Cha Cha’s Boracay: The Best Breakfast Buffet in Boracay?!

Cha Cha's Cha Cha’s breakfast buffet will get you all excited! With an extensive spread, you’ll find not your everyday breakfast items like their signature ube champurrado, breakfast pizzas, waffles in ube sauce, a batchoy noodle station, and an egg station serving 65-degree soft boiled eggs along with eggs benedict. They also have healthy breakfast options perfect to keep your body fit and beach ready with fresh fruits, house-made yogurt, hummus, and overnight oats to name a few. Or since it’s a vacation, why not cheat a little and make those breakfast endings sweeter with yummy donuts, cakes, and pies!   Cha Cha's The best part is that Chef Kalel Chan of Raintree restaurants along with Chef Romy Aumentado and Chef Gilbert Ramos love to evolve and play, around with the menu by changing it six times a week, so there’s always something new to look forward to before starting the day. CHA CHA’S beach cafe is located inside locally owned Coast Boutique Hotel along station 2 of the vibrant Boracay Island. Besides the awesome beachfront view, the menu and interiors compliment the tropical fun beach vibe. Here’s what to expect in Cha Cha’s breakfast buffet…   CHA CHA’S BORACAY Coast Hotel, Station 2 Beach Front, Brgy. Balabag, Malay, Boracay Island, Aklan, Philippines Contact: +63 36 288.2634 Website: Facebook: RaintreeChaChas Cha Cha's Located on the beachfront of the energetic station 2 of Boracay.   Cha Cha's Beach-inspired decorated with quirky, colorful accents filled with feel good music make out this laid-back setting that’s just right for the summer.   Cha Cha's The painted white walls remind me of a tropical Miami vibe.   Cha Cha's The buffet area might look a bit small, but you’ll be surprised with their unique selection of unconventional breakfast items.   Cha Cha's Start your day with their drinks- pandan juice, four seasons, fresh milk, chocolate milk and freshly brewed coffee upon order.   Cha Cha's For something healthy. We liked their fresh fruits, house made mango & blueberry yogurt, garden salad and overnight oats with banana chips.   Cha Cha's Who says champorado has to be just chocolate? You must try their raved about signature ube (yam) champurrado topped with salty dried fish or tuyo. I love the flavor, consistency and creamy texture that melts in your mouth.   Cha Cha's Freshly baked bread and pita that you can pair with their pumpkin hummus.   Cha Cha's They have a unique selection of house-made jams and spreads that I’m curious to try on my next visit –bacon orange marmalade, malunggay moringa butter, and pineapple-coconut cream cheese.   Cha Cha's Since Boracay is near Iloilo, they have a make your own batchoy station. A savory soup served with egg noodles called miki, topped with fried garlic, crushed chicharon, scallions, slivers of pork meat, intestines, and liver, and for the finishing touch–a spoonful of bone marrow. But I find their batchoy to be just so-so.   Cha Cha's Have you’re named signed on their creative pancakes and drizzle it with their crowd favorite the ube (yam) ganache. Or try something savory this time with their cheddar and jalapeno waffles – buttery, cheesy, with a little kick.   Cha Cha's Fluffy American-style pancakes piled high with scrambled eggs and sausage patties.   Cha Cha's The main dishes are mostly classic Pinoy staples like beef tapa and Spanish style bangus in olive oil. The tapas were different from the crumbly kind we are used to, their version is thinly sliced and a bit sweet.   Cha Cha's A cereal station for the kids…   Cha Cha's Fresh from the oven they serve stone-fired breakfast pizza topped with cheese, bacon, chives and a sunny side-up egg in the middle. Light, airy with a crunchy crust.   Cha Cha's Raise your eggspectations! They serve eggs any way you like from sunny side up, scrambled, hard boiled, even soft boiled eggs in 65-degrees.   1 The smoked bacon and potato & squash hash brown were also a treat!   Cha Cha's The best part about this breakfast is the dessert!   Cha Cha's Choosing which one to try is hard when they all look and sound so yummy! There’s doughnuts, strawberry crumb bars, oreo cookies, fruit loops pie, bombolini and housemade blueberry pop tarts.   Cha Cha's They also serve breakfast ala carte, besides their signature ube champurrado try their Winner Winner Fried Chicken. Juicy chicken with waffles that were delightfully crisp, rich and fluffy paired with their chili honey and white gravy that really hits the spot.   Cha Cha's And for lunch, order the poke bowls. This simple savory bowl uses fresh spiced salmon and tuna with fresh cucumber, avocado, and seaweed on the side.   Cha Cha's Overall, we love Cha Cha’s beach cafe. The breakfast was very well thought of and creative, it has a little something for everyone that caters to different nationalities. The price is also affordable for Boracay rate. A regular meal would cost around P475 depending on your food and drink consumption. While the breakfast buffet is P550+ for adults and P300+ for kids.   CHA CHA’S BORACAY Coast Hotel, Station 2 Beach Front, Brgy. Balabag, Malay, Boracay Island, Aklan, Philippines Contact: +63 36 288.2634 Website: Facebook: RaintreeChaChas   Live an Awesome Life,

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ABI of Team Our Awesome Planet Disclosure: Our breakfast was courtesy of  Cha Cha’s. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights. P.S. The drinks are also worth a try! Cha Cha's

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