Dinner in the Sky Philippines – Is it Worth It?

DINNER IN THE SKY Philippines is a Belguim-based novelty dining service where a 22-seater dining bar with roller coaster-like seats is hoisted 150 feet off into the air along Manila Bay. This instagrammable and unusual culinary thrill is made possible by MMI LIVE, in partnership with Malaysian-based DITS Asia and Solaire Resort & Casino.

This ₱10,000 dining experience in Manila, which is equivalent to dining in the Michelin-starred The Ledbury in London or eating at Enigma, considered as El Bulli 2.0, in Barcelona.

Is it worth it?

Yes and No depends on where you are seated, the time, the chef, the menu, and the group you’re with. Definitely, you have to go for it!

Here are tips on how to make your DITS worth it and memorable:

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There are two seating times daily: the best one at 5:30 PM (Manila Sunset session) and the most romantic at 7:00 PM (City Lights session).

It is best enjoyed with your special someone, barkada, or family. It would be sad to eat alone here.


The best seats are at the ends (9-11 Solaire and 20-22 sunset side).

If you are a couple, it’s best to reserve the corners (8-9, 11-12, 19-20, or 22-1) to have a more intimate experience.

There’s no glass to step on, just a small platform to rest your feet.

So if you are afraid of heights, we don’t recommend this to you or, if you really want to, just make sure you don’t look down.

At night, you are really embraced by darkness with Solaire as your backdrop.

Since you are one (1) hour high up in the air, make sure to take a bathroom and yosi break before you ascend.

Also, be careful with your mobile phone or bags if you decide to bring them.

My knife fell down to the ground and my empty water bottle was knocked down by the wind.

First Course: Tuna Tiradito, aji Amarillo paste, lime pickled red radish, cassava crunch

Tuna Tiradito is a good choice for a cold appetizer.

Its refreshing spice can surely stimulate your appetite.

Chef Hylton Le Roux of Waterside at Solaire Resort created a 4-course Latin Fusion menu with an interactive dessert.

Second Course: Anticuchos de pollo, tamarind habanero glaze, mojo verde, baby beetroot, crispy cancha corn

The flavor of the chicken was good despite being served at room temperature.

It’s thrilling to sit high in the air, strapped with a body harness and seatbelt, to enjoy a 4-course dinner.

The food is cooked beforehand, assembled, and finished during the course.

Main Course: Cuban-style slow cooked pork belly, Mojo sauce, agave roast baby carrots, spicy refried beans

I’m happy with the tenderness of the Cuban pork belly full of flavor topped with its crispy skin.

DessertDulce de leche cheesecake dome,  praline, chocolate texture

Love this DIY dessert with the ingredients served in shot glasses, not to mention making this a dessert plating contest!

Ta-da! My Eton mess interpretation! And this is what happens when a dessert was dropped 150 feet.

Congrats to Chef Hylton for the successful inaugural Dining in the Sky experience in Manila!

The chefs and menu change every week, so make sure you book your favorite chef and the food that you want to have. Below are their schedule:

April 2 – 8:  Chef Hylton 4 Course Menu (Waterside)
April 9 – 15: Chef Alan 4 Course Menu (Finestra)
April 16 – 23: Chef Norimasa 4 Course Menu (Yakumi)
April 24 – May 7: Chef Kenneth Cacho 4 Course Menu
May 8 – 21: Chef Yves Mattagne 4 Course Menu – sold out

Overall, this FOMO-inducing experience would be worth it if you go during the sunset session with your special someone to celebrate a milestone. Make sure to select the seats at the ends.

The food is served a bit cold but spiced up with the personality of the chef and made exciting by the background music. I would suggest that you upgrade your experience with a bottle of wine to get the party started.

It is worth it considering the one-of-a-kind dining experience but it is a bit expensive if you only consider the food.


Bayside in front of Solarie Resort & Casino
Limited Engagement: April 2 to May 21
For more info, visit www.dinnerinthesky.ph


ECONOMY CLASS (₱ 9,990 per pax)
Entrance to Dinner In The Sky Philippines lounge
Exclusive 4-course dinner menu
Complimentary juice and water during the meal

BUSINESS CLASS (₱ 14,990 per pax)
Exclusive UPGRADED 5 course dinner menu*
One (1) Glass Champagne (Lounge)
Two (2) Glasses of Wine (1 in Lounge and 1 during the meal)
Priority Boarding
*5 Course = Prestarter – 7 pieces of Sushi by Yakumi

FIRST CLASS ( 24,990 per pax)
Exclusive PREMIUM 5-course dinner menu*
Free Flow Champagne (Lounge)
Free Flow Wine (Lounge and Air)
6 pieces of Fresh Oysters from Finestra
8 pieces of The Patisserie Signature chocolates
Priority Boarding- FIRST to board
*5 Course = Prestarter – 10 pieces of Sushi by Yakumi

Live an Awesome Life,AntonFounder, www.OurAwesomePlanet.com 

Disclosure: We were media guests of MMI Live. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights. 

P.S. Read the waiver and liability release before you take full responsibility and assume all the risks.

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  1. Hi Anton,

    You mentioned about the best seats in DITS-Philippines which for me should be all the seats. As per experience here in Jeddah KSA back in 2012, the entire dinner table slowly rotates so each one will get all the views available. Isn’t this true with the one currently running or should I say hanging in Manila?


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