Give the Gift of Bistro! (with Stone Valley Reloadable Gift Cards)

The Bistro Group, the umbrella company of much-loved restaurants such as Italianni’s and TGI Friday’s has partnered with Stone Valley, a gift card management framework to bring forth the newest Bistro Gift Card.

The Bistro Gift Card is totally different from the already-existing Bistro Card, which you may already have. Here’s what The Bistro Gift Card offers:

OAP-Bistro Gift Card-5984

When dining at any Bistro establishments, the Bistro Gift Cards will be displayed on the table.

As is, there is no value when it is initially put on display. When a customer picks it up from the station and pays the desired amount at the cashier, only then will the gift card be activated at the central system. 

The minimum reloadable amount is ₱ 500, and the maximum is ₱ 10,000. Currently, the gift card can only be reloaded through the merchants, but they soon hope to roll this out in convenience stores.

OAP-Bistro Gift Card-5978

You can opt for the all-encompassing Gift Card, which covers all Bistro Group restaurants.

OAP-Bistro Gift Card-5991

Participating restaurants are listed on the back of the card.

Or just the gift card for individual establishments.

OAP-Bistro Gift Card-5995

Gift your family and friends a Denny’s Gift Card if they love American Diners.

OAP-Bistro Gift Card-6031

Or an Italianni’s card so they can order this sumptuous Spinach and Artichoke Dip.

OAP-Bistro Gift Card-6050

These truly make the best gifts, especially for Christmas, as small celebrations or big reunions always revolve around good food.

The Bistro Group Gift Card is available at all their restaurants: Baker & Cook, Buffalo Wild Wings, Bulgogi Brothers, Denny’s, Fish & Co., Italianni’s, Krazy Garlik, Modern Shanghai, TGI Friday’s, Texas Roadhouse, Village Tavern, and Watami.

Congratulations to The Bistro Group and Stone Valley for this partnership!

For more information and inquiries, visit or call (+63) 908-818-9688.


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