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Coron SUP Have you ever been to Palawan? If you have, you might want to return to try this! Stand Up Paddling a.k.a SUP is one of Coron’s newest eco-tour attractions. If you want to literally get soaked in nature,  enjoy Instagram-ready  view s , and even get a total body workout in the process, then this is just the ex perience for you! SUP Central Tours is a full service, duly accredited tour operating service offering world class paddle boarding and island hopping tours in Coron! It is a heady combination of turquoise waters, spectacular snorkeling sites brimming with exotic fish, and of course the incredible majestic limestone formation overhead that seem to devour you with it’s unbelievable patterns. It just never gets old! https://youtu.be/QFbbnZmqWS0 https://youtu.be/5a8KropIp7I   SUP CENTRAL TOURS Coron, Palawan Mobile: +63 917 891 1968, +63 930 188 6609 E-mail: info@supcentraltours.com Facebook: supcentraltours Website: www.supcentraltours.com 

SUP Coron SUP or stand up paddling  is for everybody, thus it’s currently the fastest growing water sport in the world. It’s quite popular because the learning curve is so easy and people of all ages and skill can quickly  get comfortable on a paddle board. It also provides a low – impact full body workout and an eco-friendly way to experience the outdoors.   Coron SUP What makes them a cut above other SUP tours in Coron is that they level up the stand up paddling experience. From the flow of their tours, to the lunch spread (it is fully styled). SUP Central Tours trains their guides under the Academy of Surfing Instructor standards. T h is means the safest and most fun way to enjoy the sport! Let’s put it this was, if PADI is to diving, ASI is to paddle boarding.   HOW TO GET THERE SUP Coron From your hotel, you will be picked up by SUP Central Tours’ trike to the launch point, which is the Coron Wharf.   Coron SUP La Sirenetta is the end point of the Magical Mangrove Sunset Tour.   WHO CAN SUP? Coron SUP Kids below 12 are required to wear a USCG-approved life jacket at all times while on a paddle board (motor skills of kids mature for paddling at about eight years old). This goes for paddlers in their 60s to 70s who’d like to enjoy the sport as well.   ABOUT OUR GUIDE https://flic.kr/p/2421fVQ

Meet our guide, Michi Calica Sotto, a certified ASI SUP Level 2 Instructor! This means she’s been trained to do open and closed water SUP tours. It’s also fascinating to know she’s an open water lifeguard and  retired triathlete.
Michi is known as a popular bridal gown designer, who’s opted to spend half year in Coron to roll out their tours. Michi made sure to train all her guides to the same standards she is used to on tour. Courtesy and safety. Most of all her team makes sure everything is smooth and flawless. On school breaks, Michi’s teenage kids assist in leading the tours. Iana, 15 is also an international SUP instructor under ASI. Erin her 17 year old spent the whole new year leading tours.

  THE ISLAND TOUR Coron SUP We took the Nice and Easy Paddling package to Banol Beach that starts at 10:00 am until 4:00 pm. It takes around 3 to 4 hours of leisurely paddling to finish the tour around the turquoise waters of Emerald Beach and Boatman’s secret. Nice and Easy Paddling Time: (10:00am to 4:00pm) Experience level: Beginner to Advanced   SUP Coron After assembling at Coron Wharf , we took a 20-minute private boat ride to Banol Beach. Each tour starts with a basic lesson on SUP and an intro to paddling on the beach. Here is Maria Kreidiel, Michi’s German neighbour in Coron. Maria’s reaction to the tour was: “This is the best day of my life!”   SUP Coron SUP Central uses top- end paddle board brands such as Starboard, NSP and UMI.  The boards are much wider and easier for newbies to balance on.   Coron SUP We love the carbon paddle, which is really light and easy,u nlike those in resorts that are made of aluminium and feel like barbells. There is a big difference in paddling pleasure.   Coron SUP They teach the basics of SUP, like how to manuever the boards so that you are confident even in the open water.

They even teach the safest way to fall and mount back on the board! It’s also good to know that they always check the condition for paddling before going out.

  SUP Coron Learning how to stand on a board and paddle can be done within 10 minutes. You have to engage your core to keep your balance. Tip: Life vests are also available for those who don’t know how to swim. They also bring water at all times, and a first aid kit. You are equipped with the leash and a paddling vest, that has a whistle in its pocket. The ratio of guides to guests is one to six. And guides are required to stay not farther than 100m away from the guests.   Coron SUP SUPing is easy! Don’t be afraid to fall off the board in open water, as the boards act as a floatation device you can hold on to.   Coron SUP Michi brought us to one of her favorite spots–the Boatman’s Secret in Emerald Beach (Banol), and the place looks magical!   SUP Coron The cave here is hauntingly beautiful. And there’s a spot where the sunlight seeps through, perfect for a photoshoot!   SUP Coron Coron truly is a paradise! I couldn’t believe I would be able to cross this off my bucket list so soon. The sceneries were breathtaking, and the place was picture perfect!   SUMPTUOUS LUNCH BY THE BEACH Coron SUP Lunch was served based on the fresh catch of the day. My favorite was the crab. I’ve been eating crab for four straight meals in Coron, and I just couldn’t seem to get enough! We were lucky that the crabs we had were fatty.   Coron SUP We also had fresh grilled Bagis, liempo, adobo, and ensalada.   SUP Coron The best part was the dessert! The mangoes were extra sweet and perfect for cooling down the body.   Coron SUP Cold beer and soda as a reward! Cheers!   SNORKELING SESH SUP Coron After lunch, you can go snorkeling or stay and paddle some more around the beach.   SUP Coron Coron is also known for snorkeling. You’ll find yourself in another world–a surreal and magnificent underwater garden!   MANGROVE TOUR PACKAGE Coron SUP They also offer sunset mangrove tours at Coron Bay. Make sure to be on time so you won’t miss that gorgeous sunset!   Coron SUP Insects are pesky things you want to avoid on the mangrove tour. Make sure to load up on insect repellant spray.   Kalikhasan is Michi Calica’s personal choice for her tours. We tried it and it smells fresh!   SUP Coron Sunrise Magical Mangrove Time: 5:30 am-7:30 am (1.5-2 hours) Route: Fenville Leisure Village – Mangroves – Coron Bay Experience level: Beginner to Advanced   Coron SUP SUP is one of the most incredibly memorable ways to experience the islands. It is enjoyable to do with friends and family because you can chat and laugh as loud as you want while paddling, when the sun get’s too hot to bear, all you have to do is jump in the water and enjoy a dip! The entire trip was amazing and such an incredible experience- it was simply a gorgeous time! It’s probably one of, if not the most arrestingly exquisite sights I’ve ever laid my eyes on in my entire life. I highly recommend SUP Central tours in Coron to be added to your bucket list! They are the premiere SUP tour operators in the island since e very detail was lovingly thought of , and executed for the optimum enjoyment of their guests. What do you expect from one of the country’s most seasoned fashion designers? Love is indeed in the details. Reservations are a breeze because most of the advanced bookings are done online. If you want a levelled-up experience versus run-of-the-mill ‘joiner’ tours, you can have your whole customized by SUP Central Tours. SUP Central Opens their new town head quarters this February along the National Highway, across Red Carabao and Fika Coffee! SUP CENTRAL TOURS Coron, Palawan Mobile: +63 917 891 1968, +63 930 188 6609 E-mail: info@supcentraltours.com Facebook: supcentraltours Website: www.supcentraltours.com   Live an Awesome Life,

ABI of Team Our Awesome Planet Disclosure: Our SUP Tour was courtesy of Michi Calica of SUP Central Tours. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights.  P.S. You can also find other SUP certified tours in Bohol, Lake Caliraya, and Dumaguete. https://flic.kr/p/23XQAPK https://flic.kr/p/FPYn6E https://flic.kr/p/23XQBa4 https://flic.kr/p/23XQAde https://flic.kr/p/FPYmHf SUP Proper Beach Attire -Shorts, a rashguard. Under that your bikini or bathing suit. -Wear a paddling hat that has ample shade, and tied safely on your head. -Wear shades (best to choose inexpensive ones) so that when they fall, there is no loss. -Load on the SPF. -All fabric should be dri-fit. -There is no need for aqua socks since you need traction on the board.

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