My Nespresso at Home! (and Nespresso Boutique)

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The best gift I received this season was our very own Nespresso at home. 

I love to have my coffee black, and thanks to this, I can now have that perfect cup every time. I also get to explore other different flavors, which come in their own unique colored capsules.

Nespresso Essenza

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I had fun unboxing this, especially because of the striking red color and easy to assemble package.


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The Mini Essenza ( ₱6,500) is a compact machine that introduces you to the world of Nespresso.


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You can choose from different blends–Intenso, Espresso, Pure Origin, Lungo, Variations, and Decaffeinato (₱31 – 36/capsule, sold in packs of 10).


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The capsule is made of aluminum to guarantee freshness and keep the intensity of the aroma.



Brewing a cup is easy. Just putt the capsule inside and press the espresso or lungo button. 


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Coffee at home will never be the same again!


Nesspresso Boutique

(Photo courtesy of Nespresso from other Boutique Stores)

The first Nespresso Boutique store is opening at Power Plant Mall on December 22, 2017.


(Photo courtesy of Nespresso from other Boutique Stores)

The store will be the main customer touch point and multi-sensory showcase of the Nespresso brand.


(Photo courtesy of Nespresso from other Boutique Stores)

It will also feature a tasting bar where you can discover new coffee flavors from the Grand Crus collection.



Can’t wait for the opening of the first Nespresso Boutique in the Philippines!

For more info, visit 


Live an Awesome Life,



Disclosure: Our Nespresso was a gift from our friends from Nespresso. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights. 

P.S. Is there a way you can properly dispose or recycle these single-serve aluminum pods?

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