Digital Marketing and Entrepreneurship Masterclass Manila by Anton Diaz: Level Up your Digital Game to Kickoff 2019!

⚡️May 2, 2019 Update: 📣Announcing… Digital Masterclass by Anton Diaz (Batch 2 – Now Open!)

Dear Our Awesome Planet friends,

An awesome and exciting New Year to you all!

2019 is the year when digital marketing just becomes marketing because by default all marketing activities are digital. It is the year when nobody watches TV but everybody is binge-watching on Netflix, Amazon, and Youtube. This is the time when the social media capital of the world for consuming content becomes the capital of online content production. This will be the era of kid influencers and when our Gen Z kids enter the social media influence scene.

You are not ready for this. While you are still stuck debating with old management to invest in digital marketing or not, the world moves on to disrupt your business.

Our schools and other educational institutions don’t teach “digital marketing” because they teach by sharing case studies that worked 6 months or so ago. I cringe every time I see a digital marketing case study example from 2017 and below showcasing how it worked for them at that time. The supposed digital marketing “guru” who are not actual practitioners but just a spokesperson for the digital marketing company or millennial influencers who starts a digital marketing agency but markets like old-school marketers.

To succeed in the digital marketing landscape of 2019, you have to be on top of trends, predict algorithm changes, and future-proof your marketing. You have to unlearn years of marketing training that does not work in the new digital order. You need to discern where and to whom to learn from.

Digital marketing is not about doing a PR event for the launch of your business and expects people to go because of a one-time event. It is all about winning one digital native one at a time and building loyalty over a sustainable period of time.

I’m blogging since 2005 when my first son Aidan was born, and quit my day job as the CIO of P&G Philippines in 2008 to blog professionally since. Online marketing is a marathon and a commitment to over-deliver on expectations of your audience on a 1-on-1 basis but using a scalable digital infrastructure. I miss teaching during my Maven Secrets days in Asian Institute of Management and wanted to help more people this 2019.

I learn best when I teach and students learn from real live examples from digital practitioners and how they think about it. In partnership with SMX Academix, we are launching the inaugural Digital Marketing Masterclass and Digital Entrepreneurship Masterclass at SMX Aura, Taguig in the city of passionate people.

The masterclasses are designed as 6 weekly sessions of 3-hours each and the class becomes a mastermind group to learn from each other in their digital journey. I’m looking for 25 people to kick off the first ever masterclass and to be the founding mastermind members. Here is how to choose which masterclass to join:

Digital Marketing Masterclass

Target Audience: Professionals, Business Owners,  Marketers even with zero experience in digital marketing.
Schedule: Every Saturdays 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM at SMX Aura

This masterclass teaches the fundamental insights on marketing as digital storytelling and how to tell your stories on different platforms using SEO, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. It’s better if you have zero knowledge on digital marketing so that you can absorb the mindset quickly than someone who has to unlearn first, before understanding how to market online in 2019 and beyond. You’ll learn from me, Our Awesome Planet Team, and our digital expert friends who are committed to making you successful in the digital space.

Digital Marketing Curriculum

02 February 2019
Digital Story Telling & Marketing Techniques
How to market and tell your stories online effectively and profitably?

09 February 2019
Search Engine Optimization and Tools
What works now in SEO for your website and Youtube?

16 February 2019
Facebook Marketing Strategy to Dominate in 2019
How to get your digital assets ready for the new algorithm changes?

23 February 2019
Instagrammer’s Marketing Secrets & Strategies
How to build followers and influence in a commercialized Instagram environment.

02 March 2019
Building Your Youtube Channel for Maximum Watch Time
How to build and market your Youtube channel in 2019?

09 March 2019
Drone & Travel Videography
Sharing with you our secrets on Drone and Travel Videography


Masterclass Fee:
₱35,000 for 6 sessions
₱6,500 per session

• Be a founding member of an exclusive Digital Masterclass Mastermind group
• Invitation to a continuing Monthly Mastermind Meeting after the end of the class sessions.
• Group Coaching by Anton Diaz
• Conference Kit, Coffee, and Tea, Pads and Pencils
• Certificate of Completion by Our Awesome Planet and SMX Academix

Founding Member BONUS:
• Enrollment into the Online Content Creator Masterclass by Anton Diaz worth $297


Digital Entrepreneurship Masterclass Curriculum

Target Audience: Entrepreneurs, Influencers and Employees who want to build a digital business as a sideline.
Schedule: Every Wednesdays 6:30 PM – 9:30 PM at SMX Aura

This masterclass teaches how to monetize your passion by different digital business models -content creator business, e-commerce selling, youtuber business, and online education. We will also discuss the best practice in setting up your digital enterprise in terms of structure and recruiting your first team member. Finally, I’ll share with you our best kept secret on organic digital marketing to build your digital presence and be successful over time.

Digital Entrepreneurship Curriculum

30 January 2019
Content Creator Business: Monetizing Digital Assets & Influence
How to become an influencer and earn money as a content creator?

06 February 2019
E-Commerce: Selling Products Online & Marketing Strategies
How to effectively sell and market your online store?

13 February 2019
How to Be a Successful Youtuber in 2019 and Beyond
How to be successful in the business of Youtube and get loyal fans and engagement

20 February 2019
Online Education Business: Earning from Teaching your Expertise
How to create your first online course from scratch?

27 February 2019
Setting Up Your Digital Enterprise – Legal, Accounting, and Building a Team
What are the foundations and best practice for setting up your digital enterprise?

06 March 2019
Organic Digital Marketing: Omni-Channel, Multi-Generational Brand Building
How do you do multi-channel organic marketing?


Masterclass Fee:
₱45,000 for 6 sessions

50% downpayment – To Reserve
50% final payment

• Be a founding member of an exclusive Digital Masterclass Mastermind group
• Invitation to a continuing Monthly Mastermind Meeting after the end of the class sessions.
• Group Coaching by Anton Diaz
• Conference Kit, Coffee, and Tea, Pads and Pencils
• Certificate of Completion by Our Awesome Planet and SMX Academix

Founding Member BONUS:
• Enrollment into the Online Content Creator Masterclass by Anton Diaz worth $297


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I don’t know anything about digital marketing, can I enroll in the masterclass?
A. Yes, definitely. I actually prefer it because you learn faster and better than those who think they know digital marketing who needs to unlearn before learning.

Q. If  I paid for the whole 6 sessions, but I’m going to miss one session, how can I catch up or retake it?
A. You can sit in future classes for free, or catch up with Anton and your classmates.

Q. I want to send my entire team, is there a group discount for enrolling? 
A. Yes, we have a 5+1 free offer, and if more than that, we can conduct private sessions for your company.

Q. Can I enroll my son in the course?
A. Of course, we accept students 13 years old and above even senior citizens who wants to continue to learn in this space.

Q. I don’t have the budget to attend the class, but I want to learn, are there scholarships or volunteer opportunities for the classes?
A. Yes, we provide scholarships and volunteer opportunities, please email anton@ourawesomeplanet to apply.


How to Enroll?

To sign-up and enroll in the class, please fill-up the masterclass enrollment form:

Digital Marketing Enrollment Form

Digital Entrepreneurship Enrollment Form

(Note: The early bird rate will be based on the time you enroll in the class.)

You can pay for the masterclass fee via PayPal, credit card or bank deposit.

Digital Masterclass Options

For questions and inquiries please contact Rache Diaz +63 917 531-8949 or email


Live an Awesome Life,

Disclosure: I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights.

P.S. Sponsorship

We also offer company sponsorships for the masterclass program — Platinum (₱250,000), Gold (₱150,000), Silver (₱75,000), Bronze (₱50,000).

Please contact Rache Diaz +63 917 531-8949 or email for more information.

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