Pia Wurtzbach: Ginebra Girl 2019 on Iconic Gin Brand’s 185th Anniversary!

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What’s the common denominator between the most beautiful girl in the universe and the world’s oldest, most respectable and best-selling gin?

Both of them are world-class Filipino icons that value never-dying drive, true grit and the pursuit of excellence.  So proud to have witnessed the coming together of two celebrated icons to commemorate the 185th anniversary of Ginebra San Miguel this 2019.

Here are a few things you may want to know about the famous gin and Ginebra Girl 2019—Ms. Pia Wurtzbach…

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I had goosebumps watching the historic reveal of Ginebra Girl 2019 as Pia walked confidently and beautifully on stage. You could sense you are in the presence of greatness.


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Did you know that Ginebra San Miguel was founded in a small distillery in Quiapo, Manila by the Spanish Antonio Ayala in 1834?


Love the patriotic theme song tribute to the hard-working Filipino—”Dahil Pilipino ako, Matapang ako. Ginebra ako.”


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Pia brought elegance and artistic quality into the Ginebra Calendar tradition of beauty, confidence and strength.


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She was candid in telling her story about the shoot and you could feel that she was approachable even to the common man.


She said she’s proud to be brown and she’s not sure why some people say they “whiten” her color in the complete calendar layout.


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For the first time, the brand is doing a panoramic layout with three Pia Wurtzbach photos featuring the Ginebra San Miguel drinks family and the Philippine flag colors.


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Congratulations to Marketing Manager Roland Molina and team for a successful Ginebra Girl 2019 campaign.


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It’s awesome to get my own personalized bottle of Ginebra San Miguel and to be part of this Iconic Gin Brand’s 185th Anniversary.


About Ginebra San Miguel

As the world’s number one selling gin (covering almost 50 percent of the global gin market), Ginebra San Miguel has been reaping international awards since 1883. Winning the silver medal at the 1883 Amsterdam World Exposicion, the brand has also been recognized with numerous quality excellence awards, including the Grand Prize in the 1889 Exposicion Paris and the Silver Medal in the 1902 Exposicion Hanoi. Since 1990, Ginebra San Miguel has been consistently recognized by the Monde Selection International Institute for Quality Selections for its high quality and taste. 

Celebrating its 185th anniversary in 2019, Ginebra San Miguel, Inc. continues the heritage and legacy of excellence of the brand Ginebra San Miguel with an array of distilled spirits made to suit every Filipino taste and preference. With a wide range of products in their portfolio, including GSM Premium Gin, GSM Blue Light Gin, GSM Blue Flavors, Antonov Vodka, Vino Kulafu, Primera Light Brandy, Añejo Gold Medium Rum and Don Enrique Mixkila, there’s a Ginebra San Miguel drink for every occasion. 

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Disclosure: We were media guests of Ginebra San Miguel Beer. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions and insights. #Sponsored

P.S. Collect all the calendar layouts—3 vertical and 2 panoramic—and your Ginebra San Miguel stash for the Christmas Season.

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Let me know if you are interested to get a calendar for your personal collection.

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  1. Yes. Interested to get a copy of Pia’s calendar. A relative in the US is asking me to get him one. How? Thanks Anton! 🙂

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