THOMSON ROAD: A Modern Chinese Bistro Surprise in Molito, Alabang

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Thomson Road is a Modern Chinese Bistro, a fusion of Singaporean, Cantonese and Filipino cuisines by head cook and owner, Johanne Wee. Its name is inspired by and some of its dishes are influenced by the famous Thomson Road in Singapore.

From the outside, it is unassuming, and you would think it is just another one of those fusion restos. We tried it with the family because we simply love everything Chinese. And we were in for a surprise…


Molito 3 Complex, G/F Unit 5-6, Madrigal Ave. corner Alabang Zapote Road, Alabang
Telephone: +63917 160-8722
: Thomson Road Chinese Bistro
Instagram: @thmsonroadcb
Operating Hours: 11.30 am to 10.00 pm

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There’s a wall mural inspired by Peranakan culture and Chinese Beauty by the famed visual artist Anina Rubio.

The best seats in the house are the lounge seats near the mural and the ones in the semi-private function room.

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Thomson Road Chinese Bistro Menu: Dimsum and Meats | Poultry, Seafood, Fish, Vegetables | Desserts and Drinks

You can start with dim sum, order the meats and end with Chinese desserts.

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Shrimp Siomai (₱188). Shrimp, pork and mushroom dumpling

Ths siomai is big, as if bursting with shrimp, and you enjoy the pork-mushroom-shrimp filling with less of the wrapper.

(Tip: The boys loved the siomai so we had to order another serving. On the other hand, don’t order their hakaw version.)

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Thomson Road Roasted Pork Platter (for sharing) – (Small ₱750, Large ₱1,480). Pork belly roasted in our special marinade in snow buns

Best to go here with a group so that you can savor the roasted pork belly buns served deconstructed on a platter with mantau buns, coriander and a special aioli sauce.

The pork belly is tender with a sweet soy glaze and just the right fattiness that you’ll like.

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Roasted Duck Bun (Solo – ₱248, Double – ₱448) Roasted duck, cucumber, hoisin sauce, wansuy

You can also order it Chinese sandwich style, and the meaty duck—with sweet hoisin sauce balanced with the cucumber and wansuy—is a good alternative, .

(Note: I liked the quality of their pork meat better than the duck. Order this if you like variety.)

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Seafood Coconut Soup (₱375) Shrimp, fish tofu, fish cake, turmeric, egg noodles or rice noodles in coconut soup

We loved their laksa version similar to the Singaporean one, packed with seafood and flavors of turmeric and coconut with a bit of spice.

Order the glass vermicelli noodles to make the noodles lighter, but sometimes you just prefer it the classic way with egg noodles.

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Ginger Chicken (P325). Chicken and ginger in claypot rice 

This is not as flavorful as some of their dishes but you’ll like the claypot rice to go with the pork belly.

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They also serve their US Rib Eye Steak with a salt & pepper rub from their secret menu.

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Don’t worry it is cooked medium. The black pepper looks like tutong or char.

Expect it to be different because of the peppery spice and it’s either you love it (like I did) or you don’t (like my wife).

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Steamed Pomfret (For Sharing) – (₱620). Whole pomfret fish steamed in ginger and leeks

For something healthy, you can order this steamed fish, but it’s not as fresh because it’s frozen.

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Mango Hindi (Not) Sago – (₱288). Fresh mango, organic chia seeds.

Our favorite dessert—lots of mango and chia sago!  We all agree that this is one of the best Chinese desserts we had so far.

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Kopi Jelly (₱288). Coffee jelly, whole cream, dark chocolate

Just ok if you want to have a coffee dessert kick, but otherwise you can skip.

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Congrats to Johanne Wee for the continued success and for the boys’ conversion to Thomson Road fans.

Overall, I’m not a fan of fusion restaurants, but Thomson Road was able to give a new reason to enjoy Chinese Classics with a twist. It has different inspirations from different Chinese cuisines and cultures but Johanne was able to integrate everything to satisfy the Filipino taste for Chinese food.

We, specially the boys, loved the Siomai, Pork Belly buns or platter, Seafood Coconut Laksa and Mango Hindi Sago. I personally loved the Salt & Pepper Rubbed Steak but I guess this kind of style is not for everybody. Budget about ₱500/head (without the steak).

Check it out with your family or friends if you are craving for Chinese food but raring for something different from the usual.


Molito 3 Complex, G/F Unit 5-6, Madrigal Ave. corner Alabang Zapote Road, Alabang
Telephone: +63917 160-8722
: Thomson Road Chinese Bistro
Instagram: @thmsonroadcb
Operating Hours: 11.30 am to 10.00 pm


Live an Awesome Life,

Disclosure: Our meal was courtesy of Johanne Wee.  I wrote this article with my biases, opinions and insights.

P.S. We loved how humble and friendly the owner/cook is (he does not like to be called a chef because he is not classically trained). Make sure to say hi and let him know you appreciate his food.  

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