Repoblacion ng Pilipinas: A Rainy Toast to our 120th Independence Day!

Repoblacion ng Pilipinas, the first Independence Day Salubong Street Food Fiesta hosted by Agimat x Alamat and Z hostel has come to a successful close!

Despite the torrential downpour that lasted almost the whole night, crowds of people still went and raised a toast to celebrate our country’s independence.

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Poblacion Street Party


Z Street and Alfonso Street were both closed to traffic to make way for the street party.


When the rain periodically came pouring, people sought shelter at the Ruins where the food and music was. The place remained packed throughout the night.


Street Food Fiesta


Filipino food also took the center stage as some of Manila’s best chefs each had their own Independence Day-themed food and drinks specially curated for the night.

The Lechon Diva

No Filipino party is complete without a lechon – and The Lechon Diva’s version remains to be one of the best in the Metro.

Repoblacion ng Pilipinas!

Chef Kalel Chan served this amazing Dry Papaitan Soft Taco with Guacamole and Pickled Onions. Voted as the best food for the night.


The Kansi Panada by Chef JP Anglo of Sarsa is a unique take on the empanada blended with Ilonggo cuisine with batuan gravy!

Repoblacion ng Pilipinas!

Proteksyon sa Salawahan by Chef Kalel Demetrio was the best drink of the night expertly crafted cocktail of Gin, Lambanog, and Rum with siniguelas as its secret ingredient.


Fiery Kiniing-Chori Sliders by  Justin Yenko with a native black pig, kiniing which is a Cordillera Bacon on a charcoal bun with 3 chilis.


The Lumpiang Sinigang by Mikel Francis Bautista Zaguirre was confusing in a good way – the myriad of textures and flavors worked well together, but it just took my taste buds a while to process everything.

Repoblacion ng Pilipinas!

Chef Niño Laus’ Bibingka wrapped into a corn dog with sisig stuffing cooked in bamboo over charcoal.

Repoblacion ng Pilipinas!

Our favorite dessert — Chef Mikko Aspiras’ Dirty Ice Cream from repurposed ingredients/leftover cakes/trimmings on a cone of fish sauce cotton candy!


Independence Day Parade


The rain paused for a little while as the Parade of Heroes began along with the cast of Goyo and the AFP Platoon and Marching Band.


The cast of Goyo was also there to do a short script reading and to promote the upcoming movie. Independence Day does seem like the most timely event to remind us of our heroes.


Then concluded by a chorus of the National Anthem. It felt very heartwarming and patriotic to witness locals and foreigners alike shout “Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!” while waving the Philippine flag.


Throughout the night, musical performances continued in Alamat, Agimat, and The Ruins like this young band Lucy Dee giving an energetic performance at The Ruins.


We love the large Philippine flag displayed at Z Street and wish that displaying the flag was more commonplace in our country.


Every now and then, cultural performers had a dance exhibition at the intersection of Alfonso and Don Pedro St.


Even the rain couldn’t stop people from partying and good food, as evidenced by the non-dwindling crowd in front of the Ruins food street.


Walking around Z Street with a drink in hand, engaging in conversation with friends and strangers alike until the wee hours of the morning.

Repoblacion ng Pilipinas!

Rain or shine, there’s no stopping us from celebrating Philippine Independence.

Repoblacion ng Pilipinas

Saludo kami sa inyo! See you at the next Repoblacion (hopefully with less rain)!

Live an Awesome Life,



Disclosure: Our Awesome Planet is an official media partner of Repoblacion ng Pilipinas!

P.S. Watch out for the next street party in Poblacion! 

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