Atmosphere Resort: Taking Sustainable Cooking to the Next Level in Dumaguete!


Atmosphere Resort is a multi-award winning luxury resort nestled on the coast of Dauin near Dumaguete, Philippines.  

The first-class resort is known for its excellent location, excellent service, excellent staff, and most importantly, excellent food. 

They embrace sustainability as a business practice, which is evident in the way they run their kitchen. The food here is some of the best resort food we’ve had in the Philippines. 

If you ever find yourself in Dumaguete and are in need of a fantastic meal, we suggest paying Atmosphere Resorts a visit.   


Atmosphere Resorts & Spa Philippines
Maayong Tubig, Dauin, 6217 Negros Oriental. Philippines
Telephone: +63 35 400 6940 
Mobile: +63 917 700 2048. +63 998 960 2289
Facebook: @atmosphere.resorts
Instagram: atmosphereresorts 

About Atmosphere


Atmosphere has made a name for itself as one of the best resorts in SE Asia, having earned the Certificate Of Excellence 5 years in a row. Tourists from around the world flock here to experience world-famous Filipino hospitality and indulge in first-class amenities.

An eco-friendly resort, great care is taken to ensure that the impact on the environment is as minimal as possible. Through the practices of recycling and sustainability, Atmosphere has been at the forefront of the preservation and conservation of Dumaguete and its surrounding waters. 

Their dedication to green practices is quite obvious from the minute you check in. Even their food (sourced locally as much as possible) adheres to their policy of sustainability.  

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Sustainability in the Kitchen


Sustainability as a professional culinary practice is a movement that is focused on sustainable agriculture, small local produce, traditional production, and conservation techniques. 

This ensures that products are more varied and nutritional and encourages the use of locally sourced ingredients. The practice also has a focus on utilizing only as much of the produce as you need in order to generate less waste and put less strain on the environment.  

There is also the added benefit of helping the local economy thrive. With less need for imported goods, local farmers and business benefit greatly. 

Atmosphere Resorts has embraced sustainability, and by sourcing MOST, if not all of their ingredients locally, the food is guaranteed and is higher in quality, freshness, nutrients, and flavor.  

Sustainability really pays off for Atmosphere. The young and talented Executive Chef Denver Wickenhauser, hasn’t only concocted a great tasting menu, but one that gives back to the community of Dumaguete. 

Here are some of the excellent dishes we tried! 




The most important meal of the day. We loved their all-you-can-eat a la carte style breakfast buffet! (₱750 per head)

All dishes are made to order. This helps to reduce leftovers and ensures that your meal is freshly cooked. 


We couldn’t get enough of the French Toast.  




Tortellini alla Panna (₱500)Homemade stuffed pasta with creamy cheese sauce and ham, served with green peas.  

This was an excellent dish and our favorite out of all those we tried!

Cooked perfectly, the Tortellini was firm and the creamy cheese sauce complemented the sweetness of the ham and green peas.  




Couscous Risotto (₱490) with spinach and sundried tomatoes.  

If you’re looking for a healthy vegetarian option, the Couscous Risotto is perfect.  

The couscous is light and fluffy and the herbs and spices play off the sweet-tanginess of the sundried tomatoes. 




Pizza (₱480). Choose from a wide verity of toppings to craft the perfect pizza that suits your taste.  

Each pizza is made with the freshest herbs and spices topped with house-made tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese.   

Perfect for families or groups. 


Appetizers or Snacks 


Vietnamese Spring Rolls (₱350)Rice vermicelli with poached shrimp wrapped in rice paper with hoisin sauce and lime sauce.  

Fresh Vietnamese Springrolls make great appetizers and are also perfect as a snack.



Halloumi and Cherry Tomato Skewer (400)Grilled Halloumi cheese wrapped in kale, skewered with cherry tomatoes, served with hummus.

A favorite of ours and one of Atmosphere’s top sellers. 

Slightly crisp on the outside and soft in the center, the grilling process added a subtle smokiness to the halloumi, which is naturally tangy and a bit salty. Must try! 

The halloumi is sourced from a local organic goat farm also found on the Island. 




Atmosphere’s Beefsteak Tagalog (₱810)Imported Beef marinated in soy sauce and calamansi, with fried potatoes and onion rings.

A Filipino classic elevated to the next level. The beef is tender and perfectly seasoned, complemented nicely by the sweet and savory sauce.



British Flag (₱500)English-style beer battered fish with chips (White Marlin/Dorado).

Good fish and chips are hard to come by in the Philippines. Thankfully, Atmosphere’s take is on this English staple is spot on! 

The crispy beer-batter was light and full of flavor and the flaky white fish was cooked to perfection.   




Mixed Berry Cheesecake (₱). Made with organic goat’s ricotta cheese and goat’s milk yogurt. 

This take on the classic cheesecake is surprisingly light yet rich and complex in flavor. 

An excellent dessert! 



Malunggay Cake (₱150)

This healthy treat is similar in taste and texture to a carrot cake. It’s sweetened with a blend of honey and stevia and a dash of powdered sugar.  

Perfect for the health conscious, malunggay (moringa/drumstick tree) leaves are high in vitamins and are widely used in traditional medicine throughout SE Asia.   




You’ll find a large selection of wines available. Ask the waitstaff for pairing suggestions; they will be able to help you find the best wine to match your meal.

You can also request for special wine tasting and pairing sessions in the fully climate controlled wine cellar. 


Final Thoughts 


The food at Atmosphere is some of the best resort food we’ve tried. We loved the a la Carte style breakfast buffet, and the Tortellini alla Penna was amazing! Everything we tried was of high quality and that, no doubt, is due to the sustainable practices used in the kitchen.  

We highly recommend paying Atmosphere a visit!


Atmosphere Resorts & Spa Philippines
Maayong Tubig, Dauin, 6217 Negros Oriental. Philippines
Telephone: +63 35 400 6940 
Mobile: +63 917 700 2048. +63 998 960 2289
Facebook: @atmosphere.resorts
Instagram: atmosphereresorts 


Live an Awesome Life,

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SEAN NOLAN of Team Our Awesome Planet

Disclosure:  Our meal was courtesy of Atmosphere Resorts & Spa. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights. 

P.S. Walk-in meals are provided for visitors; just be sure to call ahead. Check-in guests are prioritized. 

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