Nothing Beats the Freshness of SMB Draft Beers! @20:20


We recently attended a Draft Beer 101 from San Miguel Brew Master Alan Sienes at 20:20.

All I can say is once you’ve tasted the freshness of draft beers from San Miguel Beer, you’ll be looking for them every time you go to a bar.

Here’s a photo essay of what we learned…

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It was our first time at 20:20 Bar. It was easy to feel at home with the high ceiling, industrial look, and floor to ceiling glass windows.


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It’s dark but well lit, with hanging lampshades surrounded by graffitied walls and dark-themed artwork.


San Miguel Lifestyle Brews-10.jpg

We munched over sweet popcorn with nuts while waiting for the SMB Draft beer learning session.


San Miguel Lifestyle Brews-21.jpg
San Miguel Brew Master Alan Sienes shared a few secrets behind the fresh taste of San Miguel Lifestyle Brews Draft Beer.


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My favorite is San Miguel Premium All-Malt because of its refreshing citrusy and mild fruity notes, highlighted by its malty aroma.


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It’s even better when you drink it from the draft keg. It pairs well with seafood like Gambas Al Ajillo and finger foods to start your night.


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I love drinking beer from the tap, especially San Miguel Super Dry. The process really brings out the freshness and strong aroma of this beer.


San Miguel Lifestyle Brews-52.jpg
Also called the Brewmaster’s Beer, Super Dry is brewed with just the right proportion of cereal and malt, fermented at a defined temperature. This results in a light-to-medium bodied beer with a clean and crisp mouthfeel, a mild dry taste, and an elegant quick finish.



This kind of beer goes well with meats or flavorful dishes, like the Chorizo con Vino, because the distinct but pleasant bitterness cuts through the greasiness or complements the complexity of the mild spices.


San Miguel Lifestyle Brews-45.jpg

Cerveza Negra is San Miguel’s dark beer with a roasted caramel aroma and bitter-sweet character, which you can enjoy on its own or pair with desserts like chocolates or brownies.


San Miguel Lifestyle Brews-56.jpg

Once you’ve experienced San Miguel Draft beers, you’ll be going around the bars looking for them, especially at places with good food to pair.


San Miguel Lifestyle Brews-39.jpg

Thanks to San Miguel Brewmaster Alan and daughter Alexa for a refreshing San Miguel draft beer tasting at 20:20 Bar.

Remember, if it’s draft, it’s fresh.


Live an Awesome Life,



Disclosure: We are media guests of San Miguel Lifestyle Brews. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights. 

P.S. Check out the cool line-up of DJs at 20:20. Follow them on Instagram, Facebook, and their website for updates.

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