Love Canadian Beef?

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Have you tried Canadian Beef? Do you know why they say it’s better than USDA Beef?

The first time I tried Canadian Beef was at the official residence of the Canadian Ambassador in Manila, which was prepared by a Canadian chef.

Here’s the story of the experience and what I think of my first taste of Canadian Beef…

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Chef Quentin Glabus is a Canadian Chef specializing in modern indigenous cuisine using heritage ingredients and applying modern culinary techniques.

Chef Sharwin Tee, an alumnus of Vancouver’s Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts, is the Celebrity Chef behind Lifestyle Network’s Curiosity Got the Chef.

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The evening was a Fusion Dinner with the theme “Canadian Beef for the Filipino Palate” and was hosted by Canadian Ambassador John T. Holmes.

Canadian Beef is meat from grain and grass-fed cows that roaming free in vast cattle pastures and breathe in fresh Canadian Air.

Click play ▶️and watch the video ⬆️: “We put the best of Canada into our beef.

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The chefs demonstrated how to make the carpaccio appetizer dish. This was also showcased the Curiosity Got the Chef episode featuring the 150th year anniversary of Canada in Manila.

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#1 Beef Carpaccio + Local Green Salad + Sawsawan Dressing

The flavor of the beef is a bit bland. It’s better paired with the sawsawan (dipping sauce) dressing and the bitter greens.

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For our wine, we started off with this 2012 Canadian Chardonnay Reserve from Inniskillin.

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#2 Beef Sinina Pâté Chinois by Chef Sharwin Tee

This was voted as the best dish of the night, inspired by Maguindanaoan beef stew served with a piped mix of ube, potato, and lots of butter.

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It was really nice meeting the Canadian Ambassador in Manila and experience his pleasing candor and humor.

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#3 Espresso and Cocoa Charred Ribeye Steak + Sunflower Seed Puree + Crushed Roasted Garlic + Corn Polenta by Chef Quentin Glabus

The steak was beautifully cooked medium with a coffee- and chocolate-flavored char.

The nutty sunflower seed puree, smooth corn polenta, and intense roasted garlic really complemented the beef well.

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I love how the beefy flavory gets better the more you chew on the steak.

A sprinkle of rock salt would have completed the dish for me.

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The best parts of the dinner were the great conversations with other foodies and catching up with our media friends.

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#4 Honey Pie with Maple Fruit Compote

Loved this dessert pie made from honey and the maple fruit compote to balance the sweetness. Yum!

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Great work to the beautiful students of Magsaysay Center for Hospitality and Culinary Arts (MIHCA), the culinary team behind the dinner.

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One of these days I hope to visit Alberta, Canada to see the pasturelands and eat Canadian Beef directly from the farms.

For more info, please visit Canadian Beef on FB (@CanadianBeef) and IG @lovecdnbeef.

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Live an Awesome Life,
AntonFounder, Our Awesome Planet 

Disclosure: Our meal was courtesy of Canada Beef International Institute (CBII). I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights. 

P.S. Our table was raving about this apple juice from Canada because it wasn’t too sweet and you could really taste the flavor of apple. 

Note that this particular brand is only available locally at Metro Gaisano in Market Market.

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