OGETSU HIME: Elevating the Authentic Japanese Experience @SMMegaMall

by Monique Tendencia



Ogetsu Hime aims to offer only the best authentic Japanese dishes in the Metro. They import the freshest catch regularly from Tsukiji Market, and the world’s rarest Matsusaka beef is given the treatment and attention it deserves.

For the longest time, Ogetsu Hime has had its lone branch in SM Aura. Now, they have finally opened their doors in SM Megamall to serve the Ortigas crowd.

Here’s what to expect and what we think about Ogetsu Hime…

3F, Mega Fashion Hall
Telephone: +632 470-8241, 637-7510 
Mobile: +63 917 576 2377 
Instagram: @ogetsuhime
Facebook: OgetsuHime
Operating Hours:
Mon – Fri Lunch is 11 am- 3pm
Mon-Fri Dinner is 5 pm – 9:45 pm
Sat & Sun – 11 am up to 9:45 pm

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Ogetsu Hime is located on the 3rd Floor of Mega Fashion Hall, right beside the NBA Store and Mighty Quinn’s.



OGETSU HIME Menu: Special Rolls | MakimonoSashimi | Nigiri Sushi | Temaki | Table Cooking, Simmered Dishes, Rice Box Dishes | Teppanyaki, Ishiyaki | Robatayaki | Tempura, Agemono | Gyoza, Tofu, Appetizers, Chawan, and Rice

There is a very distinct and expensive feel to the restaurant.


There’s a sushi bar for diners who prefer a more casual setting or those who like to eat alone.



The fresh catch is on display, ready for serving to the customers.




Hamachi/Japanese Yellowtail (Regular Price 940/Half Price ₱470)

The hamachi had just the right amount of fat to it. The serving size was quite a mouthful though.



Hotategai/Hokkaido Giant Scallops (Regular Price 940/Half Price ₱470)

I liked this a lot! A single piece offers a pure yet rich burst of flavor of the sea, contrasted by the smooth texture of the scallop.

I tried both sashimi in various ways: 1) plain, 2) with a squeeze of lemon, 3) with a squeeze of lemon and dipping sauce, and 4) with a hint of wasabi and dipping sauce. I liked it best just plain.

Note: All servings of their sashimi come with a side of tartare–the sashimi is finely chopped and drizzled with a bit of sauce.




Otoro Sushi/Japanese Premium Bluefin Tuna Belly (Regular Price 1,270/Half Price ₱635)

This tuna belly is best eaten without any dipping sauce as it takes away from the richness and fattiness of the fish. This cut of the tuna belly is the chef’s signature style.



Engawa Sushi/Japanese Halibut (Regular Price 630/Half Price ₱315)

Japanese halibut with a slightly sweet glaze on top. The taste of the glaze was more apparent than that of the fish.



Amaebi Sushi/Hokkaido Sweet Shrimp (Regular Price 500/Half Price ₱250)

This was a pleasant break from the local shrimps we’re used to, which are often more mild in flavor. This was sweet and rich.


SEIRO (Simmered Dishes)


A5 Grade Matsusaka Beef (Regular Price 2,810/Half Price ₱1,405)

Served in a wooden box and slowly steamed over a low fire right in front of you. The attention to detail involved in this dish is impeccable.

Best to wait for a few minutes for the fire to slowly go out, then enjoy your freshly-steamed beef and vegetables.



Dip the beef in the steak sauce and savor its melt-in-your-mouth goodness. It looks simple, but it’s a menu item you shouldn’t miss out on.



Don’t forget the vegetables hiding underneath the meat! The quality is just as good.




The chef starts the Teppanyaki course by preparing all the ingredients and serving all the dipping sauces beforehand.



The course begins with a welcome fire, and the theatrics continue throughout the rest of the meal.



A5 Grade Matsusaka Beef  (Regular Price 5,160 per slab/Half Price ₱2,805)

The highlight of our meal was the Matsusaka beef. Look at that marbling! Rated higher than Wagyu and Kobe, this is Japan’s most expensive beef.

Matsusaka beef has to come from a female black cow and has to be less than three years old to be given a rating.



Served medium rare, it is seasoned with just salt and pepper to show respect for the quality of the beef. A bite into this morsel justifies its hefty price tag–you don’t even have to chew it as it is so buttery and just melts in your mouth. 



Japanese Kaki/Oyster (₱790)

The oysters are the creamy and sweet kind, not the salty ones you usually get from other seafood places. These are huge and the flavor just bursts in your mouth when you take a bite.



Matsusaka Chahan (₱250/bowl)

Ogetsu Hime also has some menu items that veer away from the authentic Japanese theme. This Matsusaka Chahan is their house special fried rice with bits of Matsusaka beef and chopped vegetables.




Chawan Mushi (Steamed Egg Custard) (₱110)

Ogetsu Hime’s Chawan Mushi has a hint of yuzu that cuts through the milky flavor profile of the steamed egg.



Ebi Tempura (₱370)

Just your standard Ebi tempura, albeit larger than what you get in most restaurants.



Uni Tempura (₱210)

Don’t miss out on the fresh uni wrapped in nori and fried tempura-style. It’s their unique take on the uni that’s always served in a ball or on bed of rice.



Gindara Teriyaki/Broiled Japanese Silver Cod (Regular Price 1,250/Half Price ₱625)

We loved this! The gindara was tender, buttery, and not flaky at all. I’m normally the type of person who doesn’t order fish in restaurants, but this has made me reconsider.




We ended our meal with a refreshing bowl of fresh fruits.



The chef ended our teppanyaki course with a closing fire and a note on the grill.




We had a great experience at Ogetsu Hime. They live up to their standard of authenticity by regularly flying in their ingredients and serving only the best. The teppanyaki chef was entertaining and made sure we enjoyed our food. 

I recommend trying their A5 Grade Matsusaka Beef Teppanyaki, Gindara Teriyaki, Hamachi Sashimi, Uni Tempura, and Chawan Mushi.

If you prefer their premium items, the budget is at Php 4,000/head for two. For their regular menu items, the budget is at Php 1,000/head for two. 



Ogetsu Hime now has a membership card that always entitles the bearer to a 50% discount on select premium and other “Best of Japan” food items.

The Ogetsu Hime Gold Card is offered to diners after their meal, and they can automatically use the card for their next visit. The best part is that there’s no minimum purchase required!



Thank you to our Chefs who lovingly prepared all the dishes. (L-R) Chef Bong Taruc who prepared our teppanyaki, and Japanese master chefs Isao Takada and Kiminori Iwabuchi.

Congratulations to Ogetsu Hime on their new branch!

3F, Mega Fashion Hall
Telephone: +632 470-8241, 637-7510 
Mobile: +63 917 576 2377 
Instagram: @ogetsuhime
Facebook: OgetsuHime
Operating Hours:
Mon – Fri Lunch is 11 am- 3pm
Mon-Fri Dinner is 5 pm – 9:45 pm
Sat & Sun – 11 am up to 9:45 pm

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Live an Awesome Life,



Disclosure: Our experience was courtesy of Ogetsu Hime. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights. 

P.S. Ogetsu Hime is running a 50% off promo on their Japan’s Best items until October 15, 2017!


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