THE GOATARY: Dumaguete’s World Class Sustainable Goat Dairy Farm!

By Sean


The Goatary is an artisan cheese manufacturer located in Talay, South Dumaguete Philippines that produces some of the best goats cheeses and goat dairy products in SE Asia.    

Great lengths are taken to ensure that each goat is as healthy and happy as possible. Combined with a meticulous record keeping process and regular health evaluations, The goats at The Goatary produce world-class dairy products that are sought after by buyers from around the region. 

What sets the Goatary apart from other dairy goat farms, is their strict adherence to sustainability and organic practices.  A lot of planning and care go into       

From goats milk to artisan flavored cheeses, The Goatary is a fascinating place and a game changer for dairy production in the Philippines.   

Talay, Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental, Philippines
Telephone: +63 917 632 6148


George Bender founded The Goatary back in 2006. The Farm originally sold meat products, but after a rocky start, George realized that dairy products, would be more profitable and economical in Dumaguete. 

George is very passionate about his farm and he has gone to great lengths to ensure the farm is running efficiently as possible and that the animals are healthy and taken care of. 



The Goatary uses a sustainable agriculture model. Farming techniques are implemented that protect the environment, good for public health, ensures animal welfare, and also gives back to the community. 

Goat farming requires less land then Dairy cow farms, and less natural resources, so the impact on the environment is less than Dairy Cow farming. 

(All goats are milked by hand for sanitary reasons and are less stressful to the animals.)  


Goats milk is high in butterfat so it generally has more flavor compared to dairy cow milk so it is ideal for making cheese and other dairy products. 

The Cheeses from The Goatery come in a wide assortment of flavors and types, from the more traditional cheeses like Brie or Parmesan to more exotic flavors like jackfruit.

All ingredients used are 100% organic and of the best quality.  The Cheeses are made using traditional French techniques.  

List of products Click here —> Goatary Product List



One of our favorite appetizers from Atmosphere Resorts was their Halloumi Cheese from The Goatary. 

The unripened and firm halloumi cheese gets its flavoring from brining and because of its semi-hard texture, it’s excellent for frying our grilling.   


Farm Life


The goats are housed in wide open pins where they can move around freely.  



Large open concrete areas are treated with friendly bacteria similar organisms found in yogurt.  The treatment eliminates odors and bad bacteria.  There was almost no smell.    

Goats Pens are raised one meter off the ground so waste can be collected easily and the animals come into less contact manurer.  



Nubian goats are a breed of dairy goat that produces large quantities of milk. The Nubians are adapted for hot climates and are the preferred breed for dairy goat farming because of their long breeding cycles. 

Nubians are intelligent, very curious, and highly social mammals. Centuries of domestication have made them very comfortable with human contact. 


The goats are fed with Packchong Grass, a type of Napier grass from Thailand, which is rich in nutrients and minerals.   


Benefits Of Goat Dairy Production 


Goat dairy farms are a more sustainable, have less impact on local ecology and the environment.   

Goats milk is also healthier than cows milk as it is easier for humans to digest the proteins in goats milk.  

Sustainable and eco-friendly, dairy goat farming is a healthier and environmentally smarter alternative to Cow dairy Production.  


Final Thoughts 


We were blown away by the taste and quality of the dairy produced at the Goatary.  Seeing the lengths George and his crew go through to keep the goats healthy and happy was a great experience that made the cheese taste even better. 

The Goatary produces some of the finest Cheeses in all of SE Asia and it can be an example for others on how to correctly incorporate sustainable agriculture as a business model.  

If you ever find yourself in Talay Dumaguete you can contact The Goatary and see first hand where some of Asia’s best chess come from. 

Talay, Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental, Philippines
Telephone: +63 917 632 6148


Live an Awesome Life,

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SEAN NOLAN of Team Our Awesome Planet

Disclosure: Our visit to The Goatary was courtesy of George Bender. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights. 

P.S. As of now, dairy products from The Goatary can only be purchased in Dumaguete or found in limited shops and markets there.  However, they can ship to Manila via airfreight. You can contact them here for shipping arrangments:  +63 917 632 6148

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  1. hello im nickolas im a greek i live in moalboal i wanna visit your farm and im wondering if you have a fetah cheese,thank you

  2. I would like to start an authentic Mexican food restaurant in either , Bacolod, Manila or Cebu.. I’m looking for a way to get the appropriate cheeses for this venture. If you have any ideas that can help, I’d be most appreciative. Thank you

  3. I am Eduardo Teves planning to back to Dumaguete, and is planning to raise goats in the near future.
    Are you selling Anglo-nubian goats age 3-4 months, and how much?
    Thank you very much.

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