath or on their signature Hokkaido Bun.

Visit Facebook @cooljuans   Instagram @cooljuans




Juicifi 5

★ Lemonade Series (Grande P94, Torre P115)

Juicifi’s freshly-squeezed beverages combine citrus and creamy in the most wonderful ways!


Juicifi 2

🍽 Juicifi Menu

Juicifi’s mind-blowing approach to drinks brings life and flavor that really brings back the “refresh” to refreshment. 

Visit Facebook  Instagram @juicifi



Pixel Stop 8
Bel Ale Amber/Gold/Cherry Belgian Craft Beer (P80/bottle or P399 5+1 Promo)

And what better way to end an evening than with Pixel Stop’s award-winning cocktails and Cherry and Mango Belgian craft beers!


Pixel Stop 4

🍽 Pixel Stop Menu

Whether its 8-bit, 16-bit, or 256-bit, everyone just loves video games, that paired with some ice cold beers or an evening of drinks with friends is just heavenly. The ultimate experience, however, lies in knowing that there’s a hangout joint that allows both worlds to collide in one awesome experience. Pixel Stop, a video game-themed bar that serves a plethora of brewed and concocted beverages while offering three generations of gaming consoles. Aside from the standard menu of local and international beer flavors including specially crafted Belgian Ale, they also whip up specialty cocktails inspired and influenced by the most iconic video game titles of all me. Their Donkey Kong proves to be a crowd favorite boasting an award-winning combination of Bacardi Gold, Muscovado Syrup, Coconut Water, Apple Cider Vinegar, Beer, and Bitters. Like Nintendo’s legendary video game franchise, Pixel Stop’s tribute is meant to be enjoyed by different generations over and over. 

Visit Facebook @pixelstopmnl   Instagram @pixelstopmnl 




Overall, what makes this food park awesome is the happy camaraderie of the young chefs and first time food entrepreneurs that you can taste in their innovative food creations.

I recommend starting with appetizers of Grilled Nachos a la BombaBoy Bawang and Aligue Wings, and Goatcha Sisig. For main course, order Yordanovi’s Bulgarian Meat Platters, Chef Jem Tee’s Crabonara, and Bab and Boy’s Smoked Ribs. Don’t forget to end with Bel Ale’s Belgian Cherry and Mango Craft Beers!

On other nights, if you feel like eating Japanese in a hip setting, Hamaru is perfect to for that air-con ambiance but still with an al fresco option.

Budget about P500/head. Parking is limited along Visayas Avenue so best to go early for dinner.

The Food Hive hype is real! Congrats to all the food purveyors that made this happen!


80 Visayas Avenue, Brgy. Vasra, Diliman, Quezon City, The Food Hive
Telephone: +632 944-6423
Mobile: +63 977 457-4552
Operating Hours: 11.00 am – 12.00 mn.
Facebook: TheFoodHivePhilippines
instagram: @thefoodhive


Live an Awesome Life,



Disclosure: Our meal was courtesy of our friend Spanky and the Food Hive. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights. 

P.S. Cheers to our batch mate Reymont Choachuy for the successful Food Hive concept! Animo!

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