THE FRUIT GARDEN: Advent Calendar and The Cheese Set for a Cause! (2018 Festive Collection)

Fruit Garden

The FRUIT GARDEN is an artisanal jam brand that marries French Heritage with Filipino Flare. Where each fruit jam is cooked in the French tradition of small batches in copper cauldrons. It’s 100% natural, with a minimum of 60% fruit content, and only fruit, sugar, and fruit pectin are used.

Pierre Marmonier’s The Fruit Garden is considered as one of the best fruit jam suppliers in Manila. Every Christmas season, they release limited edition luxury fruit jams in elegant packagings. That makes it a great foodie gift this 2018 Christmas season!

This year, the Luxury Jam collection is inspired by the theme of peony flowers which are both native to Asia and Europe.

Watch the video below as Pierre Marmonier explain the story behind the 2018 collection.

295 Haig Street, Mandaluyong City
Telephone: +632 621-4603
Mobile: +63 920 945-3565

Fruit Garden

The Story behind THE FRUIT GARDEN:

The Fruit Garden story started in October 2009 when frustrated by the lack of good and constant supply of jam, Pierre and Andrea Marmonier decided to make their own and try their luck in a few bazaars. A French native, Pierre never ate commercial jam in his childhood and often helped his mum in summer time to cook jam with freshly picked fruits such as strawberry, raspberry, cherry, and apricot. “…we will pick up the fruits in the morning and make the jam just after lunch time. The jam was then placed in our cellar and we will enjoy our freshly homemade jam every morning all year around.”

The Fruit Garden jam has up to 60% fruit content, while most of the commercial jams stick to the minimum 35% to be legally called “jam”. The Fruit Garden always innovates with unique and new flavors that are cooked in small batches in copper cauldrons.



The Advent Calendar (Php 1,800)
24 numbered boxes containing each a different assortment of jam, honey, tea, and caramel, (24 different items in 30g bottles)

A beautiful Advent calendar with delicious small surprises everyday leading to the 24th!

Find 24 individual boxes, offering 24 different jam, caramel, tea and honey flavors, that you can indulge from December 1 to 24




The Peony Discovery set (6 x 30g Php 410)
Assorted jams of your choice among:
Strawberry-strawberry, Mint-mango Ginger, Mango Chocolate, Mango Lavender, Mango Passion, Orange, Calamansi, Pineapple Coco Rhum, Pineapple Mango, Raspberry, Berry Duet, and Peach


Fruit Garden

The peony discovery set has a beautiful new look opening like a flower. It’s a good sampler set to give to foodies for them to experience different kinds of flavors.



Fruit Garden

The Cheese set (4 x 45g Php 350)
Fig mustard, Blackcurrant, Truffle honey, Spicy Mango

Pair your favorite cheese and crackers with one of these delicious small-batch jams.

This line of jam and honey to pair with cheese has been created, and packed in a box designed by a special young lady, Sam. A portion of the sales of this box will be given back to Sam’s foundation.




The Gift Box (3 x 120g Php 450)
New flavours : Berry Trio, Mango Choco Matcha, Peach, Mango Ginger, Mango, Chocolate, Mango Lavender, Mango Passion, Orange, Calamansi, Guava, Pineapple Coco Rhum, Pineapple Mango, and Raspberry

I would go for the 120g jars because the 30g jams are a bit “bitin”, especially if you like the flavor.



Fruit Garden

The Caramel Gift Box (Php 540.00)
3 assorted caramel : French salted Caramel, Coco caramel, Orange caramel

A caramel gift box has been added, with a coco caramel to crave for similar to “bukayo”.




The Columbus Coffret (8 x 45g Php 710)
Limited edition flavors: Strawberry Blossom, Calamansi Ginger, Blackcurrant, Peach basil, Raspberry Mango, Mango Matcha, Mango Chia, Orange Tropical, and Peppered Pineapple

My favorites are the Mango Matcha, Mango Chia, and Strawberry Blossom.




The Peony Coffret (5 x 120g Php 1,100)
Choice of flavors: Mango Choco Matcha, Berry Trio, Peach Mango Ginger, Mango Chocolate, Mango Lavender, Mango Passion, Orange, Calamansi, Pineapple Coco Rhum, Pineapple, Mango Raspberry, Berry Duet, and Strawberry



Fruit Garden

The Jasmine Coffret (Php 1,500.00)
One jam in 250g bottle, one rhum cake of 150g, 2 tea boxes of 25g net each, 1 truffle honey 120g net, 1 jam packed in hard packaging box

The Fruit Cakes are soaked in rum and topped with fruits, nuts, and a lot of other goodies.

With the Truffle Honey jam, you get the balance of sweet honey and aromatic truffle.


Congratulations to The Fruit Garden for their consistent product innovation proudly made in the Philippines! We’ve always been impressed with the consistency in quality, innovativeness of the flavors and quality of packaging he always produces every Christmas Season.

For an impressive gift, we suggest their bestselling Columbus Coffret. For something special this season, try the Advent Set for a warm little surprise every Christmas mornings.

Better order in advance as stocks can run out even if it’s only just November. ?


295 Haig Street, Mandaluyong City
Telephone: 621-4603
Mobile: +63 920 945-3565


Live an Awesome Life,

ABI of Team Our Awesome Planet

Disclosure: We were media guests of the Fruit Garden.  I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights.

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