Day Trip To Mt Fuji & Hakone (Photo Essay)

By Sean

Mt Fuji
Mt Fuji is Japans most recognizable geographical formation and one of the worlds most famous Volcanos.  Its nearly symmetrical cone shape has inspired Japanese artist, musicians, and poets for centuries and is considered to be one of Japan’s most sacred sites, playing an important role in Shinto traditions and Japanese culture.

Mt Fuji us one of Japanese Three Sacred Mountains and was officially recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Home to beautiful surrounding forests, Mt Fuji is one of the Japanese most scenic locations, with to a wide verity of plant and animal life.

Today Mt Fuji is a hotbed for tourist activity attracting Millions of tourist and mountain climbers from around the world.

Gettig a chance to visit such an iconic place is something that you will always remember.  The beautiful scenery and breathtaking views are an experience every tourist in Japan should try.

Sunrise Tours JTB Bus Tour (Mt Fuji & Hakone Day Trip)
Hanshu, Japan (Main Island)
Tokyo – Mt Fuji, Chūbu Region
9am – 8pm
JTB Western Japan, Corp.International Travel Division
608-9 Higashi Shiokoji-cho, Shimogyo-ku Kyoto, 600-8216 Japan
+81-75-341-1413(Japan) 075-341-1413(domestic)
+81-75-371-7910(Japan) 075-371-7910(domestic)
Website: JTB Sunrise Tours

First Things First

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There are plenty of Bus Tours going from Tokyo to Mt Fuji with prices ranging anywhere from ¥17,000 – ¥20.

Sunrise Tours was one of the more affordable bus tours and their starting price for a day trip with lunch included is Y17,000.00 (₱7721.36)

If you book The Sunrise TOur Package with Klook, you’re guaranteed the entire Sunrise Tours Mt Fuji & Hakone Day Trip package (including lunch) for a discount price of only ₱5,739, (₱6,247 including lunch). 

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The Mt Fuji Hakone Day Trip Bus Tour starts at Hamamatsucho Bus Terminal. You can reach the bus terminal anywhere from Tokyo by Subway or JR lines.

JR Line –  Exit Hamamatsucho Station 
Subway Line – Exit Daimon station


What To Expect


As soon as you board you are given the days complete itinerary.

Motoko Abe / Motoko-san was a pleasant guide who cracked jokes and was eager to answer questions. She was well versed in English and very knowledgeable.


The trip from Tokyo to Mt Fuji in the Chūbu Region of Japan is roughly 2 hours (100kl from Tokyo)


Motoko-san taught us how to fold origami to help pass the time.


Meledoy Road is a special stretch of road leading up to Mt Fuji.

Special groves have been engraved into the asphalt so when vehicles traverse the surface musical notes can be heard via tactile vibrations. The melody plays Mt Fujisan, an old Japanese folk song that describes the beauty of Mt Fuji. 

Japan is one of 5 countries in the world that has Musical Roads.


1st Stop


The first major stop and only stop on Mt Fuji is at 5th Station.  Here you can stop to take photos and purchase souvenirs.

There are also a lot of activities for tourists to try at the station.


The place is bustling with shops and small cafes.  A Post office where you can mail Mt Fuji postcards to anywhere in the world, pony rides and other outdoor activities (depending on weather).


5th Station is also home to Komitake Shrine, a shrine believed to be over 1000 years.


A bonus for the tour, we were each given a coupon for a free token and free coffee and Mt Fuji shaped melon-pan.


Melon-pan, are a type of sweet bread, that are very popular in Japan. 

The tiny bread loaves are covered with a thin layer of cookie dough when cooked the cookie dough becomes crisp giving the bread a nice crunchy bite.

Melon-pan are traditionally melon flavored hence the name.


We got ours right out of the oven and they paired great with the coffee.


2nd Stop


Our second stop was a lunch break at Highland Resort hotel.

Highland Resort Hotel and Spa is one of two hotels on Mt Fuji and is regarded as one of the best in Yamanashi Prefecture. It boasts one of the best views of Mt Fuji where guest can get an unobstructed view from their rooms.  


Lunch was a special set meal that you have the option to order ahead of time.

You can choose from a traditional Japanese style lunch or a vegetarian set.


3rd Stop


For our third leg of the tour, we took the Hakone Ropeway/Gondola.

The 30-minute ride goes from Sounzan Station to Togendai Station near Lake Ashi.


The Hakone ropeway is a famous sightseeing rout that gives you an amazing view of Hakone and the surrounding lakes and valleys.

Mt Fuji can also be seen in the distance making it a hub for photographers who want to catch an unobstructed view of Mt Fuji.


Hokone Station sits near a volcanic crater that was created during an eruption nearly 3000 years ago.

Hakone is still a very active volcanic region and sulfuric fumes bellow out of vents from the sides of the mountain.

(People with asthma should be cautious.) 


Japanese have been drawn to this area for its hot springs and rivers.

You’ll find souvenir shops that are selling Black Eggs.  A kind of delicacy that’s made with regular chicken eggs that have been boiled in volcanic hot springs which contain sulfur and iron, the boiling process dyes the shells black. Don’t worry the eggs are 100% safe to eat. 


Last Stop


Our last stop before heading back to Tokyo was a short boat ride on Lake Ashi. 

The Lake Ahi cruise is about a 30-minute cruise along the coast.  The lake is home to a number of historical sites and tourist attractions.

Unfortunately, a heavy fog rolled in and we were unable to see anything. (Make sure to check the weather) 


Final Thoughts


The Mt Fuji & Hakone Day Trip is a perfect activity for families or if you are the type of tourist who enjoys nature and the great outdoors.

While we enjoyed everything about the tour and our guide Motoko-san.  We ran into a bit of bad luck with the weather.

We recommend this tour just if you have time when visiting Tokyo, just make sure to check the weather forecast, even when the weather around Mt Fuji can be very unpredictable 


Sunrise Tours JTB Bus Tour (Mt Fuji & Hakone Day Trip)
Hanshu, Japan (Main Island)
Tokyo – Mt Fuji, Chūbu Region
JTB Western Japan, Corp.International Travel Division
608-9 Higashi Shiokoji-cho, Shimogyo-ku Kyoto, 600-8216 Japan
+81-75-341-1413(Japan) 075-341-1413(domestic)
+81-75-371-7910(Japan) 075-371-7910(domestic)
Website: JTB Sunrise Tours

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Important Info:

  • Child tickets are available, Ages 6-11
  • Children under 5 are free. If meals and seats are required, you’ll have to purchase a ticket. 
  • Allergy-friendly meals, etc. are not available. If you have food allergies opt for the tour without lunch. (Vegetarian Options are available) 
  • The itinerary is subject to changes due to weather and traffic conditions.
  • Audio guides are available upon Requests. Please reserve one day in advance, supplies are limited. 
    Also, no refunds will be issued even if the audio guide is unusable due to weak signals, device issues, Wi-Fi malfunction, etc.
    6 languages are available: Chinese, Spanish, Italian, Thai, French, and Indonesian.
  • The return trip via bus or Shinkansen may not be accompanied by a guide. In this case, information on how to return to hotels will be provided in advance.


Live an Awesome Life,

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SEAN NOLAN of Team Our Awesome Planet

Disclosure: Our Mt Fuji & Hakone Day Trip was courtesy of KLOOK. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights. 

P.S. It gets really cold on the Moutain and surrounding areas be sure to bring the appropriate attire and an umbrella. 

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