Seascape Village Market: The Best & Cleanest Paluto Market in Manila?!

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Seascape Village is a mixed-use coastal development in the Manila Bay area, which opened its first phase of the seaside mall. The first phase focuses on Seafood Paluto Market and a variety of dining options while the succeeding phases will feature a spa resort, art and lifestyle cafe, man-made beach and a 9-story, 250-room hotel with infinity villas.

This is the place to be if you are craving for paluto seaside market food or if you want to treat your balikbayan friends to a good Manila seafood meal. You won’t miss its location between Sofitel and the Manila Film Center within the CCP Complex.

Here’s how to organize your own Seaside Village Market experience…

Seascape Village
Seascape Village, CCP Complex, Manila Bay (Beside Sofitel)
Instagram: @seascapevillage_philippines
Telephone: +632 869 7452
Facebook: Seascape Village PH

First things First

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You can buy live seafood from the aquarium and the cooking ingredients from the wet market then have them cooked in one of the restaurants.

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You can also buy fresh fruits in season for your dessert.

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Live mud crabs are very popular in the market.

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You can haggle the price of your crabs, usually sold on a per gram basis.

Have them cooked salted egg-style.


Go Go Kitchen

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If you don’t want the hassle, go to Go Go Kitchen and still enjoy both ala carte and paluto options.

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Go Go Kitchen Ala Carte Menu: A la Carte Menu: Soups, Beef, Prok, Chicken | Vegetables, Fried Rice |  Can & Bottle, Fruit Juices

The ambiance is down to earth and the circular tables are intended for groups. Make sure to get the one with lazy susan.

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Yang Chao Fried Noodles Large (₱320 small, ₱420 medium, ₱520 large)

They specialize in crunchy fried noodles with meat, seafood and vegetable toppings.

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Black Pepper Beef  Large (₱380 small, ₱480 medium, ₱580 large)

Sometimes I would crave for this Chinese-style Black Pepper Beef.

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Yang Chao Fried Rice Medium (₱280 small, ₱380 medium, ₱480 large)

And pair the beef with Yang Chao Fried Rice served family style.

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Go Go Kitchen Cooking Charges Menu: Baked, Fried, Grilled, Fresh | Sautee, Congee, Noodles | Salad, Soup, Steamed, Hot Pot

Buy live crab from the market and ask them to cook it for you.

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Salted Egg Crab (Market Price ₱600 for 700g cooking charge 350)

Their salted egg version is unique—fried crab served with floss-like salted egg.

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Salt and Pepper Spareribs (₱260 small, ₱360 medium, ₱460 large)

It’s been a while since we had a really good and comforting plate of salt and pepper spareribs.

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3 Cup Chicken (₱250 small, ₱350 medium, ₱450 large)

Sofitel Staycation - iPhone-78.jpg

Congratulations to Garrick Go of Go Go Kitchen (from the former Seafood Market in A Venue) for satisfying our craving for good Chinese-style paluto.


Mazu Seaside Diner

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Perhaps the best food by far in the Seaside Village Market is at Mazu, named after the Chinese Sea Goddess.

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You can’t miss the dramatic Chinese lucky red gate that transports you to the world of Mazu.

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Mazu Menu: Appetizer & Salad, Soup | Seafood | Vegetables, Rice | Noodles, Meat | Chicken, Dessert, Beverages | Fruit Juice, Coffee, Bottled Water, Ice Tea | Liquor | Beer

Associated with the Royal Kitchen in Dampa, they serve mostly ala carte dishes.

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Abalone Hot Pot

Make sure to ask what’s on the daily specials or off menu like this unique abalone appetizer.

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Spinach Seafood Tofu Soup Large (₱350 small, ₱600 medium, ₱800 large)

This is our default kind of soup in Chinese restaurants. I liked how you can really taste the spinach in a thicker soup with tofu.

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Golden Crab Salted Egg Large (₱950 medium, ₱1,600 large)

My kind of Salted Egg Crab where the crab is all covered with salted egg.

Best to use your hands to get the meat and suck the salted egg sauce off the shell.

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Salted Fish Fried Rice Large (₱450 medium, ₱600 large)

The seafood dishes actually pair well with their salted fish fried rice.

Seascape Market-140.jpg

They have a seating capacity of 280 inside with 70 seats in the upper deck that you can reserve for special celebrations.

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Adobong Pusit (₱550 medium, ₱1,000 large)

One of the best adobong pusit I’ve tried, soaked in black squid ink sauce. Must try!

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French Beans with Salted Egg (₱480 medium, ₱600 large)

Order this for your healthy vegetable fries version.

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Lemon Chicken (₱350 medium, ₱550 large)

A refreshing lemon taste to clean your palate after all the salty and tastier dishes.

Sofitel Staycation - iPhone-91.jpg

Congratulations to Canadian German Wolfgang Lutz for the success of Mazu!

Seascape Market-163.jpg

Aside from the best food, they take pride in serving alkaline water and being the only restaurant with dishwashing machine and, more importantly, the dining place serving the Chinese guests in Sofitel.


Fat Ninja

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You can also check out market stalls like Fat Ninja (Menu) by Stephen and Vincent.

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Takoyaki-flavored Gyoza (₱100 – 3pcs., ₱140 – 5pcs., ₱380 – 5 pcs.)

You can have small bites of gyoza while you wait for your group to arrive.

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Cheesy Katsu (₱130)

Or Japanese katsu if you’re craving for a quick katsu fix.


Rainnes Cafe

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For dessert, support local food entrepreneurs like Rainnes, known for their cheesecake.

Seascape Market-180.jpg
Cheesecake (₱155)

Nice to have dessert al fresco after a heavy paluto meal, especially when there is a cool breeze.


The Big 1

Seascape Market-187.jpg

My favorite dessert is this big 1 liter of milk tea from The Big 1 by Hans Velarde.

Seascape Market-191.jpg

On top of our list are the Winter Melon Milk Tea (75) and Yakult Lemonade (95).


Seascape Market-117.jpg

I would recommend Go Go Kitchen for the Chinese-style paluto experience and their Black Pepper Beef, Salt and Pepper Spareribs and 3 Cup Chicken.  Our favorite is Mazu for the Golden Crab, Adobong Pusit and French Beans. Budget about ₱500/head. Best to go with a group.

Can’t wait for the rest of the village to be completed, specifically the man-made beach and the boardwalk.

Seascape Village
Seascape Village, CCP Complex, Manila Bay (Beside Sofitel)
Instagram: @seascapevillage_philippines
Telephone: +632 869 7452
Facebook: Seascape Village PH

Live an Awesome Life,

Disclosure: Our meal was courtesy of our friends from Seaside Village.  I wrote this article with my biases, opinions and insights.

P.S. Here are the other places to try at Seaside Village:

Seascape Market-145.jpg

Asian Taste Seafood Restaurant

Seascape Market-154.jpg

Golden China

Seascape Market-156.jpg

You can reserve a private dining room for your special celebration.

Seascape Market-164.jpg

Wow Cow Fresh Beef Hotpot

Seascape Market-167.jpg

Ash Bar Party Restaurant

Seascape Market-194.jpg

Blue Posts Boiling Crabs & Shrimps

Seascape Market-188.jpg

Darwin Cafe Hong Kong Special

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  1. Hi there… Would you recommend this place over Dampa Seaside? I’ve eaten there before and know the average prices. How do they compare? You were not very elaborate with the shopping of live seafood or in the actual market itself. Thanks.

    1. Yes, this is better and cleaner. Usually we leave the shopping of live seafood to the restaurant or get from their own inventory.

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