Bulacan: A Spot for Every Kind of Traveler #LakbayNorte7

Bulacan is dubbed “The Gateway to the North,” for it is the first province you come across as you pass by the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX).

Through this year’s Lakbay Norte 7, I was able to see what else Bulacan had to offer apart from being a pit stop.

Here are the sights and activities for every kind of traveler in Bulacan…

Lakbay Norte 7 Series:

The Patriot: Barasoain Church 


More than just another Roman Catholic Church, the Barasoain Church holds significant importance in Philippine History. The church is the birthplace of the First Philippine Republic, under the rule of First President Emilio Aguinaldo.

Previously featured in the 1997 Ten Peso bill, this historical landmark is now on the obverse of the 200 Peso bill.


The Barasoain Museum is also a treasure trove of information about the First Republic.

Barasoain Church and Museum
Paseo del Congreso St, Malolos, 3000 Bulacan
Telephone: +63 (044) 794 4340
Facebook: Barasoain Church
Twitter: @ChurchBarasoain
Website: https://www.barasoainchurch.org

The History Buff: Women of Malolos

Lakbay Norte 7 - Day 1 - Martin San Diego- 0159

Photo by Martin San Diego via NPVB

Travelers who like to explore old houses and neighborhoods will be pleased to find that Bulacan also exerts much effort to preserve heritage houses.


The area of Parian is home to several homes of the Ilustrados, but what stood out the most is the Uitangcoy-Santos residence that became home to the historic women of Malolos.


It also once served as a pharmacy. The medical paraphernalia and records are all well-preserved.

Uitangcoy-Santos House
FT Reyes Street, Malolos, Bulacan

The Foodie: Bistro Maloleño


Bistro Maloleño serves traditional Bulacan Cuisine with dishes named after our heroes and their favorites.


Pochero ni Plaridel


Tinolang Manok ni Dr. Jose Rizal


Arroz ala Cubana ni Gen. Gregorio del Pilar

Bistro Maloleño
1 Valenzuela St, Bulihan Capitol View Park, Malolos, 3000 Bulacan
Operating Hours: 10AM-10PM
Telephone: +63 (044) 795.5655
Facebook: Bistro Maloleño

The Crafty: The Art of Pabalat and Puni


Unique to the region is the art of Pabalat, intricate paper cutting used as wrappers for the humble pastillas.


The designs are drawn with a stencil and then painstakingly cut with precision that result in highly detailed hand- and heart-made works of art.


Puni, on the other hand, is the art of weaving thin strips of leaves to form a range of figures such as animals, accessories, and home decorations.


This fish was made with two strips and without any form of adhesive.

Contact Rheeza Hernandez at +63 998-9934509 for more information on the art of Pabalat and Puni.

The Adventurous: San Rafael River Adventure


San Rafael River Adventure is located right by the Angat Dam, which makes it an ideal location for water sports.


Photo by Martin San Diego via NPVB

You can try paddle boarding, jet ski, or stay on land and ride the ATV.

Lakbay Norte 7 - Day 1 - Martin San Diego- 0271

Photo by Martin San Diego via NPVB

San Rafael River Adventure also serves afternoon snacks on a river cruise.


There are accommodations that blend seamlessly with nature for those who like some peace and quiet.

San Rafael River Adventure
Barangay Talacsan, San Rafael, Bulacan, Philippines
Telephone: +63 (02) 513 1569
Email: reservation@sanrafaelriveradventure.com
Facebook: San Rafael River Adventure
Twitter: @SRRAph
Instagram: @sanrafaelriveradventure
Website: http://www.sanrafaelriveradventure.com/


Lakbay Norte 7 - Day 1 - Martin San Diego- 0293

Photo by Martin San Diego via NPVB

Whether you’re looking for a refresher on history, an adventure, or just some peace and quiet–Bulacan has something for you.


Live an Awesome Life,

Monique of Team Our Awesome Planet

Disclosure: The Lakbay Norte trip was organized by North Philippines Visitors Bureau (NPVB) in partnership with NLEX Corporation, Tarlac Convention and Visitors Bureau (TCVB), and Victory Liner Inc. Lakbay Norte is an annual media familiarization trip that aims to promote Philippine provinces in the North. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights.

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