Social Media Week Manila: Finding our missing human links in the digital age (Don’t Miss this!)

Social Media used to be a very different place. For an instance, back in 2009, people simply used Facebook to communicate with friends, reconnect with estranged grade school buddies, or to keep in touch with a grandma who lives overseas.

But with Facebook’s present landscape of 2.23 Billion active users, social media has truly evolved into something more. It’s no longer just a tool for simple communication, it has become a powerhouse for influencing businesses, reaching audiences, and cool marketing tactics.

Social Media’s continuous growth open lots of opportunities more than we can keep up with. Luckily, a pool of passionate people thought of putting together a conference that can further the discussion on social media, technology, and digital marketing.

Hence, the birth of Social Media Week.

In this fun affair, social experts of all stripes gather together for a rich exchange of ideas, insights, and knowledge on the most relevant stuff on social media and the internet in general.

SMW is one of the world’s biggest conferences for media, marketing, and technology professionals over the past decade. It’s being held in roughly 25 cities worldwide, with flagship conferences taking place in New York, Los Angeles, and London.

This year, Social Media Week finally finds itself in a city inside the world’s social media capital.

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Social Media Week Manila is off to celebrate the local theme: “The Missing Link” which stems from the global theme: “Closer”.

Both themes seek to talk about how the rise of technology and social media, ironic enough, is seemingly pulling people apart. However, “The Missing Link” wants to dig deeper into our fading human links at the time of artificial and automated technologies.

#SMWmanila is centered on reminding Filipino digital natives and professionals that what powers social media, and all the smart innovations that come with it, are still our shared human values, interests, and experiences.


Social Media Week Manila 3-Day Schedule

The 3-day event will house talks, interviews, and discussions from an impressive lineup of speakers and influencers—the human forces behind some of the most influential content on social media.

All of them will have bountiful insights on amazing things to do in social media, creating better digital experiences, and, ultimately, how to bring people and communities closer.

Days 1 and 2 will hold content hubs at the Miriam College Henry Sy, Sr. Innovation Center in Quezon City and Spaces in Bonifacio Global City respectively, while the main event will take place at the SMX Convention Center Aura at SM Aura Premier in Taguig.

The missing link between you and this global event is just a click away!

Get your tickets from for the big day on November 16, 2018 at TicketWorld here:

For more info, visit the official Social Media Week Manila Facebook page

P.S. I’ll be speaking on the afternoon of Nov.16 with the topic: “How to guarantee viewability of branded content?” Let me know if you are coming. See you there!

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