Steaks fly Sky-High as PAL partners with Wolfgang’s Steakhouse for their nonstop flight to New York! @flypal

Foodies flying out to New York with PHILIPPINE AIRLINES who want to enjoy authentic American steak do not have to wait before landing to indulge their craving. As business class passengers on the nonstop flights to New York will experience top global brand Wolfgang’s Steakhouse gourmet quality steak dinners on the 17-hour flights that will set a new record as the Philippines’ longest-ever commercial air route. PaL WOLFGANG’S STEAKHOUSE lives up to its fame that its steak is a genuine New Yorker. Using prime USDA Black Angus beef flown in weekly from the United States. The beef comes fresh, not frozen, and is a dry-aged for 28 days in an aging room. This results in a more tender and flavourful steak. Among my favorites in PAL’s prime New York route mouthwatering menu includes Wolfgang’s Fillet Mignon, Striploin Steak, Grilled Chilean Seabass, French onion soup and the glorious New York Cheesecake. Here’s a closer look at all the menu offerings… Philippine Airlines will debut its historic new nonstop services between Manila and New York City starting October 29 on board the 4-Star carrier’s Airbus A350 aircraft.

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PHILIPPINE AIRLINES Landline: (02) 855 8888 Facebook: flyPAL Website: About PAL’s non-stop flight to New York PAL flyers will enjoy this sumptuous sky-high dining experience while crossing the North Polar regions in the exclusive Business Class cabin of PAL’s advanced A350 aircraft, which features 30 full-flat seats in a roomy 1-2-1 configuration with direct access to the aisle for all seats, and a complete range of personal entertainment options in the form of 300 hours of movies, TV and music. Seat massage features, customized cabin mood lighting, more comfortable cabin air pressure and humidity levels and the overall spacious feel of the A350 cabin help passengers to relax for the long nonstop flights across multiple time zones. What we love about Wolfgang’s is how they’ve brought the New York quality to all of their restaurants. Every detail from the procedures, services, cooking, and dry-aging, down to the meat itself is the same as how you would get it in their New York branch. Wolfgang’s currently has 19 branches in different parts of the world, including the new Podium restaurant and the Newport Mall, Resorts World Manila branch, with Bonifacio Global City is scheduled to open soon. Manila to New York Menu (PAL Flight PR126): French Onion Soup, Filet Mignon, served with steamed broccoli and mashed potatoes as well as Grilled Salmon in tomato and olive sauce capped with New York Cheesecake. Wolfgang’s Steakhouse French Onion Soup I highly recommend their French onion soup which in my opinion is one of the best I’ve had. The French onion soup was done traditionally and had a great sweet taste from the caramelized onions but the melted gruyere cheese stood out the most. Wolfgang’s Steakhouse Filet Mignon USDA Prime Black Angus filet mignon with au poivre sauce served with steamed broccoli and mashed potatoes Dry age means it’s not dried in a bag. If it’s aged in a plastic bag that’s called wet aging, and that means the meat doesn’t lose the water content. Dry aging reduces the water content by 20 percent or so, depending on how long it’s aged for, you get a more concentrated flavor. I did find the dry-aged Sirloin Steak has a more concentrated beefy flavor compared to the filet mignon. But I do love the filet mignon’s leaner and super tender meat with good flavor. The beef was good as is, but I got “umay” in the end from trying all the meat. The au poivre sauce did not make much difference with the taste, instead I tried it with their bottled Wolfgang Steakhouse Sauce that comes with any Wolfgang main dish. It’s a tomato-based sauce with a hint of horseradish. Wolfgang’s Steakhouse Grilled Salmon Grilled Norwegian salmon in tomato and olive sauce with asparagus and mashed potatoes For something healthier, order the Grilled Norwegian salmon. This dish also had a generous amount of salmon. It was cooked just right, with outside grilled until crispy, yet the inside is juicy and soft. Wolfgang’s Steakhouse New York Style Cheesecake Rich and creamy cheesecake served with schlag and fresh strawberry End this experience, with a classic NY style cheesecake. The rich cheesecake was dense and filling, with just a touch of lemon throughout. It is not very sweet and the flavor of the cheese really stands out. A must order! Skip the schlag (whipped cream), which I find was too sweet.     New York Menu to Manila: (PAL Flight PR127): Beverly Hills Chopped Salad, Mushroom Soup, Wolfgang’s Striploin Steak, Grilled Chilean Seabass, and Key Lime Pie. Wolfgang’s Steakhouse Beverly Hills Chopped Salad A medley of chopped fresh vegetables tossed in dressing and topped with crumbled feta cheese. Instead of the mushroom soup, I had the salad. Wolfgang’s Steakhouse Prime New York Sirloin Steak USDA prime black Angus dry-aged New York sirloin steak with steamed broccoli and mashed potatoes. For the taste of New York, they try to recreate the Wolfgang New York experience by ordering the dry-aged Sirloin. Wolfgang dry-ages their steak onsite for an average of 28 days in the restaurant’s very own aging box, then this dish is cooked in a 1,500-degree Fahrenheit broiler and is served to sizzle in the restaurant, but it won’t be sizzling in the flight for obvious reasons. 😉 The longer it ages, the more moisture it loses. The result is a more elevated taste potential of the beef. It had the right amount of charred meaty flavor while keeping it moist and juicy on the inside. A must order! Wolfgang’s Steakhouse Grilled Chilean Seabass Chilean Seabass filet in lemon caper sauce served with sauteed spinach and mashed potatoes. When the fish is also amazing, it will be hard choosing between steak or seafood. Wolfgang’s Steakhouse Key Lim Pie The Key Lime pie was fantastic, which has a good balance of sweetness and tartness. Overall, I’m excited for the Philippine Airlines (PAL) and Wolfgang’s Steakhouse collab! Compared with steaks in other restaurants, the meat here also has a deeper, more complex flavor because of the dry-aging. It will definitely be an upgrade experience for passengers flying to New York in Business class. Congratulations!

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PHILIPPINE AIRLINES Landline: (02) 855 8888 Facebook: flyPAL Website:   Live an Awesome Life, ABI of Team Our Awesome Planet Disclosure: We were media guests of PAL.  I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights.

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