Announcing… Our Awesome Planet Digital Franchise!

Today, I’m opening the Alpha Program of the Digital Franchise Program of Our Awesome Planet, a leading food, travel and lifestyle online media company in the Philippines!

We are opening franchises for travel destinations (like Palawan), cities (like Baguio), school media (like DLSU), international destinations (like London or Taiwan) or for niche target markets.

We are piloting the program to prepare for the Beta Launch on July 20-22 at the Franchise Asia Philippines International Expo 2018 happening at SMX Convention Center in Pasay City.


What do I get with an Our Awesome Planet Digital Franchise?

• The exclusive right to establish your own Food, Travel & Lifestyle Media Business in your location or among your target audience.

• A partnership with the leading food, travel, and lifestyle online media company in the Philippines to develop and market your own media brand. 

• A branded sub-domain: or from an established domain.

• The multi-social media platforms of Our Awesome Planet—Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube—as business leverage.

Website hosting, branding guidelines, training of your own media team and business development—all care of Our Awesome Planet.

What do I need to do?

• Invest an initial Franchise Fee that will be discounted with the Alpha Program. 

• Create food, travel, and lifestyle stories for your location or target market based on the agreed content calendar and branding.

• Get a certified storyteller from Awesome School of Blogging, Social Media and Vlogging.

• Develop a media team of storytellers to tell stories using multimedia platforms.

• Merge brand collaborations and joint business development plans to improve business.


What are we are looking for in Awesome Franchisees?

We are looking for passionate individuals who possess a love for telling stories that matter within their location or among their target audience.

And, in the process, monetize this passion and contribute to the online community.


How much is the OAP Franchise?

The Franchise Fee is dictated by the population in a specific location and the size of the target market.

You’ll own the majority of the business with shares depending on the audience and location.


How to Apply?

The Alpha Program is open to a few limited individuals whom we would like to work with in developing the OAP Digital Franchise in the next month.

If you are interested, please send me a message and tell me about the Franchise location or target market you are planning to tap and why we should work with you on the Franchise.

Please email me at or text me at +63 917 5683627.


Live an Awesome Life,

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