The Big Crunch Fry & Shake Chicken Project (Photo Essay)

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The new Big Crunch Fry & Shake is not only a breading mix for chicken, it’s also a flavor mix. We rarely fry our food, but we decided to try this since we’ve also been looking for easy recipes to cook at home and improve our baon options for the boys.

Here’s a photo essay of our Big Crunch Fry & Shake Chicken Project, which you can also try at home…

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There are three (3) flavors you can choose from–Sour Cream & Onion, Cheese, and Smoked BBQ. We just followed the 3-step cooking instructions and added a few cooking enhancements of our own.


Step #1: Wash 1/2 kg meat, pat dry, and coat with Golden Fiesta Big Crunch Breading Mix.


We just coated the raw chicken with the breading mix. There’s no need to marinate unless you’re using big cuts of white meat. My wife prefers marinating with a little salt and pepper.


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The breading mix is good for three (3) leg and thigh chicken cuts. It’s best to cut these into smaller portions.


Step #2. Fry until golden brown. Remove excess oil and place fried meat inside SHAKER BAG.

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Fry the chicken in oil be careful of the splatter so just do your ninja moves to avoid getting burnt. 🙂


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Fry the chicken until it has a beautiful golden brown color, which takes a few minutes. 


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Let the meat rest and remove the excess oil before putting in the flavor mix. 


Step #3. Add FLAVOR MIX and SHAKE! Serve hot and enjoy!


Make sure to put the chicken in the shaker plastic bag that comes with the pack first before adding the flavor mix.


 Fry & Shake-67.jpg

The BBQ flavor was good, but our favorite was the cheese flavor. We were even fighting over each cheesy piece. 


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My son said that the flavors are like popcorn and that they’re super good! I’m glad that our boys approve of this.


Live an Awesome Life,



Disclosure: This post is a collaboration with Big Crunch Fry & Shake by Nutri-Asia Philippines. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights. 

P.S. After frying, we placed the chicken inside the turbo broiler to let the oil drip and cook the meat a bit more.

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